CAN I USE LASH SERUM on MY BROW ❓ // EyeLash Serum

Bedankt dat, je vandaag bij me bent gekomen. Kun, je je laatste serum op, je voorhoofd gebruiken Fantastische vraag. Ik, ga, je vandaag vier punten geven en als, je dat doet kan, je oog voortijdig verouderen. Dus, je wilt deze, video bekijken., Ik, ga door De vier punten aan het einde van de video. Ik, […]

Fresh Face Full Coverage Glowy Makeup Using New Products! | Christen Dominique

That is bad. It is all really really good im. Also, sharing with you how to use my concealers and my new setting powders and im just really excited for you guys to see the outcome whats on my face right now. So before i get into the video dont forget to subscribe to my […]


Basically, if youre not sure what this is im just going to show you what ive used up and if ill repair, just a quick, yes or no lets hope its that um, so yeah ill be giving a really fast. Quick fire review on these ive got a lot to get through. So lets […]

Beginners Makeup To Cover Dark Spots & Under Eye Circles

I dont know exactly when you guys will get this video, but im gon na do my best to get it to you. As soon as i can okay, i am getting ready for church its actually on a sunday. What prompted me to do this video numero uno is a lot of people are […]

Tresluce Beauty La Flor de Mexico Eyeshadow Palette Review, Swatches & Tutorial

This is the la flor de mexico shadow palette, and i got this in my may. 2022 boxy charm premium box, so that unboxing is up here on youtube. Now, if you havent seen it yet, but ive been getting a lot of tres lucey beauty products in both ipsy and boxycharm lately, and i […]

Best Wholesale Cosmetics shop in T.nagar chennai Branded Cosmetics shop/ online shopping Available

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Dermefface FX7 Review❌Don't buy without watching this video⚠️

This review im going to tell you everything about dermaface fx7. You can even find other reviews on dermaface fx7, but pay close attention to this video until the end, because ill give two important warnings. First, i want to say what is dermaface fx7 about if it is dangerous, if it has side effects, […]

Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits New Formula Review & Swatches

If you do want to see a review and a demo, then please keep watching as a huge favor. If you like, this video, give it a thumbs up and comment anything down below, i greatly appreciate it. I read all the comments and i will do my best to reply back. Kylie is currently […]

what's in my travel makeup bag | louis vuitton nice nano

That way, im out the door and seeing all the sights that i need to see. I have two bags right here. One is my makeup bag and the other one is my little bag for my tools and for my makeup bag. I opted for the louis vuitton nice nano. I know that a […]


This is honestly one of the most requested videos. Ive gotten on my channel ive, actually tried to film this video. A couple of times – and i just didnt like how it came out so i was like you know what our times the charm lets go ahead and get into the video Music. […]