NEW STUFF I've Been Trying… Mini Reviews, Chit-Chat

Thank you so much for being here, um its kind of nice to be out now on the other side of the Emily Awards. I love doing them, but theres just theres, just a lot of thought. A lot of thinking a lot of figuring and planning and all that I feel a bit more […]

THE BEST OF BEAUTY 2022 : Skincare + Makeup

Today is the day that I will talk about my best beauty products in 2022. For me, 2022 is the year of product exploration. Ever since Ive been back in Korea, I have more and more opportunities to try Korean beauty products. One day I went to Sephora to buy and Lipton and most of […]

Makeup, Skincare and Body Empties | What Have I Used Up? | Product Reviews | Everything Beauty

Welcome back to another video. My name is Candace, and this is everything Beauty with Candace V Ive been using up. Some stuff so its time for another empties video. So in this video Im, just gon na show you all the stuff that Ive used up and let you know my thoughts on it. […]

Honest French Girl Review of 8 Nude Lipsticks | Parisian Vibe

The texture is nice: okay yeah! This could be your solution: High parishion Vibe, its Mago prioli, Im, a French makeup artist based in Paris and today, Im introducing you to a new series, which is called honest reviews, and today we are going to review eight different nude lipsticks. So we are going to […]

BEST Drugstore *FACE* Makeup of 2022

Where I talk about my top products from the year, I like to split these videos up into categories and in previous years, Ive done high, end, drugstore and then Hair Skin and Nails this year. I really wanted to separate them into more condensed episodes so that I can really spend time talking about […]

2022 Makeup Favourites | Best of Beauty, Part 1

Mixing things up slightly for my sixth annual Makeup Favourites and giving you two parts over two weeks like an extended cut., Partly because its the most intimidatingly long filming and production process of the Year and my arm and shoulder are just about ready to fall off after all the swatching, so its nice […]

The BEST of SEPHORA Collection Makeup

I know where have I been? We are going to talk about that in a different video, but for today it is all about Sephora collection makeup that I absolutely love and if you have not tried it out yet I highly recommend the first product is going to be the Sephora collection daily brush. […]

I used the ordinary peeling solution for 3 years and THIS is what it did to my face…

It has made such a difference in my life and in my skin I have been using this little red, vampire blood, cranberry juice. Looking peel for over three years now – and it has done insane things to my skin – I am a lot of storage on my phone, so I was like […]

The Ordinary SECRETLY Launched A NEW CLEANSER That I Actually Like… Glucoside Cleanser Review

Why theyre trying to hide it and whether or not this is any better than their squalene cleanser, which I was not a fan of no more ordinary squalling cleanser. I have had it with this, and thankfully the ordinary has hurt us because they have launched a new cleanser. Now it is no secret […]


So Im really excited to open this up and show you the pieces in case youre interested in buying something for yourself buying something for someone else or just wanting to add something to your wish list. I have different budgets, so Im gon na have pieces that are below 200 below 500 below 1 […]