I found these at walmart in like the christmas overflow section so in the front of the store youll see like stocking stuffer type, stuff thats, where i found these and i found this one of them was this 10. I guess its supposed to be a makeup kit and i was on the fence about this one because obviously im not gon na be using any of the makeup, but i really wanted the chapstick, which i still havent, found by the way the lip balm that comes In a little set at walmart, i havent found it. I dont know um, but this is a rainbow high backpack. So, even if none of this is useful to me – which some of it will be really excited about the keychain, the bows so rest assured im going to enjoy this 10 worth, but it has this rainbow high backpack like this is actually printed on. So i love this, and these are both made by a company called townley um, and i will put their website in the description in case. You guys need to ask where you can find them um, but this ones labeled cosmetic set, and then i also found this miniature one and its by the same people and this ones called hair set. So it comes with hair ties, a scrunchie berets, all kinds of stuff and its all, of course, rainbow high themed – and i was really excited about this one in particular, because this is actually a backpack, pretty well sized for the giant amaya doll.

So i thought that would be really really cute to show to you guys and something really exciting about the big set. None of the other rainbow high merchandise things that ive seen so far have is crystal, is featured on one of the nail polishes and on the keychain. So you get some series 2 representation here, so thats, really cool and im excited to see her start making her way her and the other series two girls start making their way into the merchandise. I hope we continue to see more of the characters because thats awesome, alrighty, so im gon na cut away and when we return, i will have everything out of the backpack so that i can share it with you. Ive gotten everything out of the cosmetic set, and this is what the backpack itself looks like. It does have this holographic piece in it, but im gon na leave it in because it makes it even more fun looking – and this is gon na be great for when i go like into the world with my dolls for like photography and stuff, and i can Put the dolls in here it seems like its a good size for them um as an adult, its a little bit tricky to put on, but you know i think its pretty fashionable. I think its cute. I love this, and even if i dont want to wear it on my back, it has a handle like itll work, its a little bit tricky to get off.

Okay and again like it, has a handle, no big deal and let me see if a doll does fit in here easily, because that would be great were gon na try crystal. Oh, she fits great okay, so you could probably fit three rainbow hiddles in here and its clear too, so you can see them, so this would be so fun for people who travel with their dolls to like take them to the airport. Okay. That makes this 100 perfect sold alrighty, and then you get these little things. These are like, i think, for painting your toenails, i dont know i never really painted my nails, but fun probably going to be useful, not for me, but for others um. This im very excited about as well its a little puffy keychain, and you know as as an adult. I want this on my wallet or something its very cute. My wallet has like a little ring hole um, but it has crystal jade and ruby on it, and it says rainbow high, very cute, really like this and its probably intended for the backpack, which makes sense its pretty cute. I love little merch like this, like i feel like rainbow. High, has not been very blessed in the merch department, but this this christmas season, specifically they are like yeah march time and then here are the nail polishes. So we get poppy and poppy and crystal crystal gets pink and poppy gets like a red pink makes sense um.

These are very cute im, not a fan of nail polish im, not gon na put them on ill. Do it for you ill put these on at the end of the video, because i dont want to accidentally get them on anything and im, not a fan of nail polish, like i hope you understand, um, but those are the colors. You get theyre theyre, cheapy kid product nail polish, like dont, expect too much all right, and then you get this little lip gloss palette and you got ta. Take this off to reveal the lip glosses. Should i put them on? Oh, they smell delightful. Okay. Maybe i will maybe i will did it do anything. Is it shiny guys, okay, as a kid, this kind of things super funny, but if it does nothing its cute, it comes with a little little brush. That actually has like a thing to hold it in place. It comes with yellow purple and blue, although the colors arent really gon na, do anything um, but it comes with yellow purple and blue. Well, i was gon na say sunnys on it, but its jade, so i dont know, but it comes with j or it has jade violet and skyler on it and theres ruby, poppy and sunny in here, and you can display it like this. If you keep this piece on it or you can display it like this, if youre displaying it its very cute, i like it, but then these i think i mean maybe amayas a big fan of her friends, so she can wear bows with them on them or, Alternatively, this is great, like catch me, doing rainbow high reviews wearing these yeah.

