Amber Heard Hires Journo To Intimidate Youtubers With Hitpiece? Also Hilarious New Tiktok Trend!

Is it being funded by ambers pr team? I think thats, a fair question to ask. I dont think well ever totally be able to connect the dots but theres been a marked change in the way that certain media is represented and now nbc little little um uh taylor lorenz light cat. Ten tenenberg […]

Purlisse Perfect Glow BB Concealer Review

I am so pumped about todays product. This is the pure lease perfect glow, bb concealer. I am obsessed with the purelys makeup products. The perfect glow bb cream is one of my favorite foundation products, but i love all of the purely bb and cc creams. They have high spf, they have great coverage […]

NEW La Roche Posay UVMune 400 Sunscreens: New UV Filter Technology | Review and Wear Test

Do i got an innovation for you today? I love coming out here talking about new sunscreens new innovation in uv technology, one of like the leaders in doing that. Right now in the market, loreal came out with a new uv filter that they launched in their la roche, posay sunscreens, and today we […]

(*Eng) 이게 품절대란 립틴트?! 고가vs 저가, 지속력, 촉촉, 성분 추천템은? by Directorpi

. There are 3 sorts of lip stain., Glow Velvet and Fixing lip stain. Glow. Lip stain is rather moist.. Velvet lip stain shows the even color development, even though it is rubbed so that its pigmentation is done as its color. Development., The ones whose pigmentation is done as if sealing a stamp are […]


No, this heavy bigger stuff and you can use them for your product, shoots. Okay, and i chose to go for this with a round hole in it. They are made out of mdf, so theyre very sturdy heavy pieces really now holding it up with a fishing line and because there is a hole […]

LOOKFANTASTIC May 2022 Beauty Box Unboxing / It's Time To GETAWAY Edit / With Discount Link

If you are new here, todays video is an unboxing and it is this. This is the may look fantastic box. Lets get it out of here. If you have not already, if you want to hit that subscribe, button come on over and join my youtube family. I would love to have you hit […]

Jeffree Star Banana Fetish Unboxing and Review

Thank you so much for watching my video daily. If this is the first time you discover my youtube channel hi, im, steve jenn, my youtube channels focus on 90 skincare and beauty 10 lifestyle now lets get to know me a little bit more Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. So so so so much. […]

MAY 2022 IPSY GLAM BAG X UNBOXING | Ipsy X Madelaine Petsch

This is a pretty heavy box. This quarter. This is only a quarterly box from ipsy and im so excited to get into this. This is the most expensive biggest box that ipsy offers and its always in collaboration with someone, and i didnt want to look at the app i didnt want to like […]

cc) 신상✨섀도우팔레트 가격대별 추천🍒웜톤vs쿨톤 컬러비교ㅣ아랑

It is nothing Are super pretty. How did they do this Perfect enough for warm undertones? Fetch it right away, Hello, everyone? This is Arang. Many cosmetic brands are releasing new eyeshadow palettes. So this time I will collect the products with similar prices and review them together, so that our viewers can make a […]

M.Q cosmetics Lip Therapy Balm Review (Long Lasting).

This is tessie again and welcome to my channel and for todays video. I am going to review this product of mq cosmetics that i have purchased on um sharpie Music, this one, this lip therapy magic lip balm. Actually, i saw this product called tiktok and i wanted to try if the claims are […]