Today, I used products produced by YouTubers to complete a warm tone. Makeup look., Since I have base eye makeup blush lip product that I paid for with my own money. So this will be a very factual attack. Review.. Please look forward to that., Although I am a summer cool tone. The makeup products worked really well on me., So I feel kind of slightly narcissistic right now.. If you want to know more about the makeup, I have on please watch until the end. Shall we start now. One two three whoo ROSE PROJECT Common Skin Cushion 1922 produced by Jella.. The first product I have is ta da.. I brought this product. And like Jella, the numbers are so diverse and in large variety. As to the puff it isnt as airy as expected, but it feels like it will absorb the moist really well. Inside. Looks like itll ooze out well.. It looks like this inside a sponge type., But the cushion case itself goes perfectly well with Jella right, A perfect match.. What Wasnt that with auto tune just now Its totally dewy., But since its 1922 color, it feels kind of slightly bright doesnt it. There is a lot of glow cushions that came out recently For it to get applied better. They have a lot of firm or slightly creamy ones., But this cushion feels more like similar to the glow cushion from before.. So I dont feel that it adheres incredibly well, but its really moist, so it has a good feel when applied.

And it also gets applied very lightly.. The reason why I, like moist cushions, could be kind of expressed using this cushion right now.. I love how it blends smoothly like this.. You know how it feels right. Well, after a while it doesnt stay so dewy, but it stays on the skin pretty well, but I think it goes away slightly. Since I have a lot of redness on my face. I am extremely sensitive and focused on covering up the redness. This cushion seems to cover adequately and has a peachy finish like this., Its a really pretty color.. Recently, AMUSE and FWEE released a lot of glow cushions. Slightly similar to a skincare glow, But this feels a bit different compared to those. Its actually similar to Holys LIKEHOLY cushion in texture. It feels like. Its much more watery though. When you reapply and for the areas where youll cover more Youd need to use less amount from the puff and apply carefully.. This texture wont get ever so thick when you apply a lot on, but it might pile up.. The texture does make it easier to layer. When it comes to using a cushion pact. The compatibility between the puff and the texture is important too.. I think this has a good compatibility., But this case is so snazzy.. I feel like a celeb from abroad. Whats. This feeling, But the cushions so well made but its a shame if it werent for COVID seriously.., I will dab on this area once more.

. It shouldnt have come out during COVID. If you expect an adequate coverage suited to the skin tone evenly. This is a higher coverage than that., But I dont think you should use it to cover up the redness and the blemishes. Up close its kind of like this.. This is kind of like imitating a no makeup. If you just look at the skin expression, this cushion is more close to FWEE., But with less coverage than FWEE.. You can see that the coverage on the redness seems less even but for people who have good skin and people with a lot of yellowish areas. This would be an adequate coverage.. Next is a product by Hyojin. You can see that theres a dent in the middle like this., Which means I used this product a lot.. You know that this is an absolute fave when it comes to shading right, PERIPERA Ink V Shading.. This is a product that I love along with this shading., But this product creates a more defined look, so it looks defined when used while shooting and forms a really impactful contour.. The color feels like its slightly darker than expected. So look, I did it lightly, but it shades right away., Even when I used this loose brush like this. This product forms contours really fast. For those who pursue a natural look could use PERIPERA as it is.. I recently uploaded a makeup video on how to make the middle face length.

Shorter.. I used PERIPERA products there for those of you who are interested. Please watch the video and take some tips with you. Promoting a video during intermission coolx2. This is produced by ETUDE and LeoJ. ETUDE Play Color Eyes, Palette, Casa, Fig., SUREPI and Kyungsuns SUREPI Eye Palette.. As soon as I saw Kyungsuns palette, I knew these two colors were mine. As soon as I saw LeoJs the colors themselves, arent too murky and the chromas just right., And if the chromas really so its vague. You know what I mean., But its so pretty and adequate. So I will use this right. Away. First use this base color The color goes on more subtle than I thought.. Ah, what one spoon of vibe what., But when I think of the past fig editions now figs had a lot of products with a slightly reddish color.. The fig plant itself honestly is not red., So I used to be like. Why are there so many products that are reddish in color, but this time because they released it to match the fig color? What x2 I really like it.. I think the palette especially shows a good chemistry between LeoJ and ETUDE. Doesnt. The color go on more subtle than you thought right For beginners, especially when soft spring warm people use it. It can look pretty. Also for people like me, who are summer cool but crosses over to spring warm.. I think itll be good for people like that.

