Tata Tiago NRG Detailed Walk around Review – Autoportal

Well, my name is ashish masi youre, of course, watching an auto portal, and this here is the 2021 tata tiago nrg. Now, basically, when you look at this car, youll think that tata motors send the thiago to the gym and it came back all hulked up and youre right, because this car looks […]

silk finish lipstick

TESTING £2 LIPSTICKS…ARE THEY GOOD ENOUGH?! WET'N'WILD SILK FINISH LIPSTICKS REVIEW – ALL COLOURS Oh my god, hi guys welcome back to my channel. I hope everyone is doing good so for todays video, its so funny, because i actually forgot that i purchased these. I purchased these two pound lipsticks last year and um […]

Makeup Products I Have Hit Pan On #5 | SHINY BOTTOMS

I think its part four, i cant remember youll, see it on the title of uh, some pan. In my collection, as you guys know, i have been sharing with you guys. Some pan that i have been sharing or have been hitting, i should say throughout my project pans, are just naturally using up […]


You know why do i not talk about certain products on my channel that are here theyre my makeup, theyre things that i love sometimes things that maybe im trying to do and for one reason or another i just havent talked about them. So i wanted to show you those, but i wanted to […]

TESTING HOT NEW MAKEUP… what's ACTUALLY worth your money?

A lot of makeup were testing it out today. If you watched the huge pr makeup, unboxing video, we did a few videos back. You know that we have a ton of new makeup to test out. Oh so its gon na be first impression, im, basically gon na just feel around in that giant […]

ARE YOUR CURLY HAIR PRODUCTS CAUSING ACNE? (causes, symptoms and solutions)

9 of the content on this channel is dedicated towards hair care, you know the dead strands of keratin fiber that may be curly that also hang dangerously close to our face. Well, it just might be that some of the hair care products that you and me have been using could be perpetuating, or […]

bamboo beach jamaica

Carnival Horizon 2018 Western – Part 3: Ocho Rios, Bamboo Beach Club, Mega Deck Party – ParoDeeJay Oh good morning we are in the Jimmy I got to de poche or Els rob to get some breakfast think were doing. Some burritos were going on an excursion to bamboo beach, clever theres, a scorpion youre […]

allure beauty box october 2017

Live Unboxing of the Sept Allure Beauty Box Sorry for the delay, but were here now so Im so excited to be partnering up with the lure beauty box to do this, unboxing video for you so amazing its the September box. Now heres the great thing about a lord. If you did not know […]

Makeup Haul | BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette Review

I picked up some stuff from bh cosmetics. Actually, it was a mistake because i really was supposed to buy some stuff from um coastal scents um. I bought some brushes a couple of years ago and those brushes i still have a couple of them from that brush set that i bought. So i […]

milani bare necessities

Milani Bare necessities palette review! Brush and finger swatches! If you are new to my channel hello, my name is Jessie and today I will be doing a review about Milan, Es everyday eyes, eyeshadow collection and bare necessities. And if you want to know what I think about this palette just go ahead and […]