Makeup Expert Guesses Cheap vs Expensive Foundation | Allure

It has a nice creamy texture. There is some very slight Separation on top, not sure if that is sweating or the technical term is syneresis. Where you see some of the liquid pooling on top, we dont want sweating, because, if its sweating, that means your formula is kind of breaking down and thats […]

GRWM while trying *Makeup by Mario Surreal Skin Foundation* | Andrea Renee

So I took a little trip to Sephora the other day and I picked it up its called The Surreal skin foundation and I filmed while I was in there. I filmed like a mini um first impression and uploaded it on my tick tock. So if you follow me on Tick Tock, you probably […]

Makeup Product Red Flags 🚩 *proceed with caution*

We are going to talk about makeup that comes with a red flag. According to me, I saw this video over at Laura May Beauty. I will link her video down below and immediately, I would say, like five minutes into the video I was already taking notes, because I was so inspired so check […]


I have not uploaded many videos in the past month or so. I was just enjoying time with my family taking a little break. I think I got burnt out in November with just so many sales and so many new launches the Sephora sale. So I was feeling a little bit down in December. […]

2022 Makeup Favourites | Best of Beauty, Part 2

, Looking back over a year of content to refresh my memory reflect on what I enjoyed at different times and condense. It into one list did feel a little bit like Taylor, Swift, trying to plan her Eras Tour setlist. Too much to work with, So I decided to deliver my Favourites in a […]

K-Beauty Products & Brands You Should Be Using In 2023! STYLE KOREAN AD

com were going to be talking about K, Beauty Brands. I feel like you have to try in 2023, if you havent already these arent necessarily new brands, but theyre a mixture of new brands and Brands. I think a lot more people need to ReDiscover. As I mentioned, todays video is sponsored by Style […]

I’m So Sorry For Recommending These Products

If you dont know who I am my name is hireman Im passionate about teaching you how to perfect your skincare routine. So make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification Bell so that you can see my videos every single week. Do you guys? I think this is the first time […]

Full Face of Makeup Products I Fell In Love with in 2022!

. These are products that I discovered this year that I absolutely love Im, not talking about like oh yeah, theyre, okay or theyre good or I like them. No, I love these products. I think Im gon na have to do a part two to this video. There are many other products that I […]

The BEST Beauty Products of 2022!

I hope you all are doing well today. I am very excited to be sharing with you what I consider to be 15 of the best of beauty products of the year now. These are products that I find myself grabbing towards on a daily basis, whether when Im doing my clients makeup or when […]

Best of 2022! Skincare, Makeup, Bags and all the things I love 💕

Lets start from Skin Care, aku udah taruh semuanya di sini, dan untuk, skin carefox, menurut aku tahun ini, aku, tuh, paling, banyak, dan paling, suka sama, satu brand ini, tuh, bener, bener brand yang queens, My Heart gitu bagus banget sih di aku, Semuanya yaitu, kalau kalian follow Aku di Instagram, you know: aku […]