It also comes with nail gems, which um these dont have super strong glue on them. A lot of them were popping off the glue in the packaging, so just be careful with these uh im, probably gon na be using them, for if i do, doll photo shoots again ever again, i used to really love doing those, but i dont know i just Havent been doing them lately, uh and i like to stick gems on like faces. I used to do that a lot when i was a kid when i would photograph my littlest pet shops and then we get some lip balms, so we get blueberry and strawberry flavored. Now i never can find my chapstick and it drives me crazy, and these will like have a permanent place in with my doll collection, which is gon na, be great. So, oh, my god, okay, the schuyler blueberry one smells so good, yes and then the ruby one. They smell really good im, actually impressed. I wasnt expecting them to have any kind of smell to them at all. I just thought they were gon na be cute and there is a rainbow high lip gloss set or like a lip balm set with all the characters, and i cant find it its not showing up at any walmart in my area. Its made me really sad because i really want it, but yeah you can get more of these without buying this 10 set. You can buy a lip balm set specifically, although i think the value of this set to a doll collector is definitely well.

First of all, its just adding to your collection with more rainbow high merch, but this bag is amazing. I think this bag alone is worth the 10 and you get like as an adult. You do need lip balm. It is useful um and the fact that the bag fits dolls is incredible. You get a keychain, yes sold, and these bows are like actually cute. You can use them for your dolls or something else. So there is the violet bow actually a great size for her, and then this is the jade bow alrighty. Next, we are going to be opening the hair set, which im very excited about, because, first of all, its sized great for amaya and second of all, all of the pieces i can use for maya and myself so yeah. I will see you, then you guys the backpack fits amaya, so well its so cute. Look, oh my gosh, its actually really well sized for her. Obviously, its a little bit bigger than like a normal backpack would be, but its pretty cute. You could fit a lot of stuff in here and you could store rainbow high stuff in here. You could put her extra accessories in here. Whatever you want, this is really cute. I really like this, so i highly recommend this set was only five dollars and just for the little doll size backpack, i think its worth it really really cute. Oh my gosh look at her with their little bow.

Amayas, like i resent this anyways next were gon na look at all the things that it comes with. So my first thing, though, that i got out of here was this scrunchie its cute. I like scrunchies its a rainbow high scrunchy. I dig that buys ruby on it. Why do we have the perfect scrunchie for sonny, who also would be the most likely to wear a scrunchie lets? Get there its sparkly, its yellow it has this cute little tie. Detail like sonny would love this, but were gon na put ruby on it. Its still very cute and like it makes sense to put the red character with the yellow, like i understand, but theres a yellow character and she loves kawaii stuff like this. She would have loved this, but its very cute, and next these are more neutral, so these dont have any specific character allegiance to them. So these would be great for amaya um, using with your my doll. Ive never used a hair tie like this before, but were gon na get fully all decked out for this video. I think this is way less than half of my hair, but its okay, oh thats, actually cute. If you leave it like that, i kind of love that all right yeah, so this is going to be a much bigger ponytail but its fine, oh um, the designs theyre just like in every merch set. You see these same little designs. Sorry, youre not gon na be able to see that one okay, i wonder if these are gon na.

I dont use any hair ties, except these specific ones made by this company called sketchy because um i hate when things like tangle in my hair and it happens so easily um. So i dont know if these will be tangly or not, but theyre cute. Oh, my gosh – and these will be so cute as like headbands for the doll hold on very pleased to report – that the hair ties actually work perfectly as headbands for the dolls theyre perfectly sized. They dont have any kind of rubber on the inside, though of course, because theyre made to be hair ties, so they will slip right off, but an easy fix with for that. If you own a hot glue gun, just put a little bit of hot glue, you could do a line or you could do little dots and the hot glue actually like is easy to peel right off of anything. So you dont have to worry about it. Being permanent, but it would make it an even better headband because it wouldnt slip. This is a darling, though its perfectly sized. It fits so well. This is so cute. They should advertise this. I i just thought of it so cute, and then you also get um not sure about this little violet here i i promise i didnt do anything to the to them, but these are supposed to be little barrettes, but the the little violet thats supposed to be Stuck to one of them is not doing her job anymore, but thats, okay, its just hot glue.

