Everyday series im so excited to try out this palette here from seraphine botanicals, which is a brand that ive really come to enjoy through ipsy and boxycharm. And this here is the primrose and cream lip and cheek cream palette, and i got this in my november 2021 boxy charm base box, which, if you have not seen that unboxing video yet ill, have that linked in the description down below seraphine botanicals is cruelty, free And vegan its paraben free – and i love that this has so many nourishing ingredients in it. So first let me pull out the product to show it to you and by the way, this retails for 42 dollars, which i think is so incredibly expensive. But so you get three shades in here and a big mirror. I love that, but i like the shades in here because i do actually feel like they can work for lips and cheek im, most interested in the most bronzy shade for my cheeks and then these two shades, probably more for my lips, but im excited to try Them all out, so this has gold of pleasure oil as well as nourishing shea butter that melt onto the skin to enable you to achieve seamless, long, lasting color powered by evening primrose cow slip, primrose and cabbage rose extracts to help luminize and condition your complexion. It also says a little goes, a long way so im expecting these to be pretty pigmented im going to start off with some swatches of each shade so yeah, it really is just like a truly cream formula.

That is definitely looking pigmented already wow lets swatch these. Yes, i think that is going to be a really pretty blush shade, because i like to have a really sun kissed, bronzy blush. I have just come to realize thats my favorite shade for my skin tone, but oh these other shades are beautiful, but like that red, that is going to be too red for my cheeks, because i really try and make it so it doesnt look like my rosacea Redness is the same shade as my blush, if that makes sense, and then that medium pink in the middle is so pretty, but still a little bit more leans towards too reddish. From my personal taste on my cheeks, i think im just gon na go in with my finger to apply the blush so im gon na pick up some of the bronzy shade. Oh, the name of the bronzy shade is called brown butter and im gon na dab. This onto the cheek here and im sure you could also make some custom shades mix the shades too, which is whats so fun and convenient about a blush palette. I dont necessarily feel like a little goes a long way, though i feel like it doesnt blend out very far, but this shade is really nice for a blush to give that flush of color but also kind of a sun kissed, look and its very smooth seamless. It didnt lift any of my foundation either, which is something i get worried about with a creamy blush formula, but no its sitting completely smooth on top of the foundation.

I, like the shade, maybe ill go in with just a little bit more to focus right on the apple of the cheek here, just to darken it up a little bit, but its a nice buildable shade. I love the texture blends out so easily and seamlessly wow. Very nice i dont, like it leaves a hydrated glow to the skin, but it doesnt have the necessarily highlight glow effect. So i would still use a highlighter with this, even though it does give a little bit of more like moisturizing sheen to the skin, which looks very healthy and beautiful yeah. I think im going to stick with this same shade on the other cheek, so you can see it goes on pretty dark at first but blends out so easily. So i was worried that it would be way too easy to go overboard with this, but a little goes a long way, but i dont think its too difficult to work with where, if you even use the tiniest bit its too much so i think its a Really perfect amount of pigment im gon na dab a little bit over the nose as well to continue that sun kissed illusion. I love this such a beautiful color such a beautiful texture, now im so excited to go in with the lips. Do i want to use a brush, maybe ill do a little. I dont think you need to use a brush with this, but just for the fun bit im going to go in with a little brush, because i want to do an ombre lip and im going to pick up the darker shade of red.

To start. Oh, i like this shade im just going to fill in my lips, except for the center Music. I feel like on my lips. It looks a little bit lighter a little bit more of a nude red than it looks in the pan here and i love it. I definitely think this shade all over my lips would look so flattering its a perfect kind of neutral reddish nude that can go day to night very easy to wear shade, which im so excited to see and now im picking up the middle shade and focusing this On the center of my lips, i love that shade as well. They look so different in the pan here, but on my lips, theyre not too far apart as far as shade goes, and they feel pretty creamy and hydrating on my dry chapped lips, which im really glad to see because some cream blushes that can be used on The on the lips as well are just not creamy enough or theyll cling to the dry patches on my lips or theyll feel really dry. I will say this does kind of feel dry on my lips, its a thin formula, but it doesnt look dry, its not clinging to the dry patches. I mean my lips are not super hydrated and smoothed out, but its even color, but wow yeah like looking at my lips right now. It doesnt even look like. I did an ombre lip, because these two shades are surprisingly similar.

I think, since they are also intended for blushes its not completely opaque pigment, so it also has a little bit of sheerness to it. So it looks a little bit more like a lip, tint kind of, but still really pretty flattering, and it goes nicely with the blush shade that im wearing as well. So i, like this im, glad im going to be able to get use out of it for both of the purposes of it, both lips and chic, because thats definitely not always the case with creamy lip and cheek products. I really am happy with all the shades that come in here, which is another thing that doesnt always happen. So if you have this palette, i would love to hear in the comments down below what you think of it and which shades you like to wear on your lips or your cheeks. Im im also really excited to try out the shade that i have on my cheeks on my lips as well, so love that its versatile multi use. So let me know what your favorite uses are for it, but thank you so much for watching.