The beauty bloggers who hang out or travel with me are all like that Everyone has it but never uses it Here. Can you see the flower shape? Basically, it can definitely create a flower shape. Hi guys welcome to my YouTube channel For anyone who doesnt know me. My name is Vu: Duy Im the founder of a platform that can analyze chemical components in cosmetics called If you are learning about components in cosmetics, you can pay my website a visit. Moreover, I have a Cosmetic Consumer Community group that has more than 450000 members In this group. I and my team provide very in depth content on cosmetics For anyone who is looking for a product that is the most suitable for your skin Period Today, Im wearing a very …, I dont know how to say this, but, like I just love this blouse. So much Basically it looks classy and very … flowy and gentle. You know and the reason for this extra vibe is that …, Oh yeah, I dont need a reason to be extra. I want to look pretty and extra, so I will be extra. Am I right? A lot of you guys ask if my lips were bitten by someone, because they look like this Honestly, no one bit my lips during this outbreak. You know that. Last week I told you in the previous video that I was sick. It took a long time for the wound on my lips to heal, So I could feel comfortable and shoot a video Today.

I will make content about 5 mistakes when starting to use a facial, cleanser. Of course, in this video I wont talk about mistakes like washing or scrubbing your face too hard whatsoever. Gosh. Those mistakes are too old, Theyre outdated. You know what Im saying The following things will help you change your mind when choosing a more reasonable facial cleanser as well as you can follow up the manufacturing trends on the market From there. You will know which cleanser to buy as well as you can save more money to get married, or you can wait for a billionaire to marry. You thats fine as well In general. They will have you guys, save more money during this outbreak. The 1st mistake when choosing or using a facial cleanser is that you buy it from a supermarket. Actually, I know that most of you are very displeased with the facial cleansers sold in supermarkets in general Because they are … According to you, guys, facial cleansers sold in supermarkets arent good for the skin, Because there are very famous brands from back then, like Ponds, Nivea Acnes Thai, Duong etc. But you guys actually in the supermarket. There are many great facial cleansers now like Hado Labo. There are many other brands. Its not that facial cleansers sold in supermarkets are always harmful to the skin, But I agree that most facial cleansers sold in supermarkets often contain a high level of surfactants Actually its not that they will over cleanse your skin Its because those Cleansers target normal skin that only needs proper cleansing.

Actually those products cleanse very well, Especially those who have been doing skincare for a long time like me, and your skin is healthy. Already.. Those products will cleanse your skin very well. You wont feel uncomfortable after washing, So how can you choose a suitable one? I also want you to be able to categorize some typesforms of cleanser that you can find on the market. Firstly, the foaming cleanser., For example, this Dove cleanser. I quite like this one as it can create flower shaped foam. Can you see the flower shape? Basically, it can definitely create a flower shape. This cleanser is called a foaming cleanser To me. This type of cleanser is suitable for most skin type, Even for skincare beginner. After using this type of cleanser, your skin is a bit moist and wont feel dry completely. However, for skin that is undergoing some treatments or the ones that need stronger facial cleansers To me, a foaming cleanser, like this wont, cleanse as well as the one that creates foam slightly, For example, Paulas Choice or The Inkeylist. This Hyram cleanser is very popular abroad. I see that these cleansers dont create too much foam or some other types like this one by Round Lab In general, I think you should try at least one of these types to understand. I think these will be suitable for skin. That needs deep cleansing Using these, while having acne or being sensitive, is still fine. Compare to foaming cleansers like Dove These products work more effectively on the skin.

Basically, they cleanse better For a deeper and more active cleansing for acne prone skin. There are facial cleansers that have BHA like Zapzyt or …. I forgot about this one.. It has BHA and something I think, PHA or LHA or something. Its By Wishtrend cleanser. Facial cleansers that have acids are very suitable for acne prone skin. Moreover, there are some facial cleansers that Benzoyl Peroxide, which are also very suitable for acne prone skin as well, And if you buy moisturizing or whiteningbrightening facial cleansers, Rest assured.. In fact, you dont have to think too much about these products because they wont bring any moisturizing or brightening result on the skin. I firmly believe so.. The most important task of a cleanser is to cleanse only Regarding factors like moisturizing or deep moisturizing, like serums or essences whatsoever. I believe that its just marketing It is very difficult for them to actually work on the skin. Even when I work with the brands, they always ask me to talk about moisturizing effects. I still feel that if I say those things its because Im advertising them, If I honestly share about the formula of the product, I actually find that the moisturizing ingredients dont work in the cleanser. It only lightly moisturizes the skins surface, when washing your face, After washing it off with water, there is almost nothing left on the skin. Moreover, there are some facial cleansers that have scrubs, and people often think that those cleansers are not good, But that depends on the scrubs If the scrubs are microplastics or can exfoliate dead skin cells and can possibly cause scratches on the skin.

