This is an indie brand from sweden and ive really gotten into their products over the past year, or so i think, theyre really gaining steam in the beauty community and if youve ever seen any of their products, you will understand why they just have really well done Design beautiful packaging, it always feels really special. They have unique color combinations, great textures on their products, and they did their first collab this year with three beauty youtubers. So i think that a lot of people started hearing about them from that as well, but theyve been around for a while and they have a lot of great products. So i want to share my top 10 picks from odins eye because they have a big black friday sale coming out, and this is a fantastic time to try. Some new products try some new brands if youve never purchased anything from odins eye. Before this black friday sale is going to be a really good time to do so, and if youre already a fan, then its a good time to round out your collection, so their black friday sale is going to be 40 off site wide its three days. Only so it starts on the 26th and runs through the 28th. Like i mentioned, they are based in sweden, so their launch time is obviously based around the country that theyre in so, if youre in the eastern time zone like i am here in the u.

s, then the sale actually starts at 2 a.m. So, by the time you wake up, the sales should be well underway or, if youre a night, owl youll be able to catch it before you go to sleep now. This video is not sponsored. However, i did just get an affiliate code with odins eye im. A really big fan of the brand im really happy to share their products. I dont really have a ton of affiliate codes, but i am very proud to be a part of their affiliate family, so my code is just amanda same as most of my other ones. Definitely really appreciate anybody who chooses to support the channel via affiliate codes, but i just want to make you aware, while this video is not sponsored im not being paid to make it, i will earn a commission off of use of my code. So, just just that were all on the same page about that. I believe that codes will work during the black friday sale. The only thing they dont apply to is the collaboration, but other than that im, pretty sure you can stack the codes lets get to the fun part. Lets take a look at my recommendations. These are my top 10 favorite products from odins eye. They are most well known for their eyeshadow palettes, and more than half of my favorites are eyeshadow palettes. However, i do think they have some other products that may get overlooked, but are really great and really really special.

They do make a few cheek products and, while i like their blushes, what i think are really really special in their line of cheek products are their highlighters. This is the norns mesmerizer highlighter and my personal favorite shade is called veil of the future. There are a couple other options, but this is the one that i really gravitate towards the most. These highlighters are regularly priced at 22 us dollars. So, during their black friday sale they will be marked down 40, so they will be 13.20 and obviously this packaging is just absolutely gorgeous. I love the little different textures shimmery details, but the real star is when this opens up, and you see this gorgeous marbling on the highlighter theres. All these different textures and shades inside this just is such a beautiful to look at product and all these different, colors and finishes marbled in here make for a really dynamic. Look on the skin as well. So first ill just show you a little swatch on my arm and i think when you see it this way it looks a little bit more basic than you think it would be from the look in the pan. But next im going to show you this swatch in a lower light and those sparkles and different dimensions really start to come out with a change in lighting. I think its also great for you to see this really in action applied to my skin. So, im going to show you a little demo of me applying this highlighter to my cheeks.

I have to say, even though this is just visually stunning in the pan. I wasnt sure that i was going to like it when i first tried these highlighters, because i typically do not like anything sparkly or glittery at all, but i love the fine little sparkles. It gives it such a dimension and this isnt an everyday look for me. But especially with these really flushed cheeks for a holiday look its very glamorous. This highlighter also looks great with a really really bronzed cheek for a more summery look, but this highlighter has made me love sparkly, highlighters, now lets move on to some lip products. I have three lip favorites here. One is a velvet finish and the other two are cream finish im wearing this one called love jasmine throughout the talking portions of this video, and i have to say i love this lipstick of the three. This is my absolute top top favorite, obviously theyre all great, because theyre all in my top 10 products, but if i had to pick just one, i would pick this one called love jasmine. So lets take a close up. Look at these lipsticks. Now the alva kiss of a fairy lipsticks are regularly priced at 17 us dollars each so, with the 40 off black friday, sale theyll be priced at 10 and 20 cents, each and im just pointing out here that the packaging is slightly different colors for the velvets And the creams the velvet lipstick that youre looking at here has this lighter beigey type of color and then the creams have a little bit more of a pinky undertone to them.

But they all have these little stickers with the shade names on the bottom, and they all have these super beautiful fairy illustrations around the inside next to the actual lipstick bullets. These are so well packaged these look and feel really luxurious. They really feel like a designer quality product and the shades are beautiful, maybe a little bit basic, but i love basic shades. The formulas are really nice, just old, reliable type of matte and cream finishes, but the shade in the middle is my perfect. Your lips, but better warm neutral shade, so its my favorite all right lets talk about eyeshadow palettes. I do think that of the entire website. The entire odins eye cosmetic line, their eyeshadow palettes, are by far their standout products. I love their packaging design. Everything feels really special, really unique from the graphics to the way the palettes are laid out to the color selection and all these different textures. Everything feels really special. It feels intentional and like its done with love and purpose, and you know thats something that we arent always getting with every makeup release. But every release from odins eye feels that way, and i just think their palettes are the epitome of that. Really special indie brand type of feeling. This will be no surprise if youve seen my review of the legendary diversa collection, but these are at the very top of my list. I absolutely love all three of these palettes. I have a full swatch and review where i did close ups.

