Glass Skin Secret Sulwhasoo Ist Care Activating Serum

Thank you. So much for your support. Thank you for your love. Thank you for being part of this wonderful, amazing family. I really love and appreciate you all so much and i pray god bless you all and i dont know what to say. God bless you all fulfill all your heart desires everything […]

IPSY Soft Chic Limited Edition Mystery Glam Bag

If you are new here, thanks for stopping by my name is cece, and today we have a new ipsy mystery bag. To take a look at, is this going to be another episode of i wasted my money, so you dont have to lets find out. So this is the soft chic mystery bag. […]

IPSY Glam Bag Plus May 2022

We have today the ipsy glam bag plus bag for may 2022. I love this bag. I think people a lot of people are in love with this months. Bag thats. Just oh, i love that print. I dont know whats up with ipsy and boxycharm. I had subscribed to boxycharm uh for a month […]


This is such a teeny little box, probably the smallest boxycharm box – that ive ever gotten, but i mean thats fine, no need for the waste in shipping materials, but so this is a monthly beauty subscription box, and this is the lowest price point in boxycharm. I think were up to maybe like […]

Full Review + Test Ketahanan Somethinc DNA Airbrush Breathable Powder Foundation

My name is Feeling kalian yang parlente laku Hai, guys tumit, you Aku adalah content creators, bidang PT, halterneck style di video, kali ini, setelah, aku, pakai, produk ini, selama, dua, bulan, akhirnya, aku, mau review, inilah produk dari, something namanya DNA brush suitable powder foundation, ini adalah, compact Powder slime Aku mau review, Aku […]

Products that are helping me to get Rid of my Hyperpigmentation & Marks

So if youve been following me from a while, you might have seen in my previous makeup videos as well, that i had severe hyperpigmentation or like around my mouth area and even i had a lot of like acne, acne marks and stuff. And that was because you know sometime back, i did face […]

Honest Review | Kesh king oil and shampoo results | how to stop hair fall | In 2 months result |

. People have often started paying attention to things like baldness graying of hair, along with their beauty. sorry, it is not easy to take care of hair, But the question is: can hair be taken care of in an easy way? Can hair graying be prevented? There are many questions and the answer is […]

5월 신상템 살까말까?🔥헤라/에뛰드/베네피트/얼터너티브스테레오

For this month, Im going to review new foundation and lip products too. Without further ado lets get it.. The first item of May is a new lip product from ALTERNATIVE STEREO.. Its the Acoustic Matt Balm. ALTERNATIVE STEREO is a rising brand known for its unique product design.. If you think this is like […]

Pinklipps Lumi Balm Lip Tint in Dream Review

Today i have this pink lips: cosmetics, lumi, balm, lip tint in the shade dream: okay, im a little confused because the ipsy app and the ipsy card says lumi balm lip tint, but this says pink lips, tinted, balm and dream. Then it says velvet lipstick, oh gosh, but this is a brand that […]

Have Oily Skin? Try This Simple Morning Skincare Routine! | Skincare with Susan Yara

You can see. Ive got my headband on im in my bathroom and im gon na do a morning, skincare routine, for oily skin, so lets get into it Music. Before i get into the skincare routine. I really want to point out that this is not my personal skincare routine. I have dry skin, […]