There are products which are going to be for skin care, hair care and there are also going to be some makeup. So without further ado, we are quickly going to be diving in the video guys so guys. The first product which im gon na be talking here is this wow skin science, apple, cider, vinegar, shampoo. Now i have used apple cedar as a rinse. In my hair it works brilliant guys. It helps in making your hair smoother shinier and so much better. So i thought that im gon na get my hands on this. I have used it once the shampoo is working pretty fine for me, so i liked it so much if you want to get something which has natural ingredients and which is great for your hair. This is a good shampoo to go for next. Up guys is going to be this conditioner, so i got this in a pack, and this is hair, conditioner, organic virgin, coconut oil and avocado oil. Again with this, i have used this as a combo again helps in making your hair so much beautiful, shinier and because conditioner is very essential to use guys. You just need to use it on third fourth length of your hair. It helps in closing the cuticles because of which your hair becomes smoother. Also wow products do not have any harmful chemicals which might harm your hair, no parabens, nothing, so i always emphasize on buying the products which have natural ingredients, because it is going to be great for your hair.

It doesnt harm your hair at all. So yes, this is going to be a go to product for me, so guys the next product which im going to be talking here, is this lip color by loreal, and this is 116 i explore now. This is a very subtle shade. This is very beautiful. Nude shade, if you have complexion like mine, this is going to be great for you guys, even if youre on the fairest skin tone gon na look amazing on you. It is very subtle stays on your lips for a very, very long time. It has a very leaky formula, so it feels very lightweight and im about all the shades. I really want you to get this because it looks amazing on my face and i love it so much so. Yes, this is gon na be a go to lipstick. For me, so if you want to get a nude lip color, which doesnt dry out your lips and which is very lightweight because it feels like water on your lips, then this is a must have in your bunny, the next product guys, which i have gotten for Myself is this mama earth option face serum with turmeric and saffron, so i got this because the combination of optin and a serum made me very very curious to get this, so i have been using it from quite some time now and it definitely helps in hydrating. My skin it makes my skin luminous.

Yes, it is said that it helps in brightening up the complexion. I do not know about that, but for the hydration, yes, it does provide a great hydration. It smells very, very beautiful. I love mama products again because its an indian brand and also doesnt have any harmful chemicals its been a while since im using it. So i definitely recommend if youre looking for something to go for hydrating your skin. This is definitely a good product guys. Next up is gon na, be this mascara. This is maybelline lash sensational, mascara guys. Now this is a waterproof mascara and there is something about the formula of waterproof mascara which helps in making your lash very fuller, and it also helps in curling them up. Okay, so, instead of going for the normal mascara, i try to go for waterproof and also there is a cone, because it is very difficult to remove this. So this is something you must keep in your mind that it is a little difficult to remove these mascara. So once i use this, i thought that this is not going to work well, but if you apply two to three coats, it is going to be amazing, guys, okay, so this is a best rated mascara for a reason so guys the last product which im going To be talking about here is dont know if its a beauty product or not, but i got these silk pillowcases now it is said that silk pillowcases are great for your skin and for your hair as well.

So i replaced my cotton pillowcases with the silk pillowcases working great for me, im not able to see a huge difference. But yes, i do tell you for my hair: they are falling less when i was using cotton pillowcases. Whenever i used to wake up in the morning, there used to be strands of hair, sometimes okay, not always, but there used to be strands of hair. But on this this is not a problem at all. I love the color and i got this for 350 rupees. I believe – and this is completely worth it so yeah this was the entire haul. I really hope that you liked the video. If you did, please do not forget to smash the like button subscribe to my channel, and i am gon na be back with another video very very soon till then take care guys, bye, bye.