As you can see from my friends over at biologic research, they did send me a very generous care package. So, im very excited to share with you all what they sent me theres, a few goodies in there that are my favorites and a bunch of new products that i havent tried yet so lets go ahead and get right into it. So im going to go ahead and start off with this gift box right here and open her up. First off they sent me a beulah geek, richer headband, which im so excited for because i love wearing a headband whenever im cleansing whenever im masking, even when im doing my makeup or skin care, its just great, because i have like a ton of these baby hair. So im really happy about this and i guess well start with this cute little pouch right here. It says beauloci on there and when you open her up, we have some cute little mini serums. These are the 8ml size serums and then we also have the 30 ml size. So this is the full size. This is the mini travel sized ones. So, oh, my god, this is so exciting. So, first off they sent me legrand serum, which ive had before i had the mini one, but i dont think i ever documented it or talked about it, because i kind of fell off of instagram and youtube. The time that i tried it, which was like literally before the pandemic, so thats crazy.

I dont even remember how my skin felt when i was using it, but all i know was i loved it and my skin looked great. So im really excited to have this back in my routine and i cant wait to share more about the serum with you guys and next up. They also sent me the iso placenta serum. This is the new formulation of serum placenta, so this one doesnt have any biological extracts this one. I believe this one is vegan, but um serum placenta is supposed to be great for, like scarring hyperpigmentation. That type of thing and for some reason, serum placenta, was just not something that worked well with my skin. It just wasnt well suited for my needs, so i never really um purchased a full size of it, but um the next one is complex. Arribal thats one of my favorite serums from biologique, because this one is great for acne. Its kind of like imagine like a salicylic acid serum. This is like their version of it, its great for acne prone skin its great for mask knee. I always always always repurchase. This one um and then the best for last, this one is serum, a glica. This is one not one. This is hands down my favorite serum from beulah chic and i actually have an igtv talking about what serum egg lyka is and what it does and go check it out. I will link it down below, but this is great for anti aging or age prevention, wrinkle, prevention, um.

It really just helps slow down the glycation process of your skin and thats, really great, especially if you eat a lot of sugar. Like me, so yeah go check out the igtv that i have on this serum ill link it down. But, oh my god that is so cute! I love this since were on the topic of serums im going to go ahead and talk about these two here they sent me a full sized um bottle of oligo protein marine, and this is actually one of my favorites. Also so i used to use serum complex aribial, along with oligoprotein marine, whenever i had like a breakout, because this is great for like brightening the skin and hyperpigmentation. Also, it helps lighten dark spots, and this one was the one that worked out for me since serum placenta didnt this one was the one that would brighten my skin help lighten hyperpigmentation and then this ones actually a new serum. So this is called serum liposome and i believe this one is great for like um puffiness under the eyes is anti puffiness serum for the eyes yeah, so its great for, like if youre puffy under here, i havent tried this. Yet i havent really heard much about this product yet so i cant wait to give it a try. I dont tend to have like any issues with my under eyes. For example, this one is also great for like darkness under the eyes it helps brighten it, but i dont have much issues with um dark under eyes.

I tend to have like poofy eyes, especially right here, so this might be great for me, so i cant wait to give it a try. Next up, we have loccitane, which is um an oxygen oxygenating. So next up, we have loccitane, which is like an oxygenating um mist, its basically like a facial mist, ive, never purchased low oxygen on because ive never really been. Someone whos super into facial mist, but im excited to give it a try. Next up we have another product that i havent tried. Yet this is the protection uv, so it has some spf in this its sun protection, but it is only spf 25. So i would probably still use something thats like a stronger spf but im excited to give this a try, because i remember toscas spa. She would have the theological like uv line, but it was always sold out or i dont know if they were reformulating the products or something, but i never got to try it. So i cant wait to give this a try too and see and see the texture of it. Next up we have biokiss, which is a lip balm um. I have not tried bio kiss, but ive always had it on my mind, but i was just like super into my lemare lip balm and like the little pod also, but ever since covet, i kind of have been avoiding any lip products where i have to dip. My finger in it, but i am so excited to give this a try.