Its true that most of those cleansers can cause scratches, But for cleansers like by Image., This product has active, charcoal, scrubs or whatever. Basically, the scrubs can stretch while washing Theyre the green scrubs here.. These scrubs wont cause scratches Because, when applying on the skin, they will breakdown and dissolve into water. In general, the technology has been updated and changed a lot So its not that cleansers with scrubs are always bad for the skin, get it So yeah. That is the overall look of the market, And I see that facial cleansers that are the most popular for acne pronesensitive skin, that you guys should consider Its this type of cleanser., The one in a gel form, that creates foam mildly. I think most people who use this type for the first time will also like it. The 2nd mistake which I dont know if its a mistake or not, But a lot of you guys ask me that if you could wash your face 3 8 times a day, The answer depends on the tolerance of your skin. For example, I admit that there are days when I wash my face 4 5 times a day because, like I had filming sessions with brands, so I have to wear makeup and remove the makeup so many times. I find that my skin on those days is actually very tight and uncomfortable, So I still think 2 3 times a day is still the best. In fact, my advice is 2 times a day is the best You wash your face in the morning.

First right, Then, you do your things until the evening and when you get home you wash your face again. If you reapply sunscreen, I think using a makeup. Remover is fine. You dont have to use a facial cleanser Because it depends as well. You should see if your cleanser has a content of surfactants. The cleansing ingredients in it are at what concentration, For example, if its like Cetaphil or Cerave cleanser, I think you can use them 2, 3 times a day or even 4 times, or this Paulas Choice and The Inkeylist cleanser. I see that using them 4 times a day is still ok, Because really they dont make your skin feel tight, But in general it depends on the type of cleanser, and I find washing your face. Many times is, of course, not good at all, Because when you wash your face, your skin will lose moisture. The loss of moisture will take place from 10 30 minutes depending on different skin. After that, the moisture will be rebalanced, But if you do this too much during the day, It can lead to an imbalance in the ecosystem of bacteria or things that are necessary to protect your skin. So I think, washing your face 2 times a day is the best. Some friends told me that, after washing their faces in the morning, they went to school until afternoon or evening Try to avoid the sun alright. So when you get home in the evening after washing your face From there until night .

.., actually you can just wash your face with water before going to bed. But if, from the evening until night, you hang out and have fun Its definitely that you should wash your face again since you went out and stuff You dont need to do that. If you stay at home, The 3rd mistake is that you often think that you must hydrate your skin after using a facial cleanser, You must use a toner after using a facial. Cleanser Basically use anything to moisturize your skin after using a facial cleanser, Because your skin will lose moisture after washing and whether this is harmful to the skin. Actually, I see that its very difficult to get an exact answer Because for oily skin I find it quite good that the skin restores the lost oil after losing moisture. It will make your skin depends less on cosmetics, FYI. Some doctors share that if you keep using toner or moisturizing your skin after washing your face, your skin will lose its natural moisturizing ability. I agree that its controversial Meaning some agree with that POV and some not Personally, I think it depends on your habits. For example, I see that always using a toner after washing your face is uneccessary. I still let my skin balances moisture, naturally, Usually after washing my face, I do skincare at least half an hour to an hour later. I rarely do skincare right after washing my face. Basically, thats just my habit.

For example, in the morning I wake up and wash my face After that I have breakfast shower exercise and then do skincare At night I shower after washing my face, Then I brush my teeth and wash my hair and stuff. After that. I blow dry my hair nourish my hair and stuff. Then I do skincare, Meaning I always have a break in my skincare routine, and there are even days when I dont do skincare at all. After washing my face, I want my skin to produce oil. Naturally, Of course, I only do that 1 2 times a month, not doing it 6 times a week. You cant be beautiful by doing skincare just 1 time, Nope thats not gon na happen, So I feel that its not always necessary to provide moisture or use a mineral pray whatsoever. Sometimes you just need to let your skin balance the moisture. Naturally. Actually, some people think that that notion, isnt good as your skin can flake or peel off, But I think that you should just let your skin be. Firstly, you will know the current state of your skin So that you can plan your skincare routine better. Secondly, I see that for sensitive skin or one that is having many problems Apply too much. Cosmetics is also not good at all. You should only wash your face, wait for it to dry and use topical drug Its for the best. The 4th mistake is that you think you must have a facial cleansing machine.

