My thoughts views and a teeny mini bit of application of the rene fab face diva and nude shade. So ill be um, showing you application of both of them so that you have a better idea of the formula the texture and the blending and, however the color is so. If you want to see what i think dont watch it. First of all lets talk about the price. These are prices 750 per uh to you, but if you buy them in a combination uh a combo of fat face nude and diva, then you would have to purchase it for 1500 rupees. But currently there is an offer going on on niaka and other websites. You can purchase single uh stick in 525 rupees. So if you purchase the combo, then you would have to pay 1050 for both of them, which is actually a steel ip, because you get three different products in one single stick. You have the product for your eyes. Lips and cheeks and plus the shape is very, very, very well thought off. All of the uh products are have a different shape, which actually makes it very easy to apply on the face and blend it. You do not need any blending brushes or anything of that sort of blend like very easy to blend, and even the formula is very, very nice. So what i do is i just jump straight to the video and ill be talking you through the products and the combination and the formula side by side, so without further ado lets start with the video.

So this is how the products came. It came in a black cardboard box with rene mentioned and another box which had the products. Those of you are not aware. Rene cosmetics is an indian makeup brand thats, redefining beauty with its range of high quality, cruelty, free and fda approved makeup products. So, as i told you, i got a combination of two products and the first one im going to be talking about is the diva shade, so it has three um different products for cheeks eyes and lips. Each stick is 4.5 grams and is enriched with castor oil. Jojoba oil, vitamin e and a lot of other goodness so diva has a beautiful, shiny pulse of gold for your eyelids. As you can see, it has a conical tip to fit in the contours of the eye and make it super easy to reach the corners and every part of your eyelid for the cheeks. It has a beautiful, pinky, dusty pinky light pink color. As you can see, it has a cylindrical shape and again perfect um shape to directly take it to their cheeks and blend it nicely for the lips. It has a beautiful, beautiful, blue shred or poppy red shade, a perfect shade for every indian skin tone. No matter what so its super compact and you can easily carry three products in your purse in this one single stick and also you can mix and match you can use the eyeshadow as your highlighter or even the blusher, as your lipstick or lipstick.

As a blusher. You can just do it as you please and saves you a lot of space and time easily blends. You do not have to worry about it blending. The formula is super nice super smooth super and the lipstick again has a velvety, matte texture, very moisturizing, very beautifully glides on your lips and stays for four to six hours, its, not 100 transfer proof or its, not totally uh budge proof it is going to transfer Because its very matte, so keep that in mind next lets talk about the fab face. Nude! Stick! This one is personally my favorite perfect, a simple, yet classy. Looking look! If you wanted, then this is perfect for creating that look. It contains this beautiful light, brownish nude for your eyelids. It has a slight shimmery sheen, which lips looks beautiful for the cheeks. It has this mild orangey blush again blends like a dream im going to blend it with my fingers and youll, see it just blends beautifully for the lips. It has this pinkish nude, shade and again a beautiful shade, which is going to flatter indian skin tones. I think it might wash out the um dark, uh dusky skin tone, but for medium and light skin, fair skin, its going to look beautiful. You can easily carry this stick around and get your everyday makeup. Look on point and again, it is enriched with vitamin e, castor oil, oil boil and again, its nourishment and beauty in one single.

Stick super convenient very pigmented blends like a dream, beautiful for creating natural makeup. Look, i love this one so guys that was it uh in a nutshell, i perfectly think that this is actually a very nice product, very nice combination to buy and saves you a lot of time saves you a lot of clutter and you get three different products Which you can actually mix and match, you can use the blusher as your um lipstick or you can use your lipstick as your blusher. You can use the blush or the lipstick as an eyeshadow, i mean you can create a lot of different variations with this one. Single product, so you choose which one do you like and go buy them because they actually saves you a lot of time and also a lot of money as well. So, yes, that is what i think if you liked the video do not forget to subscribe to. My channel, like the video, share, the video and, if you are willing to purchase it ill link the purchase link in the description bar. You can go check it out and ill see you next.