SUNTIQUE I'm Pure Cica Suncream First Impression, Review, and Demo (Korean K-Beauty Beauty)

, If youre new, I make a lot of skincare focused beauty content as well as fashion and life content.. If that interests, you please be sure to check out my other videos like this video and subscribe., So Im excited about this video because I will be doing a first impression, review and demo […]

LYS BEAUTY CREAM BRONZER REVIEW | is the LYS beauty cream bronzer the new best cream bronzer?!

Hey guys, welcome back to the clean beauty, coat im so excited for this video. We are doing a new bronzer review. We are talking about the new lys beauty, cream, bronzer, that they just launched and im so excited, and you guys were super excited to the second launch. You were like please review […]

NEW PAT MCGRATH LABS: Midnight Voyage Palette, Divine Blush Duo & Divine Glow Highlighter Review

I do have a lot of thoughts. Here were also going to be talking about the new divine blush duos, which i have one here, and i also have one of the highlights. So these are three of the latest launches from pat mcgrath and im really excited to give you guys my review so […]


My name is queen. If this is your first time of seeing my face or coming across my channel, hello, youre welcome to dorian essential skincare on this channel. I talk about beauty tips i make reveal about those food and amazing skincare products in the market. I talk about skin care in general, so […]

First Top 4 Q&A 😊 | Product Review | [Steanie Naaji] |

I know i stepped off of some cheese i didnt, so i brought some cheese in the village here, its its its so good Music. It really its really good, because i mean i try different cheeses like different stores and stuff, but nothing beats the cheese that this guy. You know this guy got […]

LASER HAIR REMOVAL AT HOME? IPL Review & Results (5+ Weeks) | Braun Silk Expert 5

So i was considering getting laser hair removal done, but i never got around to doing it uh majorly, because it consumes a lot of time, but you have book appointment that you have to appear for those appointments and you mean i will be busy throughout the day. Luckily braun has launched their silk […]


I was big, disappointed, Music, hi. Everyone welcome back to my channel guys. This review is gon na, be a different because remember i did the unboxing korean product. This one is were trying a luxury lipstick from dear dahlia. I keep seeing dear dolia on my facebook and also my instagram. It has that […]

Some of these beauty hacks actually work

I dont think i would be that happy in this situation. Wake up! Sheeple did you know you could be saving millions of dollars a year by making your own beauty products. This video is going to tell us how its michelle of lab muffin beauty, science here chemistry, phd cosmetic chemist and big fan […]

Patrick Ta Major Volume Mascara Review

I am so excited to be trying out this mascara today, its from patrick taw and its the major volume mascara major volume is exactly what im looking for in my mascara its funny, because for the most part with my makeup, like the complexion, the brows, i want It to look very natural, like […]


What is up my name is haley. Welcome to my youtube channel. If you did not know now, you do hey you guys, whats up so in todays video yall im going to be talking about a brand and a bag that i love you guys. I own this bag and many different versions: ive, […]