Empties are BACK! || 2021 – Episode 1

My name is jessica today, im doing something i havent done in a really long time and thats empties, because i have not been collecting my empties to come on and review ive just been like. You know, throwing them in the trash or in the recycle. Whenever theyre done, but i started collecting my […]


So in this video were talking about a cosmetics business like any other business, you need to choose the right business model for your needs and then choose a manufacturing model that fits your business. These two go hand in hand, and you have to ask yourself how hard do you want to work or […]

Hydrossential Review: Does It Work?

The First thing about hydrasense arizpe, careful with the web site, Abbott hyjal Central Pika, sunfat Natri treme people shouted the poorest astrologer on your side. Dont know that official the help you not to use the Money in by trevita forests, avatar. Twenty, I love doing to dificil faithfulness Captain and the video Ok […]

my current everyday makeup routine (fresh skin, faux freckles, bright eyes)

I dont do my makeup every day, but this is what i do when i do wear makeup. I will have all the products linked down below. Of course you dont need to use everything that i use its mostly like about techniques and stuff, but im. I am going to be talking about like […]

5 BEST Clean Beauty Products to Give Dull Winter Skin a Glow, Tinted Moisturizer, SPF, CC Cream

So you have a better idea of what to buy more importantly, what not to buy today im going to talk a little bit about complexion coverage, especially moving into fall and winter, and what has been working for me. These are some of my favorites that are in the brits picks guide, im actually […]

Clinique Black Honey | Testing Dupes and Similar Sheer Lipstick Shades | AD

Cliniques 30 year old, black honey, almost lipstick is having a pretty big year. In my autumn makeup video. I asked if youd be interested in a closest colors, i can find to black honey type of video, given its sold out just about everywhere ill. Tell you a bit about the history of this […]

Doctor V – Best & Worst Dark Marks Serums | Skin Of Colour | Brown Or Black Skin

I only talk about the positives and i try not to say anything negative about any product. But dark spots are a big problem and a big issue for us for skin of color, and so a lot of the products that were made were really made for caucasian. Skin not for skin of color, […]

Silverware Photography Setup with 1 Speedlight

You know we like to keep things really classy here at the workflow studio. So today, im going to run you through a really classy tutorial how to capture reflective silverware using one speedlite in a home or a neutral, monochromatic space and ill show you a few tricks along the way as we capture. […]

Health Canada Regulations on NHP vs. FDA's Dietary Supplement Regulations

Our speaker for today is travis. Austin mckay is the director of regulatory affairs for plexus worldwide, a leading direct sales company with a range of products dedicated to helping others obtain health and happiness. So what is a natural health product? Well, natural health products are formally defined within the natural health product regulations. […]

HUDA BEAUTY The Overachiever High Coverage Concealer Review

I think concealers are one of my favorite makeup products to try out in this series, but i definitely dont try out concealers all that often, but i was so excited to get this in my november 2021 ipsy glam bag x, which was in collaboration with huda. So, im really hopeful that i will […]