I want to talk to you about some products that are old, holy grail favorites, that i do not use anymore and when i say i dont use them anymore, i mean i never use im, not talking like i, i dont use them as much. These were favorites of mine that have been sitting in my makeup collection, just collecting dust over the last couple of years, and i just thought it might make an interesting video to go through this today and talk about why these old favorites are just not favorites anymore. So if you are interested in that, then please stick around hit the subscribe button and the notification bell and lets go through some of these og faves. Okay. So how this video kind of came about as ive been going through my makeup collection and just playing and looking and whatnot, and i was looking at some of the products and i was like whoa. I remember when that used to be like a holy grail. For me, but i literally have not touched it in years and its kind of like a bit sad, its kind of like makeup graveyard like products that i just used to love so much that now, im like oh ive, got much better options and the first one And the first one that really came to mind as well is the urban decay naked 3 eyeshadow palette? Now this one is absolutely still available, you can still buy it, but to me – and even when i look at it now, it is just one big wishy, washy bland blend of all of the exact same colors like i feel like looking at this palette like from Here down, they all look literally exactly the same, and i do remember even when using this palette, there was sort of only like a limited number of looks that i could kind of get out of this, because so many of the colors are so similar.

I just am not drawn to this color story: im not drawn to the pairings or the overall vibe of this palette. To me, it just looks like grays like and like everything like. I just feel like everything in this palette. You blend it together and it looks exactly the same on the lid and its funny because i loved this palette. I remember loving this palette. I remember like the first time i opened it and being like. Oh, you know, rose gold and you know pretty blush tones and just being obsessed with it, but now im just like no. It is a no for me, so isnt that interesting next up, another one and this one kind of does hurt my soul, because i do remember how good it was – and i do remember like getting really good results with this, and this was back in the days When it was kind of hard to find an eyeliner that didnt transfer and that didnt smudge thats always been a big issue for me, especially with my oily skin, i would end up with like panda eyes. After only like, i dont know 30 minutes of wearing an eyeliner, and then i discovered the inglot amc gel eyeliner and i was like yes hallelujah. My life has changed an eyeliner that actually stays in place, and i was using this every single day. I was doing it like wings with it. I was tight lining. I was using it in the waterline.

I was doing everything with this eyeliner, but you guys, i have not used this in the longest time and honestly, i am not going to bother repurchasing it. I mean this one is like janky as its totally expired. It needs to be thrown out now, but i wouldnt even repurchase it now i mean my favorite eyeliners. Now are honestly from the drugstore, like the maybelline master, precise, the rimmel cold pencils like they to me. Um i dont know theyre way better than this one. So i really like it its kind of sad, because i really was so obsessed with it, but now im like no and also just like gel eyeliner, like i feel like i went through a real phase of really loving this. I think that if i was doing freelance makeup artistry again, you know id be using this a lot, because these are really the most hygienic. You know kind of product to use on clients, but i mean im not doing it um i mean im doing makeup. Like friends and family and stuff, but im not really doing it professionally anymore, so theres no real need so yeah another product in the makeup graveyard. Okay! Next up – and this is a really big one, because i actually used to do swatch videos of these on my channel all the time and everybody loved them um. But i just find the formula so drying and uncomfortable and ugh, and i just couldnt imagine anything worse than putting this on my lips and that is the anastasia, beverly hills, liquid lipsticks, guys im not even kidding.

I collected every single color i feel like ive got like 40 plus of these in the drawer money that i spent that i just absolutely uh did not get longevity out of so these came out, and these were really the first ones that did come out. That really gained popularity when liquid lipsticks first started to become a thing and like to give them credit. The color range is glorious. There are so many beautiful nudes and pinks, and things like that, but i just honestly find the formula of these so drying so sort of like crusty on the lips, theyre really difficult to get off, and i do get like that. Awful sort of gunky line building up between my lips when i wear them um, i will never wear these again like these are absolutely a makeup graveyard product that you know i was just obsessed and if you go back and you watch my videos from like the First, maybe two years of my channel, maybe first year, two years um, i was using these in every single video like i was head over heels obsessed with them, but now this, like super, intense matte, lipstick kind of a finish. I despise it. I dont know i just feel like it just makes my lips look super like wrinkly and, like i havent drank enough water kind of a thing, its so funny how your preferences change but yeah rest in peace, because i will never wear these again.

Okay. Next up is this primer here you guys probably remember how obsessed with this i was. I was raving on about this in, like every single video i loved it. I loved the finish of it on my skin and i do still think you know. This is a good primer. It is the dr brandt pause, no more um, its a mattifying primer that also minimizes the appearance of pores, but i just feel like that, since this was kind of a thing – and since i was obsessed with this, like weve just had way better options come out. I was obsessed with this well before discovering the hourglass mineral veil. I was obsessed with this well before discovering a lot of the primers that i use and love now. I just think over the years the technology has become better and these like real poor, minimizing primers um back in the day. They were really really heavy in the silicon kind of texture and they did an amazing job like sure they will blow your pores. But then, once your makeups on over the top, they typically they can cause your makeup just to transfer off really easy like as soon as you bump your skin, because the silicon in these, like the high level of silicon, it stops your foundation really adhering to the Skin and its just really easy to remove it by just bumping it really softly and yeah. For that reason i just literally never reach for it, and i went through tubes and tubes and tubes of this, like i was obsessed with it but yeah i didnt.