To use it right Right now, I only used colors 1 2 to cover the base. I think it goes on very smoothly.. I will dab this color on and I will give the back here a little shading.. Also, if you dont put these types of colors correctly. Your eyes will look swollen like this., Also the under eyes.. I will bring this Kyungsun palette for a second.. This I will use as a blush color. Ah, should I try to put it on once? You know the feeling of when your blush and eye makeup connects right, So I will bring this pink color. With this color lightly. It goes way up.. You know the shimmer I have here, Oh my Its so fair, just like me.. This is so pretty.. Obviously, when we talk about HOONION, we talk about shimmer, too. Shimmer in the night sky. It goes up like this everyone.. Oh my, depending on the way you apply this you can either make it look dark or you can make it spread out, subtly. Right now. This part went on more dark, so here one more time as an accent., This vibe. Green light Red light. Youre out. I will lightly do the eyelash curler.. If you do mascara as well, it looks like this. But everyone. I thought this while doing my mascara. This cushion is moist and good, but I told you that the durability is weak., So if you touch it like this, there will be slight marks left behind.

. So if you use it together with either a fixer or mineral powder, it will be good. I recommend it.. Now I will go into the under eye fat.. This is the Under Eye Master that was collaborated by Jeyu and NOBEV.. I prepared the 03 Everything.. This has a concealer part and it has a shimmer part Shimmer in the night sky that is put in separately.. I will go ahead and apply it. Real softly about this amount.. Do you see it x2? Everyone This one, you shouldnt apply it hard.. If you do it hard people with a lot of wrinkles on their eyes, Because I am getting old, I do have a bit of wrinkles. For people who have quite a few wrinkles. There is a sharp part so like this. Isnt, it so pretty Lightly. This amount. After that, the backside., Because this is a warm tone makeup. I was thinking of bringing warm tone makeup, But since Im summer cool tone, I brought it. So I can just press it with cool tone because I put on the concealer like this and on top of that put shimmer, it has more depth and you can see the shimmer coming through. The side I did under eye makeup and the side I didnt., Although I already have under eye fat. I have it like this because it isnt super clear. I do this much. Bringing a small brush like this soften the ends.. I coordinated it like this.

, But should I have dried the concealer and put it on Its clumpier than I thought. Still since this one goes on more on the soft side, it is still pretty. Its really pretty right, Hey. Why are you so pretty? I will apply here as well. Dont think of drawing it in a straight line.. There is fat on our eyes here, so it drags.. So you know how in art there is pointillism Just like pointillism Stroke it. You got it Lets promise to not forget. Promise. Ah, stop it.. Also. This also has kind of a sticky feel to it the end part. thats, why it is smear free. It feels like its more durable., But when you put it on like this dont put too much because we already have durability from the concealer. Add it on slightly., But having concealer, and this on both sides was really a divine move.. It shows how serious Jeyu is about under eye fat., So it will show better on screen. I applied it thicker. It looks like when you do Idol makeup. Without anyone knowing doo roo doo roo, I bring this one from Hyojin. If you are going in like this, you can give a bit more contour. But dont. You think that, rather than this side, this other side came out better Next, I will just do one drop of concealer., The unbeatable, the best concealer this from WAKEMAKE.. I didnt make this, but I am satisfied to the point I want to say I made.

