So what we have is a really good, acne type, cleanser thats, really going to help balance your skin, and what i like about it is that its going to it was designed to be like anti acne and anti aging. At the same time, this is our daily exfoliating cleanser, with tea tree really important, because youre going to be able to scrub your skin youre, going to be able to work on areas where you have a bit more blemishes. Its going to help clean your skin without stripping your skin, which brings me into the second part of her routine, where she talks about using a toner using this toner is very old. School toners were utilized the idea you know coming from cosmetic chemistry and a scientist. The idea of a toner was to use after your cleanser to really fix the ph of your skin to ensure that your skins, acid mantle, was back, so you want it needed to be a little bit more acidic. This was to balance the acid mantle. If you are cleaning your skin and your skin is stripped and too dry or too tight youve actually taken the ph uh youve changed the ph of your skin thats, not good thats, when a toner would come in, because you want to rebalance the ph shes using A toner, i really dont, know why. I guess her cleanser is a little harsh. You dont need a toner. A toner is not something that is essential in a skincare routine, necessarily, especially when you have a good cleanser, thats cleaning, your skin, balancing your ph keeping your skin acidic working on what you need, and it leaves your skin hydrated, so thats a step.

She then goes into utilizing her roller after her cleansing her skin. So when youre going to use a roller um j roller, i like using a stainless steel one, you could also use your hands shes right too much sushi too much salt. You can wake up puffy in the morning. These are really really good things to help decongest help to improve the microcirculation. You want to do it on wet skin or a little bit hydrated skin, or you want to do it in a part of your skincare routine. Where you have a few things on in your skin, so were going to go ahead and see what else shes going to do and im going to put this all together for you, her next step after the cleansing and her toner is to end her rolling. Okay is to use a moisturizer and um, and we talk about moisturizing and what she does talk about. Is she talks about having acne and then being afraid about going into a skincare routine, and that actually makes a lot of sense? Because you would think that when you have acne youre like okay, i really want to get into it and everything. But you know having struggled through acne myself and through a lot of issues with the skin, its almost like youre, afraid to use another product youre afraid to introduce something. Because friends tell you one thing: commercials tell you something else: an influencer can tell you something else.

The doctors got his own opinion, i mean theres all this noise, and yet, when you put and follow these instructions, you put them on your skin. Your skin does its own thing and usually its not a good thing right, so its either too much product too much activity, its just not suitable for yourself. So its really important to understand your skins personality, its really also important to understand, go slow. My skin was horrific growing up, it was horrific to be able to get my skin to be in this shape. It took a lot of trial and error, so i try to you know, share the knowledge that i have but im im hearing her im hearing her saying you know i dont want to go back. I want to be able to moisturize. So yes, even though, with oily skin or breakout skin, you need to moisturize moisturize properly. This is why we always formulate fragrance free we formulate in a way that is beneficial for the skin. Our forever youth is a really great moisturizer because it uses extremophiles. This is going to work on hydrating the skin or we want. We want to use something with ceramides. Everything is about building a nice layer on the skin, a healthy balance, a healthy microbiome, so dont be afraid. I know its hard but go slow, digest the information and you may not get it right the first time – and this is where what i hear her saying as well its trial and error, but the slower like the more conservative you are and adding things slowly into Your routine, not everything, has to be an active.

Not everything has to be at a high concentration. It does have to make sense, though so youve got to think about breaking down your skin care routine in a cleansing phase, a treating phase and then a protecting phase and then in those phases find out what really works and resonates. So lets continue on with the routine, so our moisturizer shes using a moisturizer thats a humectant, also something that works on the ceramides, which is really important too. So we actually have a ceramide syrup. You can use one or the other depending on your skin type. But again thats important to have ceramides in your skincare routine, really important, especially if youve got sensitive skin shes going to do that. She then moves on to a facial mist, her order of where she puts her facial mist is very interesting to me, because i would put the facial mist on right after cleansing. That would be my step. One would be to mist your skin first, not last, because again that will make the product everything absorb better, but the idea of misting the skin. This is where, when you mist your skin, it actually will give some micronutrients to your skin, its also going to work with a little bit of antioxidants and some moisturizers also on the ph of your skin, and then it allows your other skin to work a little Bit better and the mist being the last step makes no sense because it will its volatile, it will dry and it actually causes the skin to dry a little bit.

So the mist should be the first step after cleansing. She does finish off with her eye product. Shes, very young and shes using a very rich eye product im, not a big fan of heavy product around the eye im just trying to prime this one. The cream we do have around the eye area has gaba and chica. So its very, very gentle. You see how much im putting on do you see how little that is shes, putting on way too much. So if you want your eyes to be very, very puffy um or for it to creep, youve got to be careful around the eye area. Less is more and a lot of heavy product uh. Maybe when youre younger you dont see it as much, but when youre putting on a lot of heavy product like heavy oils around the eye area, puffiness milia i dont have puffiness, i dont have milia. I dont have dark circles why? Because when my early 20s, i never put eye cream on i used eye serums. I used our facelift eye serum uh. The chica is also something very important, so dont. I would caution against it highly and also one thing i noticed with her routine theres no sunscreen. This is her daytime routine. She needs sunscreen, beautiful girl, beautiful skin. You want to keep this skin. You want. You want your skin to look like that. 10 years. From now and 20 years from now wear sunscreen thats, all i got ta say and wear enough sunscreen and then put your makeup on anyway.

Hope youve enjoyed our review of madison beers daytime skincare routine.