I never use it and i cant see myself ever using it again. Oh my gosh, okay! This is a good one, because it wasnt just me that was obsessed with this like pretty much every single person on youtube at some point was raving on about this foundation, and it is the makeup forever hd foundation like do you guys. Remember like this had a real time in history didnt it like this was like a real like whoa, throwback moment um. When this first came out, it was a really popular foundation because it was one of the only foundations that really did give amazing coverage, and you know, covered up redness and darkness and like everything on the skin, but without adding texture or cakiness to the skin. So in its heyday, this was like the lightest weight, full coverage foundation that was sort of available, and that is why we all loved it like. We really wanted to get like a full coverage kind of a look, but without like that, cakey look on the skin and kind of before this foundation became really popular. All of the full coverage foundations were really thick. They were really kind of like gluggy and it felt like your skin, really couldnt breathe underneath them, and then this one came out and we were all like – oh my goodness makeup from hd like we all loved it. But honestly, i have not used this in years and in my opinion nowadays, in the current, like makeup scene, there are so many more better options that are super lightweight.

That will give your skin amazing coverage that look like your skin, but better that allow your skin to breathe like. I just think that there are so many more like better options in this now, so this is not a foundation that i will be recommending. I mean by all means its not a bad product. I just think that there are better options out there now and its just funny to go back and like look at some of these products that we were just like madly in love with um that just dont really cut it. I think like, as the years go like technology just gets better and better and better um. Then it leaves the old holy grails behind its sad all right next up, and this is an interesting one, because i still do really love these products, and i still really do think that theyre amazing, but for whatever reason i just never ever ever reach for them. So im talking about the hourglass blushes are they called the ambient lighting blushes and basically the idea of these is theres a finishing powder sort of mixed in with them and it blurs the skin and it minimizes the look of texture and things um. At the same time as adding the color of a blush, but i got a lot of blushes and, like i like, i said like this – is not a bad blush and like the actual product and the actual way that it looks and wears on the skin is Really really beautiful, but i dont know i.

I would much rather use the milani luminoso than use these, like, i feel like the milani, and i am wearing that on my skin now um i feel like it gives exactly the same results, if not better, but at literally like one fifth of the price. I do think that blush is another product that over the years has come a really long way like i feel like. We only had like sort of like a limited amount like a limited range to kind of choose from, and especially when you had textured skin, because a lot of the blushes back. Then if you go back like seven eight years, they were really quite glittery and quite chunky. They were quite powdery. They really emphasized the texture on the skin and thats. Why? I originally fell in love with these, so much because it was the first kind of product that you know i could use that. Didnt make my skin look textured. That didnt make my paws look even bigger um, but i dont know i i feel like i can get the same results at the drugstore now i feel like i dont need to invest so much money in my blush um to get a really really good finish On the skin and yeah, i just i stopped using these. This is another one that i feel kind of sad about like because yeah its not like, i dont love the product. I just never use them because i think there are theres too many options.

Kind of to choose from now, and then last but not least, and you guys i could do so many of these videos. So if you do enjoy this today and if you want to see more um like like im staring at my drawers over here like if you want to see more, i could do so many versions, because there are so many products in those drawers that you know. I just used to be head over heels in love with that i just never used now. So please, let me know in the comments if you enjoy this video, let me know – and i will absolutely do more in the future if you find them helpful. Obviously, if you dont find them helpful, we wont do them anymore, but i dont know for me. I was like this is interesting. This is interesting um, but last but not least, for todays one is the iconic london liquid illuminator. Do you guys remember when these launched? I feel like these were the first like real, liquid, illuminators sort of on the scene and then once like once these happened literally every brand came out with one, and we are talking like blinding next level, insane illumination theyre like a full, intense pigmentation um. They nearly look like eyeshadows like when i, when i look at these now. I think oh thats, that looks like an eyeshadow to me, but when they originally came out, we were so obsessed with, like insanely blinding highlights um.

This is the look that we were going for on the skin and, i think, just you know, trends have changed over the years. The way that we do our makeup over the years have changed im. Certainly, the pandemic, i feel like has changed makeup styles, a lot and, as a result were not after ridiculously like. Oh, my god in your face, highlight um like we used to be, and i think because of that i am no longer reaching for this now. Ive got to say, like it is a really nice formula, its a really lightweight formula, but now i dont know i just think its its too intense and its kind of too much effort to have to blend this down into like a barely there kind of a Finish on the skin for me to bother ever reaching for it when i think about liquid illuminators, now uh mac, strobe cream and its funny, because that was like an og og og holy grail that we stopped using when these super super intense ones came out. But now that were back into more natural sort of looking highlight on the skin, like the mac strobe cream to me seems way more appealing than this, its just funny how things change over time like i find it really really interesting, but there you go guys just A little collection of products that i used to be just absolutely obsessed with and they were my holy grails and i was using them every single day.

But honestly, i have not reached for these particular products in years, and you know for me: theyre going to go in the bin like theyre expired because they are so old, but even then like im, not gon na bother repurchasing, because i just cant see myself ever Reaching for them so id love to know, have you got a product that you can think of that sort of comes to mind that you used to be really really obsessed with that youre just like ugh, i dont use that anymore um id love to know from You, and also like i said if you found this video helpful if you found it interesting, let me know in the comments as well and i can film more of them in future. Its a bit sad like i feel like a little bit of like oh its, like when youve lived in a house for years, and then you move to another house theres like this attachment to it and i kind of feel an attachment to these products. Because i was obsessed with them for so long, but if im real with myself, i will never use them again so yeah, but give the video a thumbs up. If you did enjoy it, i will chat with you guys all down below.