I can just put it right back and now i have this little this little violet to do what i will with so thats kind of fun. Um you get a bunch of colorful barrettes too big to be used on the little dolls, see wouldnt it be cool if they released like a doll, hair playset and it came with small barrettes. That would be great because i have some small breaths that i got from my american girl dolls and i was shopping for more on etsy and theyre expensive, oh my god, so yeah i will not be buying any more, but this is cute its fun. It comes with a bunch of barrettes. I can use them for me. I can use them for the big amaya great um, and then you also get some hair clips. So this one has the poppy social butterfly little logo on it and, as you guys know, poppy is my favorite character, Music. Yes, my favorite character from series, one looking good all right, um. We also need to use this scrunchie, but we dont really. My hair is already all tied up anyway. You also get these two bows that arent specific to rainbow high or anything, but i kind of like that, because my big amaya doll im not sure if shes a big fan of violet, you know i feel like violet – is just narcissistic enough to like hand out Bows like this like if she were if she was running for like school president or something shed be like hey guys, wear these giant ridiculous, violet bows but um im more of the fan of the rainbow high girls – maybe not violet specifically, but there we go.

These are much better and much more neutral that you could have them on your maya doll, obviously theyre like a different color of rainbow, but it still works and you could use them on your smaller dolls, its just that the broads are kinda, see that actually looks Good thats really cute very cute, oh my gosh, so for fifteen dollars, endless amount of fun, two backpacks one for your daughter and one for you, which is great your daughter amaya. You could give them to your real daughter. I guess but like these are for us. These are for the big boys. You know anyway, thank you guys so so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed seeing all the fun little merch things that i got. I just wanted to share them with you guys in case you havent been able to find them or you just dont. Look in that section. I think theyre very fun and ive been really enjoying collecting the rainbow hideout merch, because i didnt really collect merch for all the other doll lines. And boy did, i regret it. This stuff is so much fun and its gon na really like spice up my collection, a lot. I love having different um associated merchandise, on display with the dolls, because the dolls are one thing, but, having like the artwork of the dolls right next to them is really exciting too. I do hope in the future, though, with rainbow highmerch. They start using alternate art for the characters.

Please, because we just i get that this is the profile art for them, but there there has to be more right. They they have so many talented artists on that team. They could they could make more poses or something uh and then also please more series, 2 characters. I was really happy. I was really really ecstatic actually to see that crystal was included on some of the merch in this in this set. But you know oh im. Gon na try out the nail polish now because just in case you guys are curious. Im gon na use the poppy one, not a big nail polish fan, but im doing this for you guys. Oh, i like the color, its actually kind of cute. Okay, wait! I dont know how to do this without getting on my skin and i dont want to get on my skin. Okay. I got some of my skin, but i think i did a pretty good job, no its like its like gloopy. Oh, how do you make it? Well, this is cheap. To give me credit. Okay, i dont think this is bad for, like one of the first times ive ever painted my nail okay, why does it smell so good? I feel like thats, not normal, for nail polish. It smells really good. I guess because its for kids, um, yeah horrible color for me like this, is ugly on me, but im sure on other people would be very cute and on kids it would be very cute.

But, like imagine me like actually going out in public with my nails, painted this color but thats not a. I like the color, its very pretty, but like not on my skin tone. Look at that its giving my grandma joanne. May she rest in peace anyway, thats it for this video. Thank you guys so so much for watching um. Let me know what your favorite piece from all of these sets is. I think my favorite is now i mean i like the the packaging is the best and um. Obviously i love the cant touch anything. I love this. This is very exciting for me because i dont know thats really cute and its something like small, that you can like rep your rainbow high pride for, but you dont have to like really explode it in peoples faces. I guess um. I love these. I love all of these. These are fun. These are fun. Theyre gon na be very fun to wear in videos um, but my true favorite piece, i think, are these little hair ties because they double as headbands for the dolls thats really cute, and i always need hair ties so pretty cute.