Mikayla Nogueira LIED about EVERYTHING… (called out by EVERY beauty guru)

She does these really quick makeup reviews that are fast and easy to follow, and people seem to love it all her videos get anywhere from like a million to 10 million views and she has over 14 million followers. So its no surprise that shes gone on to grab the attention of some pretty […]


But lets go ahead and get started. Lets Talk About Hair Care line that I actually finished all the products pretty much. At the same time, I think maybe the basket is small. Today uh the treatment ended up in here first, but otherwise I really loved this line. I havent tried a lot from […]

Testing VIRAL TikTok Makeup Products!! *Makeup By Mario, Huda Beauty & more!*

Okay, we really wanted to come back and start doing. More makeup looks but with some new fun viral makeup products. Oh my this is the best thing. Ive ever tried were not sociopaths. You have to curl them. Oh on the chin. Give yourself a little goatee welcome back to clever style, dont SHINee, […]

5 Products Guaranteed To Sell Out in 2023 (Skincare & Makeup That Will Be Out Of Stock – BUY IT NOW)

You know that Ive been on the internet for quite some time, but Ive never seen an explosion in Beauty. The way that we have recently, I feel like there are so many new and interesting brands on the market, or some of our favorite Legacy. Brands that have been around for 40 years are […]

5 Skincare Products Everyone Should Try In 2023 | The Year I Turn 50!😲

? Why does it feel like every decade goes faster and faster? I remember distinctly when I was about to turn 40. I was freaking out a little bit like a lot of people, do and Im actually not really freaking out about turning 50, because I was so wrong about my 40s. I had […]

TESTING NEW MAKEUP 2023 | Makeup by Mario Foundation Review

Not some of these makeup products are super popular. Some of them went viral all over social media, so were gon na be trying out to see. Are they worth it, but before we get started with the video, I want to introduce you to this new device by for you, this is a new […]

8 REVLON Products That *BEAT* Luxury Makeup!

I think Revlon is one of those underrated brands at the drugstore. They dont get quite as much attention as Maybelline and LOreal and even Covergirl, and I am definitely guilty of overlooking them in the past, but the more products Ive tried from them. The more impressed Ive been – and I know that […]

I shouldn't have tried these viral Tik Tok products…

If you have a partner, because we you and me we have something special. Why am I so flirty today, hello, everyone, okay, that was actually great welcome back. It always feels kind of special. When I start my video having no makeup on, but I have to mention that I do have eyebrow eyebrow, […]

New FLOWER BEAUTY Makeup…I’m HERE for This!

They have a new Contour wand. They have some new lip products that look very similar to the tarte maracuja juicy lips, a new mascara and more so lets, go ahead and jump right in and get started. So first up lets start out with the new mascara. So this is called the dream: Warrior. […]

Jaclyn Cosmetics goes BANKRUPT… (the end of her brand)

S and even one other Canadian stores. Not only were the morphe store employees affected, but a lot of the brands that morphe sells within their stores were also majorly affected. We heard from the owner of Suva Beauty who disclosed that, even though their brand is one of the best sellers for morphe, they […]