cc) 메이크업아티스트가 청담샵에서 아이돌 메이크업 받아봤는데🤭 메이크업샵 찐후기🔥ㅣ아랑

Im going to do basic makeup like a Get Ready in the morning Today, Ill go to a makeup salon called Oui, Oui Atelier and get my makeup done for The first time. In the morning Ill just wash my face and apply a pad. Now Im going to the salon to get my makeup […]

Die besten Antioxidantien für die Haut 🫑🥝🦐

Wer liebt nicht ne Top 5. Deswegen denke ich mal ich wei gar nicht soll, ich anfangen Machst du irgendeinen, Vorschlag Ja, ich schlage dir nmlich Einen vor ber den ich wirklich auch noch nchste Woche explizit mit sprechen mchte, Vitamin C liegt auf der Hand. Ist doch garantiert deine Top 1 oder Unbedingt, Vitamin […]

AMAZON MUST-HAVES!! 10 Random Amazon Products YOU SHOULD BUY RIGHT NOW/Best Amazon Purchases!

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3 Best La Mer Dupes (that are Cruelty Free & Worth The Money)

It is ridiculously expensive and im. Sorry if im not a celebrity whos getting this as free pr or if i dont have you know the type of money that im just gon na flush down the toilet. I i cannot afford, and i will not choose to spend 300 to 600 bucks on a […]


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MAY 2022 IPSY GLAM BAG UNBAGGING | Pretty Excited About This One!

So this is a 13 a month, small little beauty subscription. This is the beauty subscription that ive been getting the longest out of all of my beauty subscriptions. I also get the other ipsy glam bag, so this month, its the glen bag x, which that unboxing is already up here on my youtube […]

Best whitening tubes and safe ways to use for a better result

You know whitening tubes and how to use them. Music, yeah hi, guys welcome to my youtube channel. This is im josh um, Music. I miss you guys um, if youre new on this channel kindly subscribe, um share and like my videos, you know so and make sure you click on that notification bell […]


If you spend over 120 pounds on feel unique. This video is in collaboration with feel unique. They have kind of gifted me a few makeup. Products to share with you and ive also bought a few items as well and because i spent over 120 pounds, i received this little pouch, so i thought […]

The TRUTH About Starting A Online Product Business | What They Don't Tell You!

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel in todays video were going to talk about the truth about having a product business. So, as you may know, my name is shannon, and i am the founder of oh so curly, which is a hair tools and accessories brand and product business and ive been running […]

FRIDAY FAVES – Glowing Skin, Best Candle EVER and Herbal Tea that I don't HATE / CURRENT FAVOURITES

Ive got another friday, faves same as last week, just a handful of things, a couple of beauty things ive also got some hat: well, a candle house thing: a candle and a food and a drink Music ill start with the beauty, because i know that thats what A lot of you are here […]