2022 UPDATE! My Honest Review of the KOSAS Revealer CONCEALER. Everything Has Changed…

Here we go hey everybody! Welcome to the channel im great creator of the style shaker. I try all these products up for you and share my brutally honest reviews. So you have a better idea of what to buy and what not to buy, and today im going to tell you five key things […]

Comfortable Lip Glosses | My Favourite Super Smooth Formulas | AD

Theres still a place for thicker glosses at times. In fact, I think I could work on a fourth episode, ranking more traditional glosses. I love and famous formulas in the industry if youd be interested, but for now, if youre sick of stick and want something super smooth. Youre in the right place, this […]

Top 10 MUST HAVE Beauty Product this 9.9

If you like my new hair, then please do hit that like button, the man to show support and love and, of course, subscribe to my channel if read by And subscribe down below, make sure to hit it. The first three products that I have here are lip products, and I know that youre […]

Summer 2022 Product Favourites *affordable* | Biochemist Skincare Reviews

My name is Kenna. If you dont know me Im a biochemist, a cosmetic formulator, and I make videos here on YouTube. So I have not posted in a really long time, basically all summer, because Ive been really busy with clients and also I just really wanted to enjoy the summer with my family […]

Cheap Skincare products /Trying new skincare products + dr treals lotion #hair #skin #nail

If you are new here, you are either welcome. Please join the family. My channel is all about skincare, so guys in todays video ill, be showing you guys new products, skincare product that i bought because ill be going for vacation, and i want to try these skincare products, oh my skin, and when […]

EYELID LIFT with eye drops? Too good to be true? YOU JUDGE the before and afters! Upneeq review!

I was totally intrigued now. These drops are actually kind of prescription. Theyre meant to be used. If you have something called ptosis, so theyre meant to be used. If you have botox thats, stripped it and cause your eyelids to droop, maybe you have acquired droopy eyes over the course of your life because […]

Inside The Kylie Cosmetics Launch Party

This party was ultra stylish and weve, got all the details of what went down at this exclusive event from who was there to what they ate and all the other goodies in between number one kylies custom, denim kylie celebrated the launch of kylie cosmetic lip blush, lip Kits and plumping gloss at the […]

Elf Cosmetic Reviews & Makeup Tutorial #elfcosmetics #makeup

Oh my gosh first day of school im so excited. Have you guys heard of elf cosmetics? Oh, my god, you havent good thing were the elfing experts. My name is summer and i love their putty everything, especially their putty blush, its so fun and easy to use. I just got it from their […]


If you like, hearing all about skin care, skin care ingredients from a board, certified dermatologist, be sure youre subscribed, and you have your bell notifications on, because youtube will, let you know as soon as my videos go live resveratrol. It is actually naturally present a lot of foods that we enjoy grapes, peanuts, […]

Charli D’Amelio's Quick Beauty Routine for Acne-Prone Skin | Allure

So first things first, i start off with ice. I have to ice my face every morning, mostly because i dont sleep ever so. My eyes are always a little bit puffy in the morning, but i really like this and i just kind of go down my neck as well, and even if it […]