Finally, it has finally arrived. Yes, finally, it took so long well get into that quick backstory in a moment, but today, finally, im going to share with you the new hourglass ambient lighting palette of volume – 3. You guys, i am so excited for this, like so so excited and i think its because i tried these two. I kind of have high hopes and im looking forward to seeing how this works performs all of the things so lets get into it. So really really quick ill. Tell you the back story as to why im, finally, now just getting to be able to share this with you, so when the holiday collection launched, i ordered everything. Okay, i ordered everything when i got my package. I only had these two, which are the face palettes. Okay, i had only those i was like okay, but then i had seen on my tracking, because i have the app for ups tracking that it was two separate shipments. Okay, no big deal whatever it seemed to be coming around the same time i wasnt worried about it. I was like okay cool. When i get it ill, you know ill get to work. So a couple of days goes by after i receive these okay im like oh, whatever no big deal, and i said all right. Let me just go ahead and at least get these up and then ill come back and do another video when the ambient lighting palette 3 arrives days.

Go by a whole week goes by and im like wait a minute, somethings not right, and i noticed that the tracking there have been like no more updates it hasnt moved. I was like. Oh man, oh no, its only me this already happens to me. Why so long story short contacted hourglass? They were like it. Oh my gosh can, i just say: im, probably sure you guys already know it, but they they dont, get back to you very quick. It took them a week to get back to me whatever. Thankfully, i just felt in my gut: it was the right thing to do, because i really wanted the palette and of course i really wanted to share it with you guys. I went ahead and i ordered another one. I was like whatever well figure out what happens with the other one that i already ordered well work it out, but at least i want to get it so that i can at least get it, because i figured something was wrong, just something wasnt right. So, im glad that i did that when i ordered the other one, it too had some delays, but its. Finally, here and here we are and yeah hourglass finally got back to me a week later and they were like oh uh. It seems as if your product was lost in transit yeah, so at least they got back to me its a little slow. I mean i get it look right now.

This is the last thing to be complaining about im, not complaining to be clear. Im not complaining. Im just sharing with you what happened and why this video has been so delayed so that you know you know what was going on and stuff anyhoo lets get into it. So here is the packaging for the new ambient lighting palette. Again, this is volume three, and here is what she looks like its got, that little whoa its got snap closure, you open her up its got. A nice mirror details on the back. These are the three shades included in this palette. Weve got a shelf life of 12 months, and here are what they look like. I am so excited to try. The colors are so beautiful, so the details are as such. The newest edition of the radiance enhancing palette features three brand new shades of ambient lighting powders. Two finishing powders and one strobe highlighter to create a seamless finish. It uses photo luminescent technology, the powders filter surrounding light to blur imperfections and refine skins, appearance for a radiant, multi, dimensional glow. Each of the shades can be applied individually or layered for a customized, finish and theyre ideal for medium to deep skin tones lets see. Shall we hello there welcome to my face, so i figured we would do everything together so that we can see how everything comes together and such so im going to use my regular go to products. I already primed my skin with my sicily, double tensioner im going to go ahead now, with my westminsteilier, vital skin foundation.

Stick. This is very skin, loving skin, like beautiful foundation, i mean, if youre in the market – and you want to try a new foundation. This westman atelier shes pretty good im going with my chanel concealer Music, so im grabbing the by terry hillary hydra powder palette, im going to just set with that really quick Music. All right so base makeup its done and done. Lets lets do this so heres everybody swatched. We have ethereal light transcendent light and prismatic strobe light right here. All right here goes nothing now on the on the hourglass website. It showed this shade, which is it showed ethereal light. The model was using it to blur her skin im going to do it too im going to do it too. Im going to pick that shade up. This is a units brush lets. Try it right here: Music, im going along and kind of following along with the hourglass website, the model that they used and how she used the powders sort of kind of, and the model used this shade here, the transcendent light shade to define her face so im Going to use my usual brush that i would use to do that this is a wayne goss number 11. Music, oh Music, thats, really pretty isnt it im building up a little intensify. Let me zoom you in a little more Music ground melts into the skin very nicely Music. You guys ive been using a new eyebrow growth serum, so forgive all of the craziness, with the eyebrows lets focus.

