Today i wanted to do a video of all of my favorite things like things that i seriously use. Almost every day, or at least like super regularly to kind of give you guys some christmas list ideas either for yourself or, if youre shopping for somebody else. These are just a few. My favorite items that are trusted and true and ive been using honestly most of them for like years, so i really like them. I hope that you guys do too im gon na separate it into separate segments. So this video is on my favorite bathroom items and im gon na make another video on favorite kitchen items and honestly i might do like favorite closet items, slash jewelry accessories, i dont know. Let me know what you guys want to see, but yeah i picked out some of my favorite bathroom items to share with you guys today. So lets just get started. My very first one that i probably had the longest out of all of these items is really so far away from you guys my loxiton perfume. I think thats, how you say it im, probably going to mispronounce like everything in this video, but this is a label, its a very citrusy lemony kind of perfume, its really fresh. If theres a luxuton shop near you, you can go in it and like smell them yourself, but i think its a really fresh scent if you or someone youre shopping for really like scents that are like less sweet and more refreshing and light and kind of summery.

Almost my mom always used this perfume and i really loved it. I feel like i would like steel all the time, and so she gave it to me for christmas one year and i think it smells really good ill link all of the products below. So you guys can find them super easily and definitely feel free to comment below. If you have any questions about them, id be happy to answer. They come in different sizes. If youre nervous about it, you could definitely get a smaller one. Perfume obviously smells different on every single person. This is definitely one that i like on myself, but, like it, just depends on what you smell like as an individual, so i think its a really pretty bottle, and then, on top of that it just smells delicious mmm. It smells so good, i think its a really nice perfume too, so you only need like one or two squirts um to have it go a long way, so it actually lasts a really long time. Okay, next up is something a little bit more budget friendly. This looks like nothing. This looks pointless. This just looks like a rag but its not its a special material and its actually specific for taking makeup off so that you dont need like makeup remover. I hate using makeup remover one. I think its just like an extra cost that just kind of sucks, and sometimes it like stinks my eyes – are like other things.

I dont know if thats just me, but i feel like i just have issues with it, so i dont like to use it, but i also like to obviously get all my makeup off. So this towel is super awesome for it something about the fabric. Just gets it off better, i dont know what texture it is. I believe that this one is from amazon and it came in a pack of i think four, like i just dry my face with this, and it gets like all my makeup off so say this is a really good gift stocking stuffer, whatever get it for yourself. These are awesome. Next up is a gift. My dad actually gave me. I think he might have had a little bit of help, but it is something i use almost every single day its the morph i dont want to say more. I told you guys im going to say all these wrong. The morph eyeshadow palette nature glow 350.. You can definitely tell like which shades i use most theyre, all pretty neutral shades for the most part, which i kind of like, because i usually go for a pretty mellow makeup. Look in my everyday look! I dont have any on right now. This color is so pretty. I dont have the paper that has the names of them anymore, but this is just like a sparkly kind of neutral brown that i use pretty much every day literally. This is the eyeshadow palette that, like made me an eyeshadow person, i have never really worn eyeshadow at all until i had this palette, so i highly recommend its really easy to use like i dont know how to do anything, and i feel like it just kind Of looks good, like no matter what you do.

Maybe im tricking myself telling myself that it looks good, but i really like this palette. I think its really pretty – and i think it just has a lot of really good key colors for everyday use, and on top of that, i also use these colors when im like going out so kind of like a dress, up, dress down kind of deal. Two birds, one stone its a really good palette. Next up is a gift that i think could kind of work for like anybody. Unless you have like super super dry skin, i probably wouldnt recommend it. It is the aztec secret indian healing clay, masks Music. I will have this for years to come. Ive probably had it for a year now and you can tell how little ive gone through it literally still up to here. I think this was the smallest one you could get, but you barely barely barely use any and ive done it. A ton like seriously a lot because its really helped clear up a lot of my acne, but also its just kind of like rejuvenating, and it tightens your skin and stuff. This is what it looks like. Basically, just like a light green powder, you mix it with apple cider, vinegar. If you want a stronger treatment or you can mix with water. If you want a less strong treatment, you can either put it on just like spot areas. Sometimes i put it like literally just on like a zit or something, and then sometimes i do it to my whole – face ive even heard of people putting this on their hair for, like a hair, mask to pull the chemicals and toxins out of it.

It says its great for facials body wraps clay baths, foot soaks, chilled clay for neat packs and insect bites. It kind of makes like redness go down a little bit. I feel, like maybe thats just me, but thats. One of those face masks that goes on wet and then it hardens and i just get a wet cloth and like rub it off, basically until its all gone yeah. I think this is a good one. Just for like anyone. Next is another thing i literally use every single day its my lanage special care lip sleeping mask. This is what it looks like inside. Ive also had this for a super long time, and i pretty much use it at least twice a day. Its called the sleeping mask, but i also just use it as a chapstick. I put it on like whenever i want. I do really like to sleep in it. I feel like my lips: wake up a lot more hydrated like if my lips are chapped, i pretty much wake up and my lips are back to normal. Again, i dont know whats in it, but i feel like its one of those chapsticks that, like doesnt really dry out your lips when you use it like some chapsticks like carmax and stuff like i feel like you use it, and it makes your lips even drier. So you have to keep using and keep using and keep using it. This isnt, like that, like this stuff, is really good.

