I want to make more money from videos skyrocket, your earnings today. So what is luna all about luna is basically orbit 2.0. I i juiced up video ranking software that that defies the laws of of gravity. Once again and when implemented in your youtube channel, you notice immediate results. Weve added in previous upgrades as much part of the overall package. These particular booster pump upgrades uh secret underground hacks theyre not only boosts your videos and sales right this through the roof, but no one, no other online marketer out there are using these methods and it will set you apart from the pack, these all included in the Front end system weve also developed new techniques to draw to drive an abundance of traffic to your videos, boosting the ctr and audience retention and in turn, ranking your videos to the top and taking in passive commission returns each week. Luna is essential for any online business. That requires youtube videos to prosper, because the the domino effect of luna is high, performing videos, exposure to all audience, traffic driving and sales popping off can consume con, so consecutively prices and upsells consecutively is what it is front. End luna 12.95 x is the powerful lunar software and training modules episode number one luna cosmetic, no luna. Cosmic sorry cosmic is all about engaging your social uh boosters in orbit distant to them. The moon, uh upsell number two uh lunas supernova 47 down south 27. You will be able to resell um luna as your own keep commissions on the whole, funnel upsell number three luna gallic galactic, 997 down south 497, officially be a product vendor when you launch a product with us here are some key benefits.

You may be interested in getting no prior experience needed without any technical knowledge step by step, training, free software results or your money back guaranteed. All this is covered by a no question asked 30 day money back guarantee, watch the demo video of luna below. I think. Well, go for that lets. Watch the demo yeah thats. All right well, do that as soon as it loads, setters, hey guys, hey guys, justin here, um were about to go through a quick demo of luna and the members area um. What luna is essentially is is a youtube monetization and commission powerhouse kaleem and myself have come together with our experience and weve gelled. All these different strategies, tips and tricks that weve learned over the way um. So, just a quick one, just a quick little welcome um and then and then i explain uh the youtube algorithm in 2021, because most people dont understand that its actually changed. So i go through that really quickly um, as you can see, with a tutorial video right there, so informational products, a lot of good and valuable information here, thats really going to help take your game to the next level. Now this is um suitable for beginners, but also elites, because i touch on things that have never been done before and so its clean. Then we have the importance of keywords and tags and 100 seo um. So we keywords and tags have changed um, so we showed you how to use them for the most optimal performance, um colleens 100 seo score.

We got vid iq and tubebuddy. We go through some powerful softwares there, and then we go through the um. The ability that ctr and thumbnails have at uh boosting your youtube channel how that correlates together and same with audience retention and video quality. A lot of these things are overlooked, but in 2021 theyre essential. I mean you need to know these guys. There we go and then we go in about rocket launch and how we can rocket launch your um, your youtube videos to get on top of the youtube rankings. So weve got embed video and social media and how we can capitalize on that. And then we talk about building your email list, end screens and cards theyre two little features that are also overlooked, but can help drive more traffic. Then we go on to backlinks backlinks to the software, where you can use to uh, put back links out there and to drive more traffic, a very, very useful and powerful software, and then we go into maximizing your results with this free strategy and thats a launch Jacking strategy, so we um get deep and we dive deep into launch jacking and essentially how it should be put together and formulated, and then we go into engagement boosters. This is very interesting. This these are tips and tricks and hacks that people dont know about and youre guaranteed, to get um traffic and engagement from these very very important. If you want to boost your youtube channel and trigger that algorithm, and then we go on to youtube short, this is brand new and legit guys.

I think im the only one doing this at the moment. Uh, its only brand new youtube have come out with a different feature, a new feature, its only been released in 2021, um and ive done. Some research and i dont know anyone doing this method that i teach in here, and this will literally drive thousands to your youtube videos ill show you a unique strategy and how to drive traffic and funnel it from youtube shorts. Then we go into case studies. These are some real time: users guys you might might be familiar with in the industry um. You know you have mitch. Youve got shahoo youve got hector so guys you might be familiar with some real time: users who have used luna and have game results. Then we have some upgrades. Weve got some amazing upgrades there for you guys. We got luna cosmic um and thats social boosters, which ill go through several social media strategies and strategies that will not only single handedly skyrocket, your youtube videos and account, but will teach you simple tweaks and you can earn money from between 500 and up to 5k Per week this is the quick, fast and easy. No technical skills are needed and thats legit um, and then we have supernova, which is essentially the reselling rights, and then we go into lunar galactic, which is you can actually become a product vendor. I will assist you ill, do all the meat and potatoes and the heavy lifting ill supply.

You with the platform, um and well work together to launch your first product, and then we also have our own bonuses, so luna um kaleem and i are giving away some free bonuses so thats, something that you can look forward to as well so thats. Basically, it guys thanks for sticking with me a lot of um, exciting and new strategies here for 2021, with your youtube channel so get on board and thank you very much um for getting luna bye, okay, thats, the end of that thats in the uh review. Quite good good review of luna uh get luna now and get all the bonuses below bonus. Number one value: 427.95 uh zero to from zero to a hundred dollars, and twenty four hours x is for zero to 124 hours. So this is a um. Of course, you have to um log into um and you have to create an account for um. This is uh uh and i uh um what john armstrong did and his foot when hes first started and he goes through and shows you how to do that. Its really basically launch jacking, so yeah thats thats, what that is: um uh yeah, with with john and strong okay uh bonus number two value: 46.95 um learn how to get better conversions. This is a zip file. You download it off onto your computer. You open the zip file and youll learn um through that on that zip file. What you need to do to get better conversions bonus, number three value: three, forty four.

