Other Cosmetic Preparations

As a barber, you will use a variety of cosmetic preparations as you perform perform services on clients. The following section provides a brief description of some of the other products that you should become familiar with. In preparation for working in a barber shop, astringents may have an alcohol content of up to 35 […]

My Honest Review of the ILIA C Beyond Triple Serum SPF 40 | Worth It? In Depth, Swatches, Demo

I try all these crazy things out, for you share my brutally honest opinion. Also, you have a better idea of what to buy and, more importantly, what not to buy youre, not wasting your money on stuff. You know what i mean, as you can tell in the title. I am talking about the […]

How skincare is made: KraveBeauty Makeup Re-Wined 🍷🍇 Production BTS

In fact, it only took us about almost three years. The most recent launch in the skincare category at crayfiti was oats a simple water cream, which was born in 2019 october 15th. It has been a while. I know weve been pedaling, really really hard working really really hard to work on this makeup. […]

New Vitamin C! Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate & 3-O Ethyl Ascorbic Acid | Dr. Shereene Idriss

And that is what i practice. If you havent, subscribed liked or commented below, please feel free to subscribe and like to this channel and then comment afterwards, while watching the video or after watching the video or, if you think, of a new topic that you want me to today. My friends, i thought […]

Ofra Cosmetics Highlighter in Rodeo Drive Review, Swatch & Tutorial

Today, im going to be trying out this ofra highlighter that i got in the shade rodeo drive – and this is the best selling like classic shade of highlighter from ofra and ofra – is known for their highlighters. So im really excited to try this out. I have tried out other ofra highlighters […]

How to promix a super effective lightening cream using pears baby lotion.

Welcome back to my channel. If you are coming across my channel for the first time, youre highly welcome, very tiny subscriber. You always welcome beautiful people today, im going to teach you how to promise a skin lightening lotion. This lotion, we are going to be using a baby lotion to promise it. So […]

How to price your products for hair care and skincare business | step by step how to make a profit

You already know what to do if youre new here guys, a lot of you are watching the videos, but some of you are not liking and you got ta subscribe um. You know i always come up with nice videos, for you guys thats, going to help you in your business, whether you want […]

Beauty & Skincare Essential Haul From Amazon | Amazon Haul | Beauty Essentials at Discounted Price

I am here with another haul, its my birthday month, so you can expect lot of hauls this month and i majorly do my shopping from amazon, so yeah, you can see a lot of amazon hauls. This month so arch here, that is basically skin care and beauty. Essentials and summer repurchases german daily […]

I Have Fair Skin and This Shade Works Amazing 🌼 NEW LYS Bronzer Stick (Harmony Medium)

Today i will be reviewing the lys stick. Bronzer, i will be swatching it. I will be testing it out and giving my first impressions, and i will also compare it to some other bronzer sticks that i have in my collection. So you can see the shades and the comparison and how how it […]


Everyone and welcome back to my channel feels good to be back feels good to be back after two weeks. The break was much needed. Okay, so in this video im going to do a proper and detailed review of each of the engine products i have here. Let me show you guys: i have […]