I think its part four, i cant remember youll, see it on the title of uh, some pan. In my collection, as you guys know, i have been sharing with you guys. Some pan that i have been sharing or have been hitting, i should say throughout my project pans, are just naturally using up my makeup. I have been quietly trying to hit 101 pans theres. This challenge going around for 101 pans and i think its been over a year at this point i still have yet to hit it but im quietly, seeing how many pans ill hit ill. Let you guys know at the end where i stand with the pans that i will share with you guys today, so thats. Why youre here to see some pants, some juicy, some nice shiny, some good, looking pans from some of my products, so i know thats what youre waiting for so lets just get right into it. But first, if youre new to my channel, my name is alejandra. Have a nice shadow enthusiast with a dash of japan? If that is something that interests you subscribe and now lets get on with some nice shiny pans, all right, you guys im going to share with you guys some pans. Some of these. I have hit pan a while back and just never shared in the series. Not everything in here is necessarily eye shadow, which makes me happy because i like to show you guys a diverse amount of products that i hit pan on that isnt just eyeshadows from pan.

Those eyeshadows so lets get right into it. All right lets start off with my newest pan, which came out of these singles in here i depotted quite a few singles out here. I have too faced estee lauder maybelline makeup forever, so i have it in here – and this is a pan already shared with you guys before, but this is my newest pan. This is from the too faced tickled peach palettes, the little one, the mini ones. This was gifted to me by drea, and this is the shade peach spice um. If you follow my shop, my stash series or any yeah, i think the only the shop my stash series is where i shared it. I made a nine pan yeah, a nine pan, z palette per season, and i shared with you guys my summer one and i was really close of hitting paint on this one, and i love that i just like to pull singles to just help me out here And there, when im bored on sundays, when i completely disconnect from any social media i like to play around with that palette, and i was able to hit pan so now. This z palette has one and two pans which makes me happy. Some of these are close to hitting pan, but i havent gotten there yet, but little by little ill be putting things in. So this is the first one up. Next is one that i hit a while back and never shared with you guys.

This is the laura mercier. I cant remember what palette this is, but this was like her very first palette. She came out with and i hit pan on vanilla nuts. I dont know if you guys can see that there oh there she is pretty old, shiny thing. Shes gold – this – this was a rather easy one to hit pan on, which gives me hope, with the rest of these hopefully ill, be able to re roll this into a project and be able to hit pan on another one. So this is the second one i want to share with you guys up. Next is a recent one. This is my a flower, beauty, jungle, lights palette. This was something that i hit hannah rather easy, which is right there. I dont know if you guys can see that this is the shade amazon, which gives me hope that i can hit pan on the rest of these, hitting pan is really easy for a lot of things. Finishing up products is a whole different bowl game. So, who knows how long itll take me to finish these off, but at least i know i can hit pan by using these up, naturally as well. So next one up that has pan up next is a huge palette. You guys i forgot to share with you guys i hit pan on my very few first months of pan those eyeshadows. This is the lucid dreams, eyeshadow palette.

This is an indie brand that i dont hear many people talk about. I dont even know if theyre in business still uh, they are black owned and there you can see the pan. Look. How huge this thing is. This is ridiculously huge. These are as big as jd glow singles or give me glow singles so or palettes just that. This is rather big, so i did hit pan on that shade right there and it wasnt too bad. I i have. I have faith that i can hit pan on a lot more of these. I just have to remember to pull these out because they are rather big and they are heavy. They are a heavy palette but yeah hip hand on this one, a bronzer i hit pan on this year. You guys this is the urban decay beached bronzer in bronze. This is a very, very nice paint and look at that one. Its kind of like a half dollar sort of this was a great pan im so happy that i was able to hit pan on this because a lot of the products that im going to share with you guys now or even the pans that i have shared With you guys in the past, some of them are completely used up and no longer have pan in them. Theyre just finished up. This is one of those products. I have a feeling will be finished up and gone so im happy that i was able to at least show it to you guys there because ive already finished up two bronzers this year, and this is the third one i hit pan on right now.

Im just taking it easy with my bronzers and just playing around playing around enjoying what i got for the summer, because i know that some once the summers gone, i cant use certain bronzer, so im just playing and i enjoy just playing sometimes up next is another One these, i know a lot of you guys, have asked me what is my oldest palettes at this point in time. I believe these are my oldest palettes, the ones that i have like this from coastal scents. I got these back in 20, something 2012 20, something uh. This is the fall festival, and this was in a project pan the pan, those eyeshadows and i hit japan on two. I hit pan on this shade right here called new penny, as well as the brow bone shade called uh chimas nude. I believe its called its was easy. This one was a lot harder to hit pan than this. One was because its a matte, so i at least have pan on this one, considering its one of my oldest palettes, it probably my second oldest probably, and it still works fine, i still enjoy it. I feel, like the older makeup, always lasts longer than the newer makeup, so im happy that i have pan on these, because these needed to be shown more love a color tattoo. This is so exciting. You guys, i went through all of my color tattoos this past year and i threw out all the ones that i knew i didnt care to pan thats my motto not so much.

