Girlactik Metallic Shadow Stick in Riches Swatch & Review

Today i have a fun looking product to try out. This is from brand girlactic, and this is the metallic shadow stick that i have here in the shade riches that i got in my june 2022 ipsy glam bag plus, so that unboxing video is up here on youtube. Now, if you havent seen […]


Rajani. En vandaag ga ik verschillende behandelingen, ondergaan, esthetische, behandelingen, waarvan, ik, denk; dat; u die wilt vermijden. Dit zijn, behandelingen, waarover, mensen, mij, een, DM sturen., Dat, ze, complicaties hebben die ze niet leuk vinden of alleen behandelingen met een, lage, tevredenheid, blijken te Zijn. Ik ga, je niet alleen de dingen vertellen die […]


Thank you so much for clicking on this video. If you are new hi, my name is jarrell and in todays video were going to be trying some new products, like the huda beauty, concealer im, pretty sure that im going to put it on the thumbnail. But just in case i did not, we […]

CHANEL Officially Cancels ALL Sales For Non VIP Clients!

How can it be worse than a price increase? You might ask yourself how can chanel out do themselves by making even worse decisions than constant price? Imma tell you right after this subscribe to my channel here on the tubes. Push the join button next to the subscription button become a member today get […]

5 ANTI-AGEING SKINCARE MISTAKES – My Morning Skin Care Routine

Now there are so many different products, application techniques on the market. It can get a little overwhelming and a little bit baffling. However, these common mistakes could be preventing you getting maximum results from your own skincare routine, and i never want that to be the case were going to talk about it in […]

Canmake vs Canmake: Do You Need the GREEN Sunscreen?

I feel like that. Should really help with visualizing any differences? Does one take longer to buff into your skin? Does one leave more of a white cast? I say we find out in todays video again. This is a video on the og can make mermaid skin gel uv, spf 50, pa plus, plus […]


Thank you so much for watching. Thank you so much for tuning in. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the support. I love you guys. My popping queens im always excited when i come here, because what is about to be puppy, new wig makes a girl feel so happy. You know you […]

Natasha Denona Jubilee Eyeshadow Palette Tutorial, Swatches & Review

Today i have a very fun colorful eyeshadow palette, to try out from natasha denona. This is the jubilee palette – and i just got this in my june 2022 ipsy glam bag plus. So if you havent seen that unboxing, yet that video is up here on my youtube channel im very excited to […]

Castle Crashers Industrialist Review

I want to announce that ive returned to making funny moments. Unfunny moments, videos again uh, but just one problem. As you can see here, they are very much being caught lacking yeah, as you can see, theyre not getting a whole lot of views or whatever, which i understand i mean like ive, been […]

Sharing my top Rs500 products| @acewithmakeup |affordable| मेकप अंडर ५०० ।

Then my next recommendation is this: inside three in one primer, its a silicone paste primer. It blurs your pore and its a oil free primer and its something like this that mattifying effect and make the canvas perfect for your makeup. Smell perfect cover foundation from lacme, and this retails for 425 or 475 […]