This is my advice As a person who has used and was given a facial cleansing machine, I have 7 8 facial cleansing machines at home, Except for the ones that was given by brands. Shops store owners and my friends who give it to me on special occasions Sometime guys, who, like me, also give me a facial cleansing machine, But honestly I dont use them much and as a person who has a lot of facial cleansing machines, I dont know if I will even use them up to 3 times a month, Like I sometimes share with you guys that I only use a facial cleansing machine when I wear makeup, But in reality sometimes, I completely forgot that I have a facial cleansing machine and I also have a Facial cleansing brush, But I dont always remember to use it. I only use it when Im shooting a video and want to look cool like I have something for you guys to see Other than that in my normal life. As a normal person, Like I mean like a normal billionaire wife, Then honestly, I never use a facial cleansing machine and I see that my skin is still healthy Because, honestly, in reality, in terms of treating and doing skincare In terms of treatment, Ive never seen a Single study that uses a facial cleansing machine when treating the skin, Meaning the treatment of acne aging and melasma, etc. They have almost nothing to do with a facial cleansing machine.

I agree that a facial cleansing machine is a convenient tool that help to deep cleanse our skin more effectively, But actually, in those studies, people only wash their faces with their hands. Then they apply products drugs as usual, and their skin is still cured, But actually its very difficult to say, with useful tools such as makeup, remover, cotton pads or convenient mascara, remover, cotton pads. I still think that those tools are neccessary. The same goes for a facial cleansing machine. If I remember it, I will use it and vice versa. If you are a skincare beginner and you dont have much money, you dont need to buy a facial cleansing machine that is 3 6 million VND Im dead. Sure that one of my subscribers have Foreo facial cleansing machines in all lines and you rarely use them Yet you still like buying them because they look nice and cool with all the technology and stuff. But you wont use them. Im dead, sure about that, Because the same goes for me as well.. The friends around me are also like that The beauty bloggers who hang out or travel with me are all like that Everyone has it but never uses it. The problem is that its a useful tool, if you remember it, you use it like a hair tie or a headband. If you remember it, you use it., If not you dont. Thats it. So if youre, a skincare beginner Its a mistake to think that your skin is only clean if you use a high quality facial cleansing machine, The last mistake when using a facial cleanser, I think there are some people here who have this thinking Its.

You must use a makeup remover before using a facial cleanser, But in reality its not that guys. Only when you wear makeup – and there is a tinted layer on your skin, then you can use makeup remover to clean the pigment and the color, Because basically gel cleansing or foaming ingredients in cleansers in general, Its very hard for them to remove the colors. So they will use micellar water Because it has some water form surfactants, so they can remove the color prior. There is only powder and stuff on our skin. Using a facial cleanser next will cleanse your skin more effectively. Actually strong facial cleansers can still remove the color like Nivea.. It can remove your makeup completely, but if it cleanses like that, its too harsh and painful on the skin, So I see that people often use a makeup remover before using a facial cleanser. If they wear makeup And if you do skincare and wear sunscreen normally I see that using cleansers like …, For example, I see that if I only use sunscreen Paulas Choice, cleanser can still cleanse my skin quite well Its still clean. If you wash your face a bit thoroughly Its not that your skin is only pretty if you use a makeup remover before using a facial, cleanser Thats a no a mistake. Alright, Overall, I have a lot of different makeup removers, but I dont use them too often. If I dont wear makeup or have any color on my skin or like have mascara eyeshadows, eyebrows, etc.

Besides that I dont use a makeup remover at all, I will use a facial cleanser instead Thats my POV. I know that some people wont agree with this. You think that, even though you dont wear makeup, but you wear sunscreen, you should still use a makeup remover.. I dont think its wrong actually, But in reality my experience and my life Sometimes Im too busy and I dont need to use a makeup remover after using sunscreen a whole day. I jump straight to the facial cleanser and I see that my skin is still healthy and nice. When I have a skin scan. My skin is still fine, So doing skincare depends on personal habits. Ok, so I hope that through these 5 mistakes, you guys will understand better when choosing a facial cleanser Its not always like this or that, but it will depend on your habits, So you should learn. Consider and from there you choose the right products. I will put the buying links of the products I mention today below OK, so this is the end of my video guys If you guys find this video interesting. Dont forget to like and subscribe to my YouTube channel Dont forget to follow me on Facebook. Instagram TikTok. Only Fan Twitter, All social media platforms that I have. I will see you guys in my next videos.