She swatched like that and applies like that. Very very nicely. Brings back very nice warmth to the skin, its melded into my skin very very nicely yeah these hourglass baked powder products. I get it. I get the hype i get. It model used this shade, which is the ethereal light shade she kind of put it on her under eye and as a like, blurring im, not loving the color on me, and i dont think it would work well for an under eye setting blurring kind of cake. So, on this side of my face im gon na try that shade uh ethereal light as like a defining shade lets, try it lets see so im using that same brush picked up some product there. It goes Music, oh wow, okay. This feels like a lighter variation of the transcendent light. Obviously, but you know blended into the skin okay. So if youre, my skin tone or even lighter, you can definitely use these two shades to kind of define and bring back some warmth to your skin Music. Its lighter than the transcendent light the middle shade, so you know for your lighter makeup: face and yeah theres definite, theres, definitely a little bit more glow, transcendent light, blended in and then ethereal light blended into the skin going into the prismatic strobe light lets get some Highlighting going on here, this is a wayne goss airbrush im gon na tap that a little Music, what a pretty glow on the skin – yes, wow, wow, thats, beamingly beautiful lets even things out on this side.

Actually, you know what lets use a different brush to kind of turn down that intensity just a little bit. This is, i forgot the name of this brush, but this was a limited edition brush from wayne goss its super loose. I mean i love this brush for very s like this brush is great at applying products very lightly. Very natural, very soft and effortless. So lets go in with this brush and apply the highlight, see it picks up product, but just so softly yeah a lot softer more effortless and you can definitely build it up as well. Thats pretty thats pretty very ethereal. You know a lot less intense. So this side is, with the airbrush, a lot more intensity. The color is a little dark for me, but i feel if i use a different brush or less product and kind of play around with it. Like i did this itll work beautifully. You see im gon na take that brush. I have no product on it and kind of like diffuse this side, because this sides a little harsh on this side of the face. We have the transcendent light applied and the prismatic strobe light this shade here and then on this side we have the lighter shade, which is the ethereal light blended in, and then i use a different brush with the strobe light for the highlighting shade lets. Do a quick little look on the eyes with these, because why not absolutely beautiful, im gon na go into this shade im gon na blend this? We love multifunctional products.

Palette like this is perfect for that im gon na create a really soft, pretty look too. I can just ready these powders. You know i can see why everyone raves about the hourglass powders. They are very, very beautiful, baked powder formula. You know i can see why you guys rave about them. So much universe unlocked im going to go into the lighter of the two blushes and just finish up the look with a little blush. Do a couple coats of mascara and apply a little bit of gloss. This is the tom ford gloss, looks in the shade honey eye. Coral went over with a little bit of blush mascara and such, and this is how everything is looking all done, all together, wow. I can totally see why so many of you rave about these hourglass palettes um. They really just in the most beautiful ethereal way enhance you and their formulation that baked powder formula really is like no other, so the hype is real. The hype is real. Now really quickly, i do not have any other hourglass products. I dont have the others to compare or anything like that, but what i will do is i have these. These are the holiday ones that they just released ill quickly. You know swatch the like the bronzer um shade and the highlighting shade in here. Just if youre curious, you know for comparison sake, because i dont have any others im new im new, be nice to me.

So the universe unlocks im, gon na swatch, radiant bronze light and then ill swatch strobe, the strobe powder in solar, strobe, light ill swatch. These two just for comparison say lets see i dont know lets see and then ill do the same for universe. These two so heres, the ambient lighting palette volume, three universal, unlocked and then universe. Again here are the swatches everything applied on me. I did go in obviously with that other palette and added a little bit of blush just to bring everything together. We do have it on the eyes, it does make a really nice eye look, so this can definitely be an all around palette, so you can have less product if you need to take it with im, really happy that you guys wanted to see me try this Palette out and im happy with it these two shades here i was able to use to kind of define and bronze and warm up my face one side, a little bit lighter one side, a little bit more intense. This was the one that was a little more intense. This is the one thats more so intended to be that product, but i like that, for my skin tone from this palette, im able to use these two to warm up my face, and then this beautiful shade here for highlight this baked powder formulation from hourglass. It just looks so beautiful on the skin and you know i think it was worth the wait in getting this palette after all, um, i think its nice now that theres a darker variation, so that more of us can enjoy this beautiful, baked powder formulation from hourglass.

So yeah that was the ambient lighting volume 3 palette. Let me know what you guys think comment down below. I appreciate you so much for spending some of your time with me and again. Thank you for understanding. You know the whole situation with hourglass, but im really happy. You know, as i said, im really happy that i was able to to get it and try it and share it with you anyways guys. Thank you so much stay beautiful.