I dont know what it is about the season its my favorite for makeup, because i feel like you could wear vampy lip colors and lots of really rich kind of luxurious, filling eyeshadows. So with that, i have a list of my favorite products. Some of these are staple items. Some of them are new things that i found recently that i wanted to share with you guys so. Im gon na jump right in were gon na start with the lip products first, so i can apply it for you guys, but this is a classic, but a goodie. It is the mac lip liner in vino. It is such a gorgeous just rich berry, plum color that i use on a regular basis in fall because it goes with so many different lipsticks im just going to stop blabbing and apply it its pretty. I know it looks crazy with just lip liner on, but do you see how its just a true rich berry color? It goes with every sort of lipstick and it just lines the lip really well and i always love macs formula for their lip liner. So thats a favorite its 19 for this one and you can get it on macs site or i think ulta has it too next lip product i have is a new one from me. I think they just launched this its by nars its their after glow lip balm. It looks like this isnt the packaging, pretty its like this deep berry, metallic color, its so pretty.

I love nars lips. I always have, but this formula in particular its a light tint. It kind of reminds me of the clingy black cherry one that everyones raving about on tick tock. I like this one actually a little bit better dont hate me. You guys dont hate me, so let me just apply it, so you all can see, but it just gives a nice very hint to the lips. So, if youre, if youre afraid of wearing a strong lip color, i would say definitely start with something like this, because it gives you the feeling of a deep, very lip, but its not overpowering or strong, because its just a light. Pigmentation, like isnt, that pretty and its so comfortable its, not sticky its, not drying, it has just a slight sheen to it. So it gives you a nice full. Looking lip it is my favorite favorite favorite lip product right now. I am obsessed with them, love it. So much it is a little bit pricey for a lip its 28. For me, i feel like its worth it because im gon na wear this a lot and get my moneys worth out of it and its just beautiful packaging. It feels very luxurious. Next one is a new one for me too. I dont know how long these have been out. I think its pretty recently, but ysl has these slim matte lipsticks. Now for a while, i was like oh matte lipsticks.

I feel like thats, so old trend. What is going on with my my little shaw here just will not stay up. I feel like im stripping for you guys, but this color i had to have, because i was looking for a deep red im, not gon na put it on, because i love my lip balm that i have on right now. But let me show you a swatch of it. This is color number 18., but look how richly pigmented it is its a very comfortable matte. So if you dont like liquid lipsticks, but you still want a matte finish – i like this one, a lot. You know there is a little bit of transfer there, so its not like a liquid lip, but it does have lasting power. For me, it lasted six hours which, for a matte, lip is a really long time. So i do love the formula that is a pricey sucker, though that is ‘. thats a pricey lip, but i buy more of these not sure, but i did like this shade in specific okay, another lip balm that i found. I will actually wear this one for you guys ill just wipe this off. My towel is clean. I promise so all may has these lip balms, and i found this on accident. I was at the drugstore and i just needed something in a hurry that would hydrate my lips, and i was like oh that looks like a pretty color.

I actually dont buy a lot of all my products, but this has become my favorite one. I dont know if you guys can tell how jacked up it is on here, but ive worn it. So much like i swear its probably gon na run out soon. Ive worn it every day because its just so comfortable and hydrating, it just makes my lips feel nice, its almost like a lip treatment. Um the color that i have is number 70., its just a gorgeous nudie brown color. It feels like a very 90s noon. Let me stop labbing and just apply it its just a great everyday color, so you can wear this all year round, not just in fall. It has a slight vanilla flavor to it its not overpowering or anything like uh like that. But the formula is really nice. Its just really comfortable – and i love that color its like a hybrid between the lipstick and the lip balm its just. I love this so much. Oh and the best part of that its twelve dollars. You can get any drugstore ive seen actually on sale cheaper than that, so go get you some of those and then the last lip product. Let me wipe this off again is a staple its an oldie, but a goodie. It is the nyx butter glosses. This color is my favorite, the gingersnap one. It looks kind of brown in the tube, for whatever reason i think people dont buy it because theyre like oh, that looks like a dark brown, its really not its really pretty.

Let me just show you the color. These are five bucks too. I think i got it at target its just a deep, deep, nude color its so pretty. I love this a lot. You guys notice when i put lips on, i always close one eye. I have no idea what thats about. I look like a pirate whenever i put lips on midi. What is that anyways isnt that a gorgeous color, its so comfortable, its hydrating, its, not tacky its, not sticky and its five bucks? You cannot beat that so love love love that color. Then i discovered this new blush duo by cover fx. It has a beautiful fall color. I put this in my fall favorites because i did like this color for fall. I feel like its really beautiful its the warm honey one. Let me swatch it for you all. So you can see isnt that gorgeous. So one side is shimmery, one is matte, they have buildable pigmentation, so it looks very natural on the skin. Let me apply it, so you guys can see so i like using the um angled stippling brush. You guys know its. My favorite brush of all time so ive been applying it kind of back up in here. It just gives me this really warm rosy flesh color to the cheeks that just it feels like fall to me. I cant explain why i just love this color and i like the formula a lot too, like isnt that gorgeous and then i top it with a little bit of the shimmery side.

