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6 Affordable Surplus Firearms In 2021 com in westfield indiana and you are watching marksmen tv welcome back to another gun store vlog now. Last week we did a video talking about how the prices of a lot of surplus firearms in the surplus market as a whole is definitely reaching new heights, and the […]

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My MORNING ROUTINE in English -LEARN ENGLISH for Beginners. Spanish and English Subtitles Remember m gon na try to speak very slowly, so you can understand better., So welcome to my morning routine. I apologize in advance for being bare faced. You know i havent done my makeup because I do my makeup in the […]

Glowy Skin Without Makeup | Glowing Skin Makeup

I received the parcel lets open and see. Whats inside I was asked to review MK Cosmetics, So I decided to order from sale.. Packing seems good. Its taped inside as well Mk is written on the box and I dont. The full form of this abbreviation Made from recycled paper is written on the […]

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What's the Deal With the Milani Color Fetish Lipsticks? (Original vs Matte Formula!) At the moment i have the milani color fetish lipsticks. I have two from the new nudes collection, which is a matte formula and six of the originals so ill be doing lip swatches of all of these share my thoughts as […]

Booya Tries NEW LIP TINT by Detail Cosmetics! (and a bunch of other stuff)

I have been busy the past week, but im so excited now to get down to business. Swatch, the newest detailed cosmetics, the water tins, pero bagua, hogai, smog, swatched and reviewed in detail, cosmetics, water tents, recent product launches, so first brand that we have here is from ann clothes, beauty, solutions, hi, mommy […]


Atividades dirigidas de Português – pp. 17, 36 e 37. Do r e como Aranha ento Riacho um, som mais, forte, Aranha um, som mais fraco ento, o primeiro trava lnguas ele tem todos, os erres com, o mesmo, som de riacho Vamos ouvir novamente, rato roer roer percebeiro, rato roer roer Riacho ento, o […]

Catrice Bronze Away To ..Collection | Full Face Using NEW Catrice Products | Julia's B Beauty

when ive been to vienna last week. I was heading to their counter and i was able to see they have a new limited edition. Collection called bronze away chew and they have in this collection few products. Now what i picked up for todays video, i picked up the bronze away to maui, which […]

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MY HUSBAND DOES MY VOICEOVER | get ready with me I was trying to cover it. I have undergarments on. This has been a video that i feel like weve wanted to film for forever or that you guys have actually requested for forever. If you click the title, you know whats happening. Oh thats, […]

GRWM FOR THE BEACH + REVIEW: La Roche Posay Eco-Conscious Tube Hydrating Lotion Face&Body Sunscreen

So, as you can see, i am on a vacation and i thought it would be really fun to film a get ready with me for the beach, and i wanted to show you what sunscreens i brought with me to the vacation and what exactly everything that im. Using before going to the beach […]


She had a product in her bathroom and i was like really lets check out the labeling im going to be really intrigued by this. So then that led to me thinking, i wonder how many of you are fooled by this, as well as fill the right world. Maybe maybe not correct me if […]