Only right here in the middle.. This goes on so well. This puff is so good.. I heard you could purchase the puff separately.. Many people ask me to recommend them. Some puffs. Guys this is it., This puff is good. Blush. Ah Kyungsuns palette is so pretty. When I first heard that it was a 4 color palette. Ah, what is this So deep down? I wished they released 9 shade palettes., But it was Kyungsuns choice and we all know we can always count on her. Now Im starting to understand why she chose 4 shade palette. Its gorgeous. Since its eyeshadow, the pigmentation is just …. Let me switch to a softer brush. By the way its gorgeous.. I feel a sudden urge to leave Kyungsun a video message. Kyungsun. If you are watching this, please release a cool toned palette too. Look at the color. Its magnificent. Usually the warm toned palette, doesnt … Wowx2 – This is really pretty Kyungsun. In addition to cool toned palette, blush palette too.. This is crazy.. Lets move on to the lips then.. The item Im going to show you now is the collaborative work of ROMND and its muse. Minsco. Its ROMNDs Blur Fudge Tint. The shade is 01 Pomeloco. Wait. I didnt mean to bring this …. Why did I bring this one, But you know what This might just be perfect for todays makeup. Since Im doing warm toned makeup today. I think this will do just fine.

Ive used this once before. Ive tried a lot of lip products from ROMND, and I found this one truly crazy., Especially since I look much better with moist lips, … Gorgeous Theres, a reason people call Minsco Lipsco. Doesnt. It look amazing. This is crazy. Usually a warm toned, lip color, doesnt work for me, but …, It looks kind of like my lips are pigmented by flower. Petals. Whats interesting is that their cool toned base was mind. Blowingly beautiful too., But since this warm toned palette was made by my good friend Minsco, I decided to buy them both. As it turns out. This is purely gorgeous. You can use this to overline your lips and stain your lips beautifully.. If I were to talk more about this Blur Tint … Well, Ive got the most difficult lips to take care of …. I get white goo on my lips a lot and …. They seemed to be okay for staining, but not okay for overlining the lips. Exquisite Kyungsuns palette goes really well with Shade no.1 of Minscos lip tint.. Lastly, Ill take the highlighter from GLINT and sweep here lightly.. Let me mix these two colors at the top and the bottom.. This will open up the outer corner of my eyes just a little bit, so my eyes could look bigger.. This is how it looks up close.. I just changed my clothes. These are the last products Im going to show you today. Dont.

They suit me well, These are Eau De Perfume made by Woorin.. I bought two different scents.. This one is Indigo Air and this one is called Picnic Dream.. First of all, look how fancy the bottle looks.! It suits Woorin perfectly Lets review the Picnic Dream first.. We have to go on a picnic.. It smells very citrus. It kind of reminds me of the perfume my mom used to wear. Ive been wearing this Indigo Air. Very often. It smells really cool and fresh. Its a perfect match for a button down shirt like this one.. You know … The sophisticated and kind of like office worker vibe. You know This perfume can breathe that vibe into you.. So personally, I recommend you to wear Indigo Air with button down shirts.. I think its gender neutral., Its cool but okay, to use in winter too.. Here is the information about the perfumes top and middle notes.. Please check it out if you are interested in purchasing it.. I think Picnic Dream is not so bad to use in winter. Its citrus.. I think itll go well with one of those duffel coats. Its a bit citrus, but not too light either., So see which one is more to your taste and give it a try.. This smells so good. I often wore this to meetings. Indigo Air Air. So today I created a warm toned makeup. Look with cosmetic products made by famous YouTubers.. How was it Did? They seem intriguing enough to buy them After watching myself in the mirror Im feeling a bit narcissistic at the moment.

Im doing my best to look good on the camera right, now. Im trying really hard to sit very very straight up, so my double chin wont show.. I hope it looks as similar as possible to my actual feature.. If you liked any of the products Id shown you today, please give it a try.. You wont regret your purchase., But there is one thing lacking.. What is it? There is no color product made by HOONION. For those of you who work at cosmetic companies its time for us to work together. Please contact me. I hope you have a beautiful day full of laughter with HOONION Ill see you in my next video with an even brighter smile on my face.