THE TRUTH ABOUT CETAPHIL – Lets Talk (Full Review)

We are talking this brand Cetaphil, also known as Cetaphil. I think it depends where in the world you live as to how you pronounce it. This is the brand thats long been seen as like the poor relation to CeraVe, which, like exploded in popularity in the past couple of years. Recently, though, things […]


The internet is having some kind of meltdown over these. Apparently this is amazing. Patrick tar is a very well known, celebrity makeup. Artist and Ive tried some of these other products and honestly they are beautiful, and this newie here is a little Duo. Thats got a cream foundation and a setting powder, its […]

New Fall Makeup at Target! Morphe2 review

This is Lisa welcome to my YouTube channel, Lisa Monique Beauty, where we cover all things: beauty and lifestyle for the over 50 woman. So I am back in Florida and I did want to say my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in the Florida Peninsula Who had to evacuate or maybe have lost […]

Drugstore makeup products that are *better* than high end!

I do this series every single Friday and today, Im going to share with you drugstore products that are better than high end makeup products. If you were to put these products in high end packaging, I would not know the difference like if you had me test these without telling me how much they […]

BEST CONCEALERS for Dry Skin, Dark Circles, High Coverage, No Creasing- Makeup Declutter Ep. 5

Five, I have four episodes already up, so I will link the playlists and the videos below so today were talking the concealers that I would repurchase out of the ones that I have decluttered. I have my handy dandy, a second camera here for swatches. The very first one has to be the makeup […]

Makeup + SPF Favorites! | The Budget Dermatologist Reviews Skincare Products

I just got this idea Im actually on my way downstairs to shoot a different video about um sensitive skin. So I was doing my full makeup and I said you know what you guys might want to know about this um. I get this question all the time so today and this impromptu video. […]

Color Wow Demo and Review | Best Beauty Products | Skin Obsessed Mary

We are going to address this The Roots, so I have quite pronounced Roots as you can see, and I would love to find a way to sort of extend the period between visits to the hair salon. So I generally get my hair done every probably four weeks, and you know what I probably […]

Trying New Makeup | Do You Need Them? | Try-On & Review

All right so lets talk about it. How are you guys? Okay, so I washed my hair yall know hurricane is coming. I know its not gon na hit us like directly in the center, but its still coming, and I just would rather be prepared and be good. You know what I mean, so […]

Charlotte Tilbury VS Milk Makeup Concealer Showdown: Review & Wear Test

Hydrating concealer Ive got a sample of the Charlotte Tilbury in the shade for fair, and I have a full size of the milk makeup in 8C. Im also going to be swatching these bad boys next to every other concealer I own. So you can see how the colors compare I feel like this […]

More TikTok Beauty Trends | Reviewing Viral Makeup Products | AD

Im a big fan of many have been firm favorites for years. If youre like me and youre comfortable, wasting time on YouTube and Instagram without adding Tick Tock as a third potential distraction, Ive done the research for you dipping my toe in again seeing whats been trending, or particularly popular and Reporting back […]