Today, i am giving you kind of a first impressions of the highly coveted by me, gucci blush de beaute, its the new release from gucci beauty, kind of a sucker for gucci beauty and its one of the brands that i am more inclined to review on. My channel than other brands, i dont […]

A Cosmetic Surgeon's Entire Routine, from Waking Up to Surgery | Work It | Allure

I am ready to head to the office on an average day. I can see anywhere from 10 to 25 patients, depending if im, operating or not, and my patients range anywhere from 20 to 70.. So i do both non surgical and surgical cosmetic procedures, so that includes anything from botox and fillers and […]

Very Best Maybelline Makeup Products Over 40

This is all under ten dollars and were going to be talking about my five favorites from Maybelline, but before we do that, I am going to put a time stamp right here so that you can skip ahead. If you want to skip over the intro of my video Im, going to show you […]

Trying Products YOU HATE – Sephora’s Lowest Rated Skin Care

If you dont know who i am my names, hiram and im passionate about teaching you how to perfect your skincare routine, so make sure you subscribe to my channel and to the notification bell. So you can see my videos every single week in todays video im going to be trying out sephoras lowest […]


So today i am giving you an update on my experience with some of the maleys cosmetic products. I talked about them in a past, favorites um, actually two of the products, and so i have some updates and kind of some results and some final thoughts and well probably not final thoughts but some […]

Finally Reacting To Hailey Bieber's Rhode Beauty Skincare Routine – 1 Trick For Glazed Donut Skin

To me this is haley bieber. This is haley biebers husband eating a burrito from the inside out just kidding. It was actually a youtube prank, where a bunch of youtubers dressed up as haley bieber, and this is a youtuber, your acne big sister, a medical esthetician who is currently detoxing from coffee. So […]

Over 40? Get Younger Looking Glowy Skin Using These ANTI-AGING TIPS

So you look younger lets get into that video. I think this topic is really important to so many women, because we strive to look the very best. We can and kind of hold the aging process at Bay as much as possible. Now, as we hit a certain age, we hit menopause its really […]


If you are new to my channel, i am glad you are here with us so for todays, video im sharing my favorite products of august, but im only sharing the top five. I tried a ton of different products this month, a lot and theres a lot that i really really loved. But these […]

10 Rosy Nudes | My Favorites for Lips that Have Natural Color!

Now, of course, I have a lot of pigment in my lips, so my nude lipsticks are a little more Rosy nude pinky nudes than a standard beige nude. But if youre interested in seeing what they are, then just keep watching hey everyone. This is Lisa. Welcome to my YouTube channel Lisa Monique Beauty […]

NEW!! Affordable Alternatives to SERIOUSLY amazing products! CYSPERA | REVISION lip+revox | FADED

This is probably the best group of products that i have found alternatives for in a very long time, and a couple of these things are pretty new on the market or theyre theyre newly hyped up and the alternatives are incredible. So im gon na save the best for last, so you got ta […]