Today. I am so excited about the combo that i got in my october. 2021 boxy charm base box, and this is the camara onique beauty, mary lashes and the appeal adhesive liquid liner. So if you have not seen my unboxing video of my october 2021 boxycharm box ill have that video linked in […]

Oily Skincare Routine | The Best Products & Tips From Cosmetic Chemist

There manuel im, ricky johnny from eisener skin care product developer with over 30 years experience in skin care, which includes you know, studying the skin, studying ingredients putting those together and watching how the skin ages and changes so over the last 30 years, theres been a lot Of information and were really trying […]


Also, i dont know why im waving it just felt like i needed to do that. I have an awful garbage filthy mouth, so viewer discretion is advised and if youre not into that or weird stuff in general, this is definitely not the place for you feel free to ask out the video here: […]


Cosmetics, super nova collection. If you guys want to see what this collection is all about, what my thoughts are on everything and all the details about these products. Well, then, definitely keep watching Music alrighty guys. So, a couple of months ago i actually did a review on the nakia joy cosmetics, loose pigments. […]

Cosmetic Chemist Reviews Madison Beer's Skincare Routine

So what we have is a really good, acne type, cleanser thats, really going to help balance your skin, and what i like about it is that its going to it was designed to be like anti acne and anti aging. At the same time, this is our daily exfoliating cleanser, with tea tree really […]

More brands leaving Ulta, REM Beauty first launch, Makeup sales… Let's Talk Beauty Industry News

Some industry updates just some beauty space news, so i decided to start this series a few months ago and i did a video about this kind of sharing. Some updates. Just a few things going on kind of popping topics and a lot of you guys said make that a series we want to […]

Amazon Beauty Must Haves TikTok Made Me Buy It With Links 🤩 | happies

Tiktok made me, buy it with links.

CTP Webinar – Tobacco Registration and Product Listing Updates

. In this webinar we will provide a brief overview of section 905 of the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Fdc Act, establishment, registration and product listing requirements for Tobacco Product manufacturers, and we will show our viewers, the new Tobacco Registration Product, Listing Module Next Generation.. Let s go ahead and get started. […]

Amazon Great Indian Festival SALE | 80% OFF | Amazon Beauty Haul

There are products which are going to be for skin care, hair care and there are also going to be some makeup. So without further ado, we are quickly going to be diving in the video guys so guys. The first product which im gon na be talking here is this wow skin science, apple, […]

AFFORDABLE FESTIVE MAKEUP LOOK ( Full Face of Insight Cosmetics)

Video is going to be a festive makeup, look using full face of inside cosmetics, Music. This video is currently sponsored by them. We were kind enough to send me this whole bunch of makeup and i am really really excited to film one festive makeup. Look you guys know how much i have used […]