FUN BLUSH… the shades you SHOULD be trying!

Obviously I cant go back and like change myself in that video, and it just rested with me that I need to do a video about blush solely about blush, so I kept thinking about it like I went about my day and I was like more blush. More blush more blush, I just couldnt. […]

The MAKEUP BY MARIO Surreal Skin foundation… my honest thoughts (+ 9 hour wear test)

Everyone welcome back so today, Im going to be doing a full in depth. First, Impressions testing wear test of the new makeup by Mario Foundation. We have been blessed with some decent natural lighting today, so Im going to show you the application and everything in natural lighting and an artificial lighting to see […]


Welcome back to my channel. Welcome if youre new and lets get started with a new product from Milani that I have been loving. This is their new, conceal and perfect blur out powder. This is a very finely milled talc free translucent powder. It has a flip top lid to contain the powder thats […]


So the first thing Im going to do is apply moisturizer to my skin. Now my Skins quite dry at the moment, so I will be applying, although this might not actually seem like a lot to some of you, but I will be applying more than I normally would, because my skin is normally […]

Trisha Paytas skincare line is a MESS…

It seems, like things are even messier than the first time around its a mess so lets get into it. Back in 2021, Trisha Paytas launched her very first skincare line called Trish skin. The brand took a lot of people by surprise because Trisha has been super open about not really having a skincare […]

I WAS SHOCKED by the Worlds Most Popular Beauty Brands and Products!

Welcome back to my channel where skin care is all about progression over perfection., Because perfection doesnt exist.. I want to do something that I should have done like late last year, but I think its kind of interesting going into the New Year and I want to look at the worlds most popular beauty […]

NEW RARE BEAUTY POSITIVE LIGHT COLLECTION REVIEW | highlighter, under eye brightener and more!

Thank you. So much for being here, as you can see by the title today, were gon na try out the whole brand new collection from rare Beauty. I have every shade of the highlighter as well as a brush. I also have the under eye brightener, as well as a new shade of the […]

The Worst Product Review on the Internet

Do jalapeno put a little cilantro in there. All I taste is jalapeno tomato and cilantro internet product reviews, saving people all across the world from buying useless products every single day at least uh. Sometimes now I say sometimes because While most reviewers have their fellow consumer in mind, some people will just say […]

New Makeup 2023 Drugstore Finds | Review and Wear Test

Today its all about new makeup 2023. All drugstore finds. Lets jump in to the eyebrows. A new release from e.l.f.. This is their new Soap Brow. Its supposed to have a matte finish with firm hold, and you pretty much have to activate it. Using water Im. Just gon na use my Jones Road, […]

I Tried YOUR Favorite Drugstore Makeup Products! OMG!

So, aside from just hearing my thoughts on these products, youll be able to see each of them up close and in action and last thing before we jump into it. This video was actually inspired by a video that Kelly Gooch recently posted on her channel. So I will list that video below, so […]