Um. Let me take a different brush, so i take it something like this and i just kind of dust it up here. So pretty it just gives like a nice flesh glow to the skin, love that oh and this is 38 and you can get it at ulta and they have a few different colors. But my favorite was definitely this one. The warm honey now lets get to the eyeshadow palettes, because that tends to be our favorite. So makeup geek has a fall scenes palette that just came out. It has a few new foils in there that we just brought back um. It has magic act, untamed and curtain call, and then the mattes in here had me at yellow honey, badger, brick house deja, brew, berry shady and give me the dirt theyre, all just really richly saturated gorgeous fall shades like this is probably my favorite palette that weve Put together in a really long time, just because its very wearable for everyday look, but you could also vamp it up for just a very glamorous look. It just has really rich fall shades, which i absolutely love. If you guys want to see a video on that, i did seven looks using this palette. So if you want inspiration of how to use it multiple times over ill link to that too, for you guys um, but its 38 dollars, it has nine full size shades. Those are all made in the us theyre all ethically made cruelty free, reusable, so its eco friendly love.

This ive truly on my own im, not just saying this because its our product but ive been wearing this on the daily. Since we put this together – and i love this so much im – definitely going to keep this as is and wear it all year round, because its become my new favorite, so ive the other palette. I wanted to show you i this got so much hype and everyone was talking about it. I was like well geez. Let me go try this. I was actually really glad that i did because its really really pretty so i got the new natasha denona retro palette and what i noticed you guys i dont know if they did this on other palettes, but they have holes on the back. I dont have a lot of natasha palettes, but i thought that was kind of cool because im like can you pop these out? Let me try it these suckers pop out hold on okay. I think i lied you guys. I dont know why theres holes in the back of it but anyways it is a gorgeous palette. I love the rich berry tones in there ill put up the swatches here for you guys, you could see what they look like on the skin, but i love the metallics in here. I think theyre, just really pretty they remind me of our foils that we have, and the mats too are just really pretty theyre, really saturated they glide on smoothly.

I like that its made in europe. Europe has some amazing labs and manufacturers there. So i know that its made it a really great place, which i love. I just think its a good balance between, like some rich pigmented shades, but also some wearable, like i feel like this is so versatile. You could vamp it up to be very glamorous very fun, but you could also wear it for every day, so i think she did a great job. This is probably the one palette from this brand that ive been really excited about. I think they did a good job and i love the sleek kind of metal casing here. I think its just a great well rounded palette, so love that oh and the price of that is 65 and i got it at sephora. Okay, the next one is a blush. I forgot to talk about this one. It was the one i was wearing earlier today. You guys, so you guys know that my favorite makeup, geek blush is bliss. I wear it all the time, its like a peachy color. Actually, let me show you, this is the one you can tell its beat to hell, so this is the one i usually wear, but ive been loving, blushes lately and ive been liking deeper tones. So this one here is covet normally its meant for, like medium to caramel skin. I obviously have more fair skin, but i feel like when i put this on with a light hand, it looks so beautiful its just a really rich rosy color, like that.

Do you see how pretty that is and its just really smooth? I do like our formula a lot so thats the color its like a deep apricot, so it would work definitely on a variety of skin tones. If you have fair skin, apply it with a light hand which ill show you um and then, if you have caramel skin, apply it as normal and then deep skin. I put on the tops of the cheekbones just to add some richness and warmth to the cheeks. Its so pretty so i usually take it with a brush like this something really fluffy. I tap it on the back of my hand, once just so theres, not a lot of pigmentation, just because my skin is fair and then lets do this side. I just apply it here. Actually, it kind of reminds me of the one compared to cover effects hold on. Let me swatch them side by side, so you guys can see. Okay, so theres a difference. This is covet from makeup geek. This is the cover fx one, its a little bit more rosy and a little bit deeper, but its just so pretty im really into these kind of mauvy deep rosy tones right now. I just feel like its so flattering, especially for this time of year, so love that so much if you want just the pan, like i showed you that ones nine dollars, if you want it in a compact, its 14.

, so ill link to that below. For you guys, too, but that is probably my favorite blush ive been wearing a lot lately and then for skin. I just got this lancome concealer. That is amazing, and i will say i have not bought a concealer in a long time, because ive been so traumatized of all the concealers that came out lately that were super thick and cakey and heavy like dont. Even get me started on that shape tape that everyone was talking about. I got it. I was like. Oh no, like i emphasized all my lines, it was thick, it was heavy. I just hated it, so i kind of got traumatized so for the last couple years. I was not buying any concealers, and then i saw this one i was like. Let me try it. It is beautiful, so the color that im using right now is number eis, its the warm and ill link it below, but its this color here. So what i like about this one is: it: has this kind of big doe foot one so its really easy to apply. So let me apply a little bit. I know i have my foundation and stuff on, but i i want to kind of highlight under here. So its really pigmented, but its not thick it glides really well and it doesnt look heavy on my skin at all. So what ive been doing is just taking a damp sponge and kind of blending it out.

Why is that looking so bright on camera? Okay, there we go. I know its a little bit bright. I probably should go one shade darker, but the formula is so beautiful, like look how its sitting on my skin and you all ive been filming all day. Ive had powder and foundation and more powder theres, a lot of layers going on right now, and this still glides on top it doesnt get cakey it doesnt pull up it doesnt get too thick. It just looks like beautiful skin. This is definitely my favorite concealer ive tried in a really really long. Like years. You guys it comes in 20 different colors um, the price of it is 29, so it is a little pricey, but i do feel like a little goes, a long way. Ive used it many times since i bought it, you cant even tell that its used at all and im telling you the formula is beautiful, especially for me im over 40, like its amazing, so that is pretty much it for all of my fall favorites for this Year, i love all this so much and i feel, like i dont know right now, im like really loving, applying makeup like the last couple years. It was kind of like i just didnt – i dont know i wasnt excited to put makeup on now, but now that its fall and were going outside a little bit more now, im like im really excited to wear makeup, but i love all these products.