Wack 100 DOUBLES DOWN & Gives Proof that Jim Jones is a "Federal Informant" *Game Over*
Now this is the worst week for jim jones. Man. Im not gon na lie now, just this week he had the versus battle in which dipset lost, and then he fell off the stage during that versus battle. Now jim jones has real issues with a west coast, man by the name of whack 100. Now dwack 100 is on jim jones, bumper and hes on his bumper, about being with the feds and being a federal informant. Now this is according to whack 100 and takashi 6. 9.. Now, before we start, do me a favor and hit the like button, it helps the video get noticed and helps the channel grow so make sure you guys help me out like the video now. This video is full of me talking and then other content, so make sure you look at the timestamps either in the description box or in the comments below ill pin. It and itll have the timestamps that way you can get to exactly where you need to be. As far as the content, so you dont have to waste any time im looking out for you guys now lets talk about it now, like i always say in my videos, its a big, no, no to call someone a snitch or an informant without any proof or Paperwork now wag 100 went to his instagram now. This is all after mel matrix and jim jones recorded that phone call in which mel matrix is locked up during federal time, because the kaiser 69 snitched on the whole non trade operation now long story short, whack 100 went to his instagram stories and he pretty much Outed jim jones now he was saying that jim jones should be locked up, as he was on a wiretap talking to mel matrix about doing something to takashi 6 9.

wag 100 also mentioned that jim jones was arrested in virginia, and i found out that jim jones Was arrested for guns in atlanta as well, but he hasnt done any time now. Im thinking this is six nine being the master manipulator or is he just a pond and wax playing since these two wac 100 and takashi 6? Not linked up is nothing but drama. Is nothing but exposure its nothing but views its nothing, but just things going up now under the videos comments for whack 100 69, of course, is being a cheerleader. Now he said yeah whack yeah, with over 4 300 likes. It shows that people are enjoying six nines trolling. Now is this actual video of whack 100 considered dry snitching? Now, of course, i chopped it down, so you guys dont waste any time, heres the actual recording of whack 100 talking about jimmy, also known as jim jones. Roller, hey yo, jim jones. Listen, i dont know what your issue with me is: bro um, the kids, who want to call you a snitch right. Ax is facts. My i protected you in the interview. I cant stop and theyre going clubhouse for saying what you gon na say, but uh that on the internet, homie any real street know what conspiracy look like. You gave her order. That order was carried out. You know what im saying you got gun cases in virginia dont. Nobody know where they went. The fact that you had to have a from jail call right and you on the street you my.

I thought we was better than that, but since you want to direct it to me and not talk about what that, what that man said and whats on the internet right. But you talking on the wiretap lets me know that you are running from something because not one time jimmy right have you addressed what that man said about you dont try to redirect it to whack name. My lets keep it where its sad, six, nine, who administer cooperating said you gave an order on the wiretap to commit a violent act that was carried out. Any real street know thats conspiracy, every from your neighborhood that was tied to this kid is incarcerated. With you im gon na call a spade in spade my said, you want to make it about me now. I got ta speak my yo jim the world, the streets. You owe a explanation any need to see that paperwork from that gun case you caught. You know what im saying another state because uh something it really aint adding up. My lets not forget jimmy this table from the west coast called you and male murder and spoke about our disgust, but what yall was doing was 69. At that time you guys went to tell us it was a money play. Yall was accepting me, it was something yall had control love, it was your business. Could we respectfully stay out of it so don moos on the west coast? My we tried to stop it before it broke, so you tell male uh male, who calling out my name nah.

I think the is a like him whos supposed to be in a g but got controlled by the bad and you jimmy. You should have let that man do his time, because me and you on the street, we got each others numbers, we didnt pull it up on each other and we still could pull up on each other today. My you call me for all kind of when you get to cali, give me your location and all that so im a little confused. My why you want to disturb a man thats doing his time and call yourself you cant, hide behind him homie he in prison. He was just on the phone with the homie yesterday and because he didnt tell you what you wanted to hear you aint answering his calls. So jimmy dont redirect the to whack six nine went on clubhouse and called you out on something thats. Definitely you type in jim jones wiretap right. You are issuing an order to commit violence. My thats conspiracy, how you look at it. You need to answer for that homie and whatever this gun case dont know you had. You need to ask for that too. My focus on that the slick aint gon na work. For me, my i didnt text, you three four times called you three four times my, but i guess you over there feeling a little nervous, youre paying old man. I know you paying me. I know you giving me my bag thats cool, i mean you know, youre a rapper, my i get it.

