If you are new here, my name is vanessa and on this channel i teach entrepreneurs how to start their own hair care line or skincare brand or cosmetic brand. So today, im going to be sharing five places: five vendors places where i like to buy my cosmetic ingredients in order to be able to make my skincare products or my hair care products or my cosmetic products. Okay, you guys. So if you guys havent seen my, i think its called business essentials video make sure that you guys do ill leave a card right up here as well as in the description box and leave it at the end of the video for you guys to watch. But i have already created two business, essential videos where i share a lot about like where to buy ingredients. What type of box vendors and everything like that. But since ive been getting so many questions. Since i made that video – and i think i made that video about a year ago, i thought itd be easy. Just to make a quick video today just to share with you guys my top five vendors places where i like to buy my cosmetic ingredients and where you guys can look and search and honestly. This is where i buy all my ingredients all the time so yeah. So if you guys, like this video, make sure that you guys like this video and that you guys subscribe to my channel, so you guys dont miss out on any more videos like this make sure you guys check out the box queen playlist, where you guys put Other videos like this, as well as other training videos videos to help you guys start and launch your own beauty brand, also make sure that you guys are following me on instagram, where you guys can see more behind the scenes where you guys can get notified about New videos, giveaways and everything like that and lastly, if you guys didnt know, i will be doing a q a very soon.

So if you guys have any questions regarding this whole thing, if you guys are looking for mentorship or help like that, make sure you guys check out all the links down below. Lastly, thank you guys so much for supporting me on this journey on my channel with my brand, with everything and im just so happy that im able to connect with more boss queens. Like you, i have so many more videos ideas coming out and i hope that you guys are enjoying my new upload schedule. If you guys havent been noticing the last couple weeks, i have been uploading two times a week, every monday and friday, so that is going to be, i think, my schedule from now on, but for now you guys can look forward to videos from me every monday And friday, okay, so if you guys know im gon na post, a video on monday and friday make sure you guys check monday and friday all right. So thank you guys so much dont forget to like subscribe. Do all those things i told you guys oh and lets just get straight into this video all right, you guys know. I have a skincare line, cosmetic brand hair care line and i have tons of ingredients actually here and up here you guys can see. I think i should just show you guys tons of ingredients that i have purchased over the last year when it comes to my brand and things that i use to formulate and make my own skincare products and hair care products.

So, im going to share with you guys the top places where i like to buy my ingredients and the very first place that i like to buy. My ingredients is a bulk apothekey and, like you guys, im gon na show you guys here on the screen. Just to make sure you guys are finding the right supplier, but when i started my brand and i honestly still purchase from them all of my oils, like all my big oils ill show, you guys i buy all of these humongous oils from bulk apotheca. Okay. So i like to use vocal apothecary when it comes to buying oils ive also bought in, like um specific makeup powders other like um. What do you call it? What do you call those things? Um, bentonite clay mask and things like that, like bocapotheky, has so many different things on their website, so make sure that you guys go and check them out. I also buy bottles on their website. So if you are interested in creating hair care products or skincare products, i definitely recommend checking out both apoca get bulk, apotheca, okay, so thats my first vendor, okay, guys. My second vendor is makingcosmetics.com, so you guys can see all of these little bags right here with the orange yeah, so that is from them, so i like to purchase from making cosmetics as extracts, so those are like special extracts. I also have them over here. So, like algae extract, bukachi, fruit extract, cucumber extract, marshmallow root extract, like cosmetics.

com, is actually local here to washington, so thats kind of cool, but they actually have really fast shipping times. I dont know if its just because i live here, but most of the time they ship within the next day, they also have an etsy shop and theyre super helpful. So if youre trying to make a product or anything like that, they also have formulations on their website. So you can go there if youre trying to make skin care products or pretty much anything they have tons of formulations, as you guys can see, im showing you on the website, but you guys can definitely check them out. I highly highly highly highly recommend them when it comes to looking for ingredients for your beauty brand, all right. So the third place, i recommend you guys get ingredients from, is a formulators sample shop. So i did, i do believe i mentioned this um vendor before in one of my videos, but i i dont purchase too much from them. I mostly just purchase my preservatives or, if im, looking for, like a specific active ingredient just like making cosmetics, they have those type of ingredients like the carbohymer, like those type of ingredients, that its kind of hard to find you can find it on formulator sample shop. All right another place i like to shop, is tkb trading. So, if you are those lip gloss, queens youre into cosmetics and things like that on tk trading, you can find tons of things.

Formulations articles blog posts, everything that you need to know when it comes to making cosmetics, lip gloss or anything of makeup and beauty sorts okay, so i only purchased from tkp trading when im trying to buy like lip pigments, so i actually grabbed the wrong thing. I grabbed these like uh colorants, but these are actually from lorraine, oils theyre like flavor oils, but theres, a free vendor for you, but they sell these like little pigments here, so they like, sell pigments as well as like flavoring, come on focus um. So, whenever youre looking for colored pigments to make for lip gloss or whatever you guys, can find everything makeup powders on tkp trading so another place, i like to purchase my oils and special oils. It is an etsy shop and i believe they have their own website. Im going to show you guys here if they do its called coco jojo and on this website they sell a lot of different oils. So, like special oils, they also sell some pre made like if youre looking for, like a facial oil or like a makeup, remover oil things like that they also sell a couple already um, like pre, made things that you guys can also like order in bulk. Like those big gallons and then just private label yourself, so i actually find them because i buy my jojoba and argan oil from them its like the best price that i can find, but they have tons of different types of oils, like special oils that i havent Been able to find on other websites for the price? Okay, their shipping time is also buying from them all the time when it comes to buying special oils.

Camila seed oil, rosehip seed oil, all those special oils that youre going to need youre going to get it from coco jojo. Last but not least, the last place that i want to recommend for you guys to go and check out for buying ingredients, and things like that when it comes to your beauty brand is lotion crafters, you guys. If you watch formulators here on youtube, they always talk about lotion crafters, because its similar to making cosmetics, theyre gon na have those ingredients that you sometimes wont even be able to find on making cosmetics. Okay, so theyre gon na have like cardboard to make gels theyre gon na have so many different powders and thickeners and preservatives so definitely check out formulators sample shop as well. I dont think they have any formulations making cosmetic is the one that has all the formulations but youre going to find pretty much any ingredient that youre going to need at lotion. Crafters, okay, so make sure that you check them out as well. All right, you guys, so those are the top five and i think its actually seven, because i did give you guys a couple other vendors for other things. But those are the top five vendors that i recommend when it comes to looking for ingredients to create and formulate your own hair care, skincare or cosmetics products. I hope that this video helped you guys out and that you guys are able to find what you guys are looking for.

If this video did and make sure that you guys, like the video and subscribe to my channel, so that i know that you guys are enjoying content like that, like this leave a comment down below so that i know, if you guys need anything. So i know what type of videos to make and so that i can answer any questions that you guys may have in a future q. A video also make sure to check out all my brands, royalty, curls, curly, queen kit and royalty beauty brand and last but not least, dont forget to follow me on instagram and again. Thank you guys so much for the support lets get this channel to 20 000. Subscribers, please you guys thats my goal for the end of this year, but thank you guys so much for all your support and love.