I had this for a couple of days now and Ive been wanting to try it but Ive been so sick. I had a bunch of like um allergies and stuff like that running nose and I didnt want to try it. While I was doing my makeup well, I didnt want to try it […]

DYSON ZONE – Does This Thing Really Work?!

The day of the week when we ask ourselves, does this thing really work: Im kind of nervous to jiggle this around Im kind of nervous to jiggle the camera around? Oh look at that! Oh, my God. How am I able to move this entire Jeep? I have super strength um anyway. I should […]

We *NEED* to talk about these NEW MAKEUP LAUNCHES….

I have been on a vacation for seven days so seven days I was not filming anything at all and honestly, I just missed you guys a lot. So I went to Thailand and I went with my best friend, so we had such an amazing trip and I wanted to just get on filming […]

Must Have Beauty Products You *NEED* 😍 Beauty Favorites Spring 2023 | KELLY STRACK

Im super excited because were just gon na do a chill laid back favorites video, Just Gon na chat current products that I have been loving. It has been a really long time since Ive just done like a straight up. Favorites, video sharing with you guys my favorites across a lot of different categories. […]

I Tried Temu Makeup | EVERYTHING UNDER $6

Try on so lets not do a lot of talking lets get up close and personal and lets start. The tryout Im super duper excited about these products. You guys I wasnt joking. I have a lot of stuff here. Weve got enough to do two videos, because I got different blushes different bronzers like […]

🥱ശിവനെ കിട്ടി പണി😫Trying Viral Meesho Makeup Products 💊 Glamyganga 😶‍🌫️ ~

Okay, okay, foreign Music, guys condom ideas.


I feel, like some days, Ive been really wanting to be more full coverage or actually take that extra step to cover up these dark circles. I feel like the camera is not making them look as bad as they are, but in person um, I definitely see them. I already did an eye mask […]

The Ordinary 🆕 Natural Moisturizing Factors + Phytoceramides Moisturizer Review and How to Use

I just want to say, purchased products with my own money Ill. Never do any sponsored videos. So if your help support the channel like subscribe, share this video or check out my patreon community and Lincoln – is here – I dont know what hes doing but anyway. So this is the new one. […]

Korean Sunscreens – Review, Favs & Comparison

Korean sunscreens last year was Bountiful with the relaunch of all the new Korean sunscreens. I found it quite daunting to pick favorites and then share about it, because if I liked one, there were many that were similar. So I thought it might be really helpful to talk about my favorites, but also do […]

If I did their makeup: Ice Spice

If I was gon na do. If I were going to do their makeup is what Im going to call it? I actually dont. No, I havent decided essentially Im taking a celebrity and the series is going to be what I would do if I were gon na. Do their makeup simple, basically like […]