You aint these other that i know from your neighborhood youre a rapper but address that homie keep the attention on where it should be. Six nine. I said it not whack my the jedi, my tricks, aint gon na work, everybody say jimmy. We want to know why, how you duck the conspiracy case and what a gun case went: im gon na leave it like that, and when i see you, i see you and whenever you want to call me and send the pin rock like youve done before jimmy. If its that serious, please do my, i will oblige you check this out. All you calling is close to me that i know hey look bro. I dont your opinion, dont matter to me all right, a lot of you. I know we got the same color flag. Whatever all that all right ima say something yall dont want to hear every i know got a in a neighborhood that you know thats telling that yall looking the other way real street have been put on been to the joint all that stop calling about what whack Did if you dont want to call whacking ass whack shut the up and leave your little weird ass, like because whack dont with you anyway, all you, especially you da mood out here on the west, stop calling dont whacko stop calling him stop, calling why he cuz. I the wanted to and you dont matter you got a problem get at me and dont tell when it happened now.

Thats. What i want to say about this i feel like whack 100 was very delicate and he wasnt talking how he was talking to 21 savage. He was talking very civilized now he was getting his words off, but he was talking very civilized in comparison to 21 savage. What is these people trying to do? Are they trying to get jim jones arrested, maybe reopening the case or building more to his case, i mean why are they bringing this information up and it happened so long ago, and why is whack 100 talking about it at the end of the day? Now? Do you guys think jim jones would actually come out and speak to the public and give an explanation on his cases to the world? I dont think so. Sometimes your personal information should be left off the internet and i dont think jim jones going to respond at all now. Wack has to deal with a lot in this past week. Now he has to deal with 21 savages crew in atlanta and other areas, because theyre spread out. He has to deal with jim jones crew now not only in new york, jim jones crew, but jim jones is very frequent in miami. Now he got the zos and miami is like his second home. So now, whack cant come to atlanta. He cant come to miami, he might have to stay out the west coast and from what im seeing and what mel matrix said on that phone call, hes saying that the west coast doesnt even accept black 100 like that but heres.

My thing, wag 100, is a very close ally to big. U now big? U is pretty much highly influenced gang member or aog from the crips wag 100 is allegedly a big influencer for the bloods on the west coast as well, so both of them are connected, but i dont think they have that much reach to the younger generation. You got to think 21 savage has the people under him and those guys some young boys dont care in the london they dont care about who big you is and who whack 100 is respectfully same thing is going to go down in miami and new york. These young guys under jim jones, theyre, not respecting what whack 100 has to say and theyre, not respecting that code of the og. Now at first i felt like whack 100 was funny and informative because he did a lot of podcasts. He was on takashi, six nines podcast with dj academics. He was on no jumper and i always got some more inside information about the entertainment industry. But now this is simply getting dangerous. Now, aint nobody been trolling or giving out this much personal information. Since this guys, six nine himself, the only thing with six nine, he had the nine trays backing. They were very active and takashi 69 moved strategically through these streets back before he got locked up now. Hes in federal, informant nobodys gon na do anything to takashi. Six. Now but whack he better watch out im.

Just speaking respectfully im not saying i want anything to happen to him. I dont want anything to happen to a black man, not supposed to happen with him. I want life to be champagne, but look hes barking up the wrong tree and its weird, because why is whack 100 and takashi 6 69, linking up its like the trolls of all trolls are linking up theyre on the road to destruction, unless whack is just playing The fool and getting closer to kissing six nine and, if somethings going to happen to him now that happens, thats a big checkmate, but at the end of the day, its not looking like it because people from the outside looking in that dont know, the full details Is looking at the situation like whack 100 is siding with takashi 69 wag 100 is being close with six nine theyre. Having conversations a lot of these gang members in these ogs dont even want to be around a person thats a federal reformer, let alone being on camera with them talking on the phone with them, so its a big. No, no, let me know how you feel about this in the comments below. I really want to know what you think make sure you guys get in the comments im going gon na be in the comments box as well, because you guys be putting me up on information but anyway signing out. I will catch on the next video Music love.

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