Things Goes Left Visiting 55th Street Featuring "Crip Mac".
Okay, ill, tell you what it says right here there. This is the trenches right here when it all goes down right. This is it its the alley from around here you get put on. You come in the back, okay, this is going back towards the western side. You would square up right here and you would get put on back here. You heard him put on thats how you get put on baby snap. Stop me put on your ears back. Keep going down, you got the hood right across the street five seven night, bloods right here. I heard this. My little 50 boy lets go, got that right. There got motion up here on hood. This is it oh. If you come further down a little further, something else real quick that was, this is dallas. Where you get you put on that you fight me, you want to swap one like that. You want a squad, ball, camera. We can get it going. You have a friendly little face ill show yall how much we get out on huh place right there on 45th and western thats, the floaties up the street coming back down here, thats western its deep. You know normandy right here this this all this right here. This is the its the one ffc five five credit with the one wax because neighborhood firefighter i dont know this. Is it right here where i all started that? Oh look? I brought you through the trenches you fight me.

Oh look thats how that goes, thats where they are thats. Where you put on that out there you from out of texas, i stayed in texas a couple years. You fired me. I knew some out there on hood, but yeah thats, where i need to get they put on that out here. My hood in these alleys. From these backyards im going to seven block apartments, i stayed out where you youre from texas. I stayed on texas a couple years, but my auntie stay right up the street there on 45th and west. My other family members just stay out here, but uh, but as far as gang banging shits rough you fight me any day. You can lose your life any day. You go to jail. You fight me, so its a rough lifestyle out here and every block over here thats, the five five you go to this next block over here on 54th. The next streak down you in the uh towards the vns, the brims down here, oh hood, you cross the light. There got the hoovers and the bubbles over there. You fired me so its different hoods everywhere around this, but that alley right there, where you see all the neighborhoods riding on walls thats where come to get their order up, they get their dps put on us and even put us if youre a custer.