So are you ready to like change your look up or do something different check out these contacts? They are great quality, easy to put in and beautiful colors, so i am going to leave all the information down below and lets get started with this contact review so that you can see how these beautiful colors look on me here is dtl Music. I polar lights. This is the packaging that i received my contact lenses, and these are the items that i received. I have four different cases for each color contact lenses and i also have inside of each case, individual tools to help me to put my contact lenses on, as you guys can see. The case includes storage for your contacts, as well as items to help you to take your contacts out of your eyes. Music, dtli polar light series comes in four different pairs. The colors that i received today includes gray blue gray, yellow green and brown dont. Forget that my coupon code is going to help you to save some coins. Now, if you really enjoy these contact lenses, you can use my code destiny for 10 off, and this will help you to save some money on some colors that you like: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music do Music. So, overall, i really like these contact lenses, because theyre easy to put in the solution that comes with the contact is safe and um. I can also use that to fill up my uh cases and i like that, because in the past ive been using contacts for a very long time, maybe over five years and when i put it in my eyes, i did not have any irritations at all.

And my contacts just slip right in a tip that i would recommend, if youre new, to trying contact lenses is to make sure that you get as much of the water content off of the lenses and then stick it to your eyes. That way, it will be able to suction to your eyes and just um fold into your your um circumference of your eyes and youll be able to attach itself. When you have a lot of water on the contact, it tends to slip and slide, and then it will sometimes stick to your fingers. Instead of sticking to your eyes so thats one tip, i would recommend, and also i also another tip that i would suggest is when you do put it in your eyes, look to the side and then just plop it in your eyes and the reason why i Say that is because, when you put something towards your eyes, you would naturally like freak out and want to like not put it in your eyes. But if you just look to the side and then just plop it in your eyes, its gon na go in there and its gon na get on there and then youll see that its easier. That way, those are some tips that works for me and um. I will leave all the information down below. I definitely give this contacts a 5 out of 5 based on the comfortable wear of the contact lenses, the packaging and also the color payoff um, its very subtle, but not too bold in your face, especially the greens and the browns.

But you know for the bold colors its going to be a little bit shocking. But for me i like the wear. I, like the color payoff, and i love the comforter comfortable aspect that i can use with the packaging to be able to store this in my purse and be able to go somewhere with it and be able to have all the things that i need.