Ninety five um lean luna how to explode your youtube channel. This is a uh uh video by brendan mace uh 25 minute video to hear how he explains how he got his video youtube channel to fly so yeah and uh. Video number bonus, number four value: 267. um hack access, atomic done for you now this. This one is about um assets, which is ebooks uh, which you can use and you um and youve um. These books are in different dishes and you you can you actually get landing pages for applied um and you can you you can go and you do that and connect it to your your um autoresponder as well and um. You can use this to promote um um products like off clickbank or uh digi store or um yeah um, using the um just driving people to a landing page and giving a free book and then sending them to the offer so thats. What thats? What thats about? Okay and then bonus number five value to 197 uh, take action today and access all the bonuses. Okay, so now well go to the um sales page now. So here we go to the sales page heres a sales page want to make more money from the video score at your earnings today and its like the um was it on the review. So luna is brought to you by justin and kaleem and justin said it. Didnt, you know about um, you know some some unique ideas and stuff that theyve got there.

So um take a look inside of luna um theres, some proof of income. Uh click here to get your axis rights, which is you know, so its um guaranteed uh money back, guarantee uh risk free 30 day money but guaranteed, as i said, um yeah, okay. So this is a good you know who can benefit um luna. Take you a limited free traffic shortcut, um! Wait when you grab your lunar now you get you get to keep these custom bonuses profitable. Bonus number one: profit abundance, um, bonus, number, two linkedin profits, bonus, number three uh profit mania, uh bonus, number, four, uh go and smash coin smash. Sorry, uh commission bonus number five commission, uh uh blast click here to get access right now to your um yeah, and this has been done by um um, please. These people are the response, was responsible, nancy, gibbon, michael stewart and um neela conan canandis? Oh no thats! Not thats not true uh, these are the testimonials. These are testimonials uh off uh of people who have used this useless and you get. These results, get a refund uh 30 day money back guarantee, okay, so thats what that is and grab your copy here. So you know so you just click the button grab your copy see thats it um. This is the lowest one time price luna will ever be offered at hurry. So there it is, you know. So there you go thats the sales page, um ill go to the members area now, so you just so heres the members area and youve got your dashboards.

The support and you log out um youve, got your welcome to luna, which is theory theres um justin there and then youve got this other guy colleen. You know right here and you can youve got this other thing. Watch the live, training call youve got find out on my facebook youtube channels. Um. You know you can do that youtube, algorithm, 2021, cracked. So the things have changed just like. I said on the thing, so he went through this rank. Booster uh ctr click through rate um audience retention and video quality. Uh rockets launch backlinks maximizing your results with this. This free strategy, engagement, boosters, youtube shorts, taking over tik tok case study, upgrades and bonuses, so thats and you had a real good uh on the video. The video showed you he showed you the same thing and theres all videos, so you just what you do go for each video. You click on the thing and you go through the videos that are there so one at a time. One video at a time dont skip around because if you do youre going to get confused and then youre not going to want to do it anymore, because its going to be confusing and thats how itll go and youll want to quit and thats. Not the odd, not a good idea. Okay, so dont skip around just go through it um once and then all whole the whole course and then go through it again.

You know and then take notes as well see say so, so you get to know what youre doing. Okay now ill go back to my sales page now, because thats the members area, because ive explained what you have to do there um. This is a course so um you have to follow it. Sequentially dont skip around it, says: yeah, okay, so go back to my bonus pages painters page here and i, like i said, bonus number one is uh axis hundred zero to 124 hours, two hundred dollars of debtors see hundred dollars two hundred dollars and twenty percent from Zero to a hundred dollars in 24 hours right bonus, number two um learn how to get better conversions bonus number three: how to explode your youtube channel bonus, number four hack, yeah access, atomic done for you and bonus number five take action today and access all the Vendor bonuses click the button below to now to claim your free insane bonus packets. Before the count time, timer hits zero and thats it when you click any of these uh, yellow buttons click here to secure your copy of luna and your bonuses, and when you do youll be taken to the sales page, where you can pick up your copy of Luna and we we and you will then be able to learn how to uh, rank your videos and get better results, and then you once youve done that once you you know, even if youve picked up the front end um, you will be have to access your Purchase at warrior plus and youll access your um, your bonuses as well and im tony maynard, the one who is the owner of this this bonus page and this bonus page, will be up on youtube and youll be able to get um a link to this bonus.

Page, so you to get to these buttons, so you can get to the sales page um on youtube. So yeah, i will be up on youtube and um yeah in the description of the uh youtube videos that ill be putting up uh on um on um on youtube, so yeah.