Today i have some funny cute and sus moments with my girlfriend. I hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure to smash the like button and subscribe. If you want more, i dont know what else to say: im just stalling time. Bye baby. Can you protect me? I got ta go to the bathroom. Okay, okay, ill, be right! Back what Music stop baby yo yo dude? Oh i hate you. I thought you were being serious. Oh my god! This is big thats what she said. Oh my god, baby! Look at this tree, its so hot! You see you look at the tree, its so hot. This tree, am i hot look at me boy, you ugly, oh my god, someones lighting with us baby Laughter pick me up. Okay, hey baby whats up. I love you. I love you too. I love you. I love you. I love you. Why are you saying this? So much because i love you, i love you too baby. No, no! No! No! But like i love you, hello, the heck you just ruined the moment. You know how much i love you, how much bruh you want to go. Slurpee swamp, flirty! Slurpee! You can sleep in mice. You can pleasant. My park, hey uh, you can come park, your caddy in my corner. You can dirty up my dock. You can come make it misty in my meadows, hey yo, you can come smash me tonight. I dont see that on the map, its not a map, location Laughter.

No, no! No! Are you serious red? Oh my god. Oh my god baby did he just shoot you in the air? Oh, no, theres! No way that just happened. Bro i shot the alien ship and it landed. On top of me, i saw like hey yo. What are you doing? It hit me so hard, hey, yo, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, bro, calm down, im gon na die in a storm baby. Come here ill. Give you some meat baby. What no you doing! I freaking fell boy. What you trying to suicide baby, all right guys, so i just applied to a new job and today, im gon na be going to the interview. So hopefully i get the job because i really need some v bucks to buy some new fortnite skins. So wish me luck, boys, hello, hello! Oh, that must be the new person im here for the interview, hi, welcome to slippery swamp. Im, listen im going to be interviewing you today. Oh awesome, you can come sit down over here. Oh nice office. There you go so lets, get some of the basics down whats your name, and why do you want to work here? So my name is clouds and honestly i just need a job so yeah all right. So let me show you quickly what youre going to be doing. Okay, these are oh, my gosh shes. So thick. Excuse me. Oh sorry, sorry, uh yeah. What are you saying yeah? So these are slurp barrels, youre, basically just gon na be filling them up.

Oh yeah see how wet they are. Damn yeah. They like theyre, really wet anyways youre, just going to be filling those up which i hope you can do for me. One time uh um yeah yeah. Definitely you can come sit back down. Oh my god um sir youre. In an interview, sorry sorry i got distracted. So do you have any past work experience? Oh ive never had a job before, but um id really like to work for you, oh okay, well, give you a shot. Lets go wait. Would you also be down to go like a date? Um sure we work together. Is that a no im? Sorry we cant be dating in this, but youre so thick. Excuse me, sir, wait, wait. Sorry we cant be dating. Are you serious i quit i quit what this is the worst job ever? What are you doing? I quit her? Are you freaking crazy? Why would you do that now? Youre, not gon na get this job. Oh, you know what it doesnt matter. I just want to see how thick you are. What united lebron james shut up go, kill him. Okay, im going! Oh my god! It is lebron james yo, yo, yo lebron james im, a big fan, bro bro bro. Can i get your autograph? They got his oh, my god. Hes legit cheating, im, recording look what he just did while brown james lebron johns lebron james lebron baby come on hop in yo yo.

What you trying to do – bro, hey yo, hey yo chill! Why are you throwing me around like this? What are you doing? Whoa, im gon na take a nap you wan na sleep, uh huh. What else do you wan na? Do you hey yo, hey yeah, baby yeah? What did one wall say to the other wall? Hi there ill meet you at the corner. That was good. Oh, my god, theres two female jokers this is female, joker, harley quinn. Are you serious what he said: female joker, her names, harley quinn, harley quinn, harley quinn, baby? What are you doing to harley quinn, um, saying hi? What did one plate say to the other plate? What dinner is on me? Hey, i get that one they got pom poms go, go, go, go, go. What were you doing back there? What were you doing back, then? Why are you getting so close to your mind? Back there i was petting.