I did looks with each one of these and i gave you my really in depth, thoughts which were all overwhelmingly positive. So if you want more information on these, if you want to see the swatches and see some looks with these, i will link that video down in the description box for you. These have to go at the top of the list for palettes for me, because i just think these are exceptionally well done and you know spoiler alert. These will probably be in my best of the year, video but theyre. Definitely, in my best of odins eye for sure now lets talk about the palette that i have used the most of all of my odins eye palettes. This is the one that i continually go back to and thats the alva palette. This is really just my kind of palette lets. Take a look at this one close up, im gon na show you swatches and all that good stuff. That way, you can see why i really really love this alpha palette. Once again, just unreal beautiful, very ethereal type of design on here, i love all of these different shifting textures the iridescence, the metallic details, its all just so uniquely beautiful, and it really really feels just special and lovely and fancy, and i, like all of those things There is a small circular mirror inside this palette, and then you can see all the shades here do have shade names above, as is the case for all of these palettes, from odins eye, with the exception of legendary diversa collection, which you can tell right off.

The bat how stunning those shadows are just by looking at them these in the pans, dont, look as exceptional and textural and lovely as they are once theyre applied. So i will be showing you swatches, but i also want to point out that these seem to be laid out in some really nice little quads, just in the columns vertically, if youre feeling overwhelmed by such a large color story, you can always break this palette up In that way – and here are the swatches – i was talking about first of all, typical for odins eye – the mattes are just super stunning that yellow matte is so impressive, and then we have all these different metallic textures to layer on top its just gorgeous. My very last favorite, i should say favorites because its two palettes, but i always use them together – are these saga of freya palettes one and two these can be purchased separately. However, i always like to use them in conjunction with each other. I am wearing both of these on my eyes today, im going to show you some close ups of these palettes and, of course, some swatches ill also show you a tutorial using these two together. That way, you can see why i always like to pair these palettes. I feel like i have just raved over and over again about their packaging, but seriously look at how stunning these are. I love the way that they open up like a little storybook.

It fits the theme so well, and it just gives a little something different. These palettes also have a little small circular, mirror included, and then, when you look at these pants up close typically, i do not like weird shaped pans, but it fits really well here and its not so odd that it doesnt seem to make sense or it doesnt Seem to fit into the palette these different shades textures. You can see the marbled shade there. We have some really foily shimmers, really super silky, smooth mattes, and this is a more basic color story compared to other palettes they have, but it still has a little twist of something special and, if were gon, na talk about out of the box favorites. For me, this cats breath palette is not my typical color story, but i really love to use it in conjunction with the amber tears palette. These are individually priced regularly at 27. Us dollars, which means the sale price, will be 16.20, and i realize now. I forgot to tell you that the alva palette is regularly priced at 30 us dollars, so the sale price will be 18. in this cats breath palette. Aside from that cool sort of zebra striped shade, there are also these little speckled shades that remind me a little bit of the highlighters between all of these cool textures, the more offbeat color combinations and just the absolutely gorgeous packaging. On these palettes, i continually stay inspired to try new color combos.

As is probably evident from my look in todays video, i really think this whole color story. These two palettes together make such a cohesive, color combo, at least for me. I really like how amber tears brings a little bit more of a grounding neutral vibe to cats breath, but it still has an iridescent topper, a lavender that bright orangey red theres, just something special about how all of these shades work together for me. So now that youve seen the swatches and close ups, i want to show you a quick eye. Look using these two saga, freya palettes, to get the eye. Look that im wearing today and then ill wrap up all my thoughts at the end, Music Music. Did you ever think, youd see the day where i was wearing not only a blue eye? Look but a pastel blue eye. Look i didnt either, but here i am wearing a glittery highlighter that i love a pastel blue eyeshadow. Look that i love and its all thanks to odins eye honestly nows the time when i want to hear what you think about these products. Are you planning on shopping the odins eye black friday sale? Do we have any of the same favorites? I always love to hear what you think about things too, so make sure you leave all your thoughts down in the comments below, as always. Thank you so much for watching and ill see you in my next video bye.

This is odins eye Music. This is um words anyone this happens every time i wear a blue eyeshadow. I cannot speak in a video or does it happen in every video. My earrings are from my etsy shop by the way, speaking of black friday styles, i just thought they matched my eyeshadow. So perfectly, and you know im into that kind of thing huh: could you possibly form a coherent sentence? Man could you maybe i should just take a take. A little sip okay were cutting it close today. Got me close. Look at that matching game: okay, ill, calm down, maybe ill. Also show you at uh, i mean come on like a sky, blue eyeshadow, who am i blue and pastel youre right, but i mean i love it. I absolutely love it and i match this palette. Enough said, i will never be able to use these palettes without thinking of karen harris now, because she just had a little baby named freya, so random aside, but congrats karen baby freya is now forever in my mind, because i love these palettes and every time i Pull them out, i think about you and your sweet little baby angel, oh ow, oh brother, all right, i got ta go clean up this office that i can think straight in here. I got ta go pick up my kid from school. I got ta go edit. Some videos, i got ta go plan, the holidays, apparently um.

You know its a lot its a lot of fun stuff. Its a lot of good stuff got a lot on my plate, and you know thats, just kind of who i am as a person but were making it through and im glad were making it through together. And i appreciate each and every one of you sweet special little treasures that you are, and i love all of your faces, and i hope that i see your face back here real soon on this channel. Okay, i hope you have a great day and i love everybodys.