What gives me joy is. Am i gon na find fun and excitement and im gon na be happy with reaching for something to completely pan it or use it up and a lot of my color tattoos. I was not feeling that way. I only kept a handful of them and this is one of them. This is nude pink. This was a limited edition shade and it is the dupe for uh soft oak. No, now soft ochre painterly from mac, so you guys ive hit a nice pan in there. You guys can clearly see that i am wearing this today. I dont use this necessarily every single day, but i use it quite a bit so a lot of its gone and im hoping to be able to finish this up rather soon, because i have so. I have backups of this. I already finished one of these. This is my second one ill finish, and then i think i have like three more to go, which im not upset about, because i dont mind using these a lot often. So this is another one that i got paint on or glass whatever you want to call it a palette that i have been trying to hit pan for since ive got it and ive never really had the opportunity or reach for it as much as i should, But i was able to pan on the shadow this year and this is the shade trixie. Can you see that i dont know i dont know if you guys can see that pan it is there and im very excited that i was able to pan on at least one shade in here.

My goal is to continue to try to hit more pan in this palette, just because i want to show it more love, it still works perfectly fine. I still enjoy this color story. This was, and this is why i love it. Even more is because this is the palette that reminded me how much i love color, how much i enjoy color. How much i suppress that because it wasnt the thing um you i didnt want to stick out like a sore thumb and then after i got this palette and saw how much i enjoyed it. I could care less and i just let my wild child colorful end. Just bloom, not that i hate my neutral side, because i still love it. You guys can see im still doing neutrals. I still love my neutrals, but i do love my color as well, which is a little bit difficult on the bank account, but because i love it all um. But i do im happy that i, like both sides and its easy for me, to wear both sides without feeling self conscious and rocking it out, because this palette made me do that, and i love this palette for that. An older palette that i forgot to share with you guys that i hit pan on as well. This was one of the first panels, eyeshadows that i hit pan on. This is a violet voss, holy grail palette. This i still enjoy the formula of no joke uh and theyre rather easy to hit pan on.

I hit pan on so jelly again. I want to hit pan on more shades in here. This is a neutral shade, as you guys know, a neutral palette. I should say you guys know eventually i will be going back to the workforce, so i need these kinds of palettes in my armor. What do you call it in my reservoir in my gallery? I dont know what you want to call it im going to need these, and i dont want to get rid of them all and then having to repurchase a bunch more. So i its still working great its still perfectly fine, and i do want to hit more pan on some of these, because this is used its just, not fully abused, as i want it to be this palette, you guys i hit another pan in this one. This is the too faced love flush. They recently came out with new singles of these and but theyre, not the same exact shades. I actually hit a pan on the love hangover, the infamous love hangover, that everyone really likes and enjoy. This was a total shock. For me, because i didnt think i was going to hit this kind of pan on here. I thought it was just gon na be side pan and be done with it, but i did hit side pan and then it went all the way down. So i have another pan in here. Hopefully this will be completely used up at some point or another, but im happy that i have had more progress in this palette.

Last but not least its one of my newer palettes that i have truly loved. I hesitated and i waited a very long time to purchase this palette, but it for me. It is worth it because i i first of all got it for a very, very inexpensive price. It was, i didnt, pay full price for this. So for me it was even worth it more to have this palette, so i actually hit pan on the. This is gon na be hard. I dont know how im gon na do this, but im gon na try not to blind you guys. I hit pan on basic trot in the nikkietutorials palette. Can you guys see that pan im sure you guys can see it right there? You guys lets see my pinky. Can i pinky do it right in that shade right there? If you cant see it, i was shocked to know that these are rather easy to hit pan on. So it gives me hope again that this is gon na look more used and abused in the future, because i really do enjoy it and i feel like i can pull this out in the fall time as well and enjoy its not necessarily a bright, bold palette. Its something that i will get more use out of so im happy that this has been shown love, even though it is one of my newer palette, which probably has my other palettes crying that are older, that have not been used as much all right.

You guys that is all the pan that i have for you guys today, its very exciting im gon na put on the screen how many pants ive hit at this point and when ive started this journey, my goal is to try to hit 101 pans at some Point or another i do not have a time frame goal because im just using and abusing my makeup and some things are intentionally being panned and some things im just naturally panning and i hit the shiny bottom at it. So, im very excited because if you would have met me a few years ago, i would have had my makeup looking pristine and brand new at all times. Without it looking dirty and used and abused. And now i sing a different tune and im very happy because uh, my makeup looks used. My makeup looks loved and i am loving it and thats the fun part of it. So, thank you guys so much for watching ill. Do these here, every few months, whenever i can rock up as many pans as i possibly can so theres, not necessarily a time frame when im going to upload the next one but ill leave the playlist on the screen for you guys.