It comes in different colors and flavors, the color isnt very potent, but i think they have different scents. I think this one might be like berry or something like that, but they also have a purple one thats a different scent and i think they might have like a cotton candy one or something which sounds really fun to try so different options there. It also comes with a little baby lip spatula. So if youre someone that doesnt like to like be dipping your dirty fingers into your chapstick, then you can use that and it comes in like a little tiny, like plastic, holder and stuff, so thats actually really nice. I lost mine, unfortunately, but it actually was really nice, then youre not like putting all your germs on your lips and inside of the bottle and everything yeah. This is a must, have next, is a product ive been using for so long, and i kind of just bought it because i worked there and it was on sale or something or i had like my employee discount or something that i could use on it, and Then i bought it and i was like i need this in every color and i need like 10 of them before i quit, so that i never run out for the rest of my life. It is this kiehls butter, stick its in the color, simply rose and also spf in it. So when it also has coconut oil and lemon butter, so it actually is really moisturizing on its own, its technically a tinted chapstick like not a lipstick or anything.

But i feel like it has like the perfect amount of tint because im not really a big lipstick person, but its nice to like have a little bit of color there. You know so what i always do is i put this on and then i either use the linage lip mask that i just showed you or i used the kiehls lip balm number one. I really like the mint flavor, but they do have a couple. Other flavors mint, i feel like, is a really nice flavor for chapstick, actually that i havent ever thought of, but it makes you feel like fresh its the color. It doesnt actually go on like very strong ill just put on for you, Music, okay thats. What it looks like i feel like it just adds a perfect amount of color to your lips without seeming like too extreme its still like a really natural. Look that you could wear every day, but its still super natural and pretty, and it is really nice. It has the spf, because getting your lip sunburned is the absolute worst. So next up is also an eyeshadow palette, but this one is like super fun, its the los angeles bh cosmetics palette. I honestly bought this for myself, because i went to this party and right when i walked into this party. There was this girl and she had hot, pink eyeshadow on, and i was like excuse me, youre, so cool, and so literally i went out the next day and bought a palette specifically to have hot, pink eyeshadow.

This is the inside of the palette, its so fun. It has a mix of sparkle shades and matte shades. This one is so pretty its like a sparkly sunset, pink color, and i love that one. I also kind of like layer them sometimes with like a matte color and a sparkly color, just to get a bolder, color and theyre so fun, but then theres also like a couple: neutrals in here like the white. This is a really pure white that i really like. I also really like this palette, if youre looking for something a little bit more fun and its just so cute and small, compared to my other palette, so its a little bit easier to lug around as well. Next is also something ive been using for years and ive loved it. Its called aisle paradise they are tanning drops i get the dart, basically the way that it works. Is you mix these drops with your own lotion, which i really love, because then i can use on my face. So i just mix it with my face lotion that my body is already used to, rather than putting like tanning lotion or something on my actual face and like breaking out and stuff like excuse me. No, i dont want that. So i mix this with my face. Lotion, i always use this a lot because i try to wear a lot of sunscreen on my face, so my face is usually like a few shades lighter than the rest of my body in the summer and so ill put this on.

Instead, because trying to prevent those wrinkles baby, so i put this on my face instead, so that it kind of matches the rest of my body. Someone is nice to like be tan every once in a while. You know you can also obviously mix it into your body lotion, its vegan friendly cruelty, free and organic when they have a few different shades. But honestly, i dont know why anybody gets anything but dark. If you get the lighter or medium shade, like you, just have to use more drops. So basically, if you get the dark, i feel like you get more for your dollar, because you just put less drops in it. You know like that. Math checks out so like when i do my face. I usually just do like one or two drops instead of doing like five medium ones, you know. Basically, i put my lotion in my hand. I do a couple drops of this or whatever, however many drops you want to do, then you rub your lotion contrast like normal. Obviously you want to make sure you dont make streaks or anything and definitely wash it off of your hands. This is a really great product and it never makes me break out or anything. Last i have a hair product that ive used forever. I try to keep my hair pretty healthy and not use heat on it. A lot – and this is kind of an expensive product, but i feel like its really worth it to help not damage your hair when you put heat on it, its the moroccan oil treatment, thats, what it looks like you just do like one or two squirts and Rub it in your hair, before you put heat on it and i feel like it saves my hair.

It also makes it really smooth, like i kind of have frizzy hair when i do stuff with it, especially if i blow dry my hair, so it definitely smooths it out and also smells really good like it smells like. You just got ta blot out a hair salon. I dont know why it smells so good, but its delicious if someone is really into protecting their hair or, if someones growing their hair out. This is an awesome gift for a present, even just for yourself, okay thats. It for this video, you guys, let me know in the comments below, if you try any of these products or get them for anybody. I hope everyone has a merry christmas and a good luck to everyone. Thats doing christmas shopping right now. I know that that can be stressful on the holidays are kind of a lot sometimes so good luck hit the subscribe button. If you want to see more of this content ill be making a kitchen favorites video and probably a closet, slash like jewelry accessories, favorites video as well.