Bubbles and Swirls | Pretty Romantic Nails
This is gigi and, as you know, we do nails here and today, weve got carmen out and i am giving her a lovely base coat, because the polish that were using today does not really love to go on the tips without a base coat. It gets real separatey and you know what i mean it. Doesnt, like that slick plastic surface, so a little base coat goes a long way with this and it is the dnc i want to say anyway, it will be linked below its this cat eye. Polish were not going to bother to cat eye it because honestly were going to completely cover it up and give it a quick, a completely different look. But i was trying some stuff and playing around with the tip that i had used for swatching the other day, and i did something on top of it that i thought looked really pretty, and so i said, lets do a whole set, and this is what were Gon na do today um so im just cleaning up my mess here, im gon na pop this in the lamp – and we are going to do a second coat of this and then start in on that other treatment. Now, while that is curing im going to go ahead and take a tiny bit of this black from that solid cream, gel from model ones and im going to lay it down on this little palette and then were going to grab some model ones base coat and Add that to this and mix it up, because i want a thinner consistency and more of a sheer look, and once we get this to the exact words guys words once we get this to the exact consistency that i want were gon na go ahead and grab A brush and start painting the nails with this, but were gon na, do that little bubble effect.

Um im also going to put a little blob of top coat down on this palette, so that were ready because you want to do this like really quickly so were going to come in and you can see. Ive got that little blob of top coat there im going to come in and just paint the whole nail with this very sheer black, and it does completely self level. As you can see, you start a little streaky and boom it just self levels. In seconds then, im going to come in with the top coat and just dot it on there, and it gives it it spreads the black a little. So you can see the pink more through and it gives it sort of a bubble effect and were gon na. Do a little at the top of this nail and a little at the bottom if you dont want it to spread too much, you want to go ahead and lock this in place with at least a a flash cure, but i cured them completely all the way. Just to make sure everything completely froze into place that might be overkill, but you know i was probably watching a movie when i did this, and so the minute was spent watching a movie, so it wasnt wasted and then were gon na come in on this one And just do a nice little swath down the middle of that bubble. Look, and i really think this is im going to play around with this more.

I think theres definitely some other ways. We can use this application to do fun things so. Im im definitely curious about different things. We can do in different color combos, and, let me know in the comment section below if theres something that youd like to see me. Try with this technique or, frankly, any other technique now um, im, just gon na go ahead and finish up these bubbles uh. I know i didnt show painting the nail on this one, but i figured you knew what i was gon na do right. So lets just go ahead and pop the bubbles down and this one im kind of gon na go like a half circle swirl around the outside and once all of these are completely cured. Im gon na go ahead and give them a base coat just to smooth everything out and now were gon na. Do some stamping – and i really like that this stamping plate or stamping scraper is also a stamping plate. This is from a cart and so were gon na go ahead and use that, because it has a bunch of swirls on it and thats what i really wanted: uh like bubbles and swirls, so its kind of a dark fantasy summary no, not summery, dark, fantasy set And look at how cute the swirls look on there and the bright really pops against that dark, still sort of pinky background. I i really dig it really. A lot now with whats left im going to go on the top of that.

One then were just going to hit this bottom right here on this one, almost like a little french and then this one is going to be just in that little area where none of the bubbles were okay. After cleaning up the extra little bits of polish off the nails, it is time to come in with some top coat and this is going to be a matte top coat. So if you want to see what they look like shiny, go ahead and pause and take a look at how theyre going to come out if they were shiny. But i think i really like the matte look, because it gives it more of a romantic feeling. So this is kind of a dark, swirly bubbly romantic look dont forget to let me know what you thought of this set in the comment section below and while youre down there. You know what to do because im trying to win that algorithm game. I hope you like this set and if theres something youd like to see on the channel in the future, please let me know, because i really do want to make that happen for you thanks a lot for coming by. We are going to see you next week.