Ive heard great things about this. Next up we have the tall skin um dietary supplements. I have not heard of this product yet so i cannot wait to learn more about it and see, if its great for me to take okay. So the last few products in this box are products that i love and ive had in my routine before and ive talked about them a bunch, so lets get right into it. First off we have serum de taunt and if you have been following my youtube, you probably have seen my review of this. I love this product. If you have not seen my review on it yet go check it out on my channel ill. Try to link it down below also, but if you want to know more about it, just watch that video. I think i did a great job talking all about this product. Next up, we have mask viselestine plus, which is a hydrating mask, and you guys this mask is amazing. I love this stuff. I would use it as like an overnight mask. Sometimes i would also use it as like a moisturizer for the whole day and its its really great theres, like three yeah theres, like three masks that i love thats like hydrating and great, and this is one of them, the other one would be the summer fridays Jet lag mask and, of course i also love the la prairie overnight sleeping mask this, and the la prairie are like kind of on the same level: theyre amazing, okay.

Last one inside the box is creme dermal, pure fiat, which is great for acne prone skin, especially if you have oily skin too, and this really helped me out during like a time when i was breaking out a lot and i had a lot of congestion on My face especially like in my jaw area, this is a great product. Ive talked about this product, a bunch on my instagram as well, so if youre interested definitely scroll through my page and try to find um the posts that i have about. Creme dermal pure fianc, but if you cant find it dont worry ill talk about it. Some more. I also got sent serum 3r and you guys i completely forgot what the three rs stand for. It stands for renewing regenerating and re restructuring, and i love this serum. I it didnt work out well for me in the beginning, when i first started it like when i tried it a while ago, because my esthetician told me to use it like three times a week, three nights a week and i never listen. Sometimes i dont do things in moderation, and i love to just pack things on and just be extra. So i used it like every night and it was too much for my skin and my skin freaked out. But as soon as i listened to what was recommended and how often i should use it, my skin loved it and my skin was amazing.

So i im pretty sure i also posted about this on my instagram somewhere, i mean ill try to find all the stuff that i posted regarding, like all these products here and ill try to link them down below that way. You can um see what i thought about them before, but of course, ill definitely try to do a follow up after this now lets go ahead and dig into whats inside this bulging pouch and okay. First off this is leg vipo2, its their milky oxygenating cleanser, and it is my favorite out of all the cleansers from beulah chic theres, also late, evie and late. U and ive tried both late evie. It was also great um, its like better for someone with extremely dry skin, but it did work out for me when um it was winter and the air was dry and my skin was dry and dehydrated, but on a normal day, late vipo2 is my absolute favorite And then next up, they also sent me emulsion core vipo2, which is an oxygenating and anti anti pollution emulsion for the body. I love a good emulsion, so ive never had a body emulsion. So i cant wait for that. They also sent me real fundamental, which is like uh, i believe, its a hair oil, its a body and hair oil regenerating and protecting botanical treatment. So ive never tried any of the body and hair care products from biologique, so im very excited to be able to give these a try.

Last but not the least. They sent me lotion p50 core, which is basically lotion p50, but for the body, ive also never got to try this, but i think this is really great. As like a chemical exfoliant for your body, i i dont think i use chemical exfoliant on my body. I use um kind of like a physical exfoliant. I use the necessary body. Um scrub, but ive never tried the lotion p50 for the body. I love the lotion p50 for the face. It did wonders on my skin when i was breaking out. So i cant wait to give this a try, also, and i believe, thats it. You guys im so happy and thank you so much to my friends over at buluchi for sending all these to me. It was incredibly generous and im very excited to try all these products that ive never tried before and im so happy that they actually look at my posts and they know like the products that i do like, because they sent over a bunch of products that ive Talked a whole lot about before on my instagram.