Review dan tutorial lengkap Make Up Mizzu Cosmetics | Mizzu Cosmetics

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Popular Men's Skin Care that is ACTUALLY Good

, Welcome to skincare with Hyram.. If you dont know who I am my name is Hyram and Im passionate about teaching you how to perfect your skincare routines. So make sure you subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell. So you can see my videos every single week. Yall. My eyes are […]

Swatching "Realest steal my tints" by REALEST COSMETICS + Review

I know i mean realist is still my themes by realis cosmetics, Music Music is Music foreign, Music, foreign Music, so Music, Music, Music first here is Music, so in terms of packaging super late product in ghanian, and what i like about this um is my Music Music.

TYNT BEAUTY Brow Gel in Clear Review

Today, im really excited to try out this brow gel in clear from the brand t y n t. I think this brand is called tint, but im not familiar with this brand. I hadnt heard of them before, but i chose this product for my august 2021 ipsy glam bag, which, if you have […]

hot clicks

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Review For Pomade Eyebrow😉 and trying their product 😜

Welcome back to my youtube video we are going to unbox my car, so i want to go. Music is Music Music, Music, Music; Music, i thought is Music, Music, foreign, Music, uh, Music, um, Music, um, Music, Music, okay, Music Music is foreign Music, Music, Music, Music, oh blue, Music, wow, Music, Music, okay, […]

Top 10 SECRETS to Save $$$ on Makeup & Beauty Products

I thought this was a good time to put this video in because i just did a huge darlington, duds roundup and you all saw tons of products just flying across your screen and im sure many of you were wondering, oh, my goodness. How could she afford to buy all those products so im […]


I also think i dont use that many products, so i think we should see how many products i really use and how long it really takes. So what im going to do? First is im going to wash my face, start totally fresh and do skincare makeup less than five minutes ready ready. Just […]

Post Makeup Skincare In details | Step By Step Skincare🧴

This is me tina and today im going to show you post makeup skincare in details. You need to remove your makeup always and have to do skincare. After that always dont skip this particular step. If you want to know how i achieved this particular look, so uh you can watch my previous video. […]

Doctor V – How To Combine Actives | Skin Of Colour | Brown Or Black Skin

So this whole channel is dedicated skin of color, the reason being that our melanocytes are larger and they are easier to trigger this means, one scratch one bite or one burn and we hyperpigment. Unfortunately, the vast majority of skincare on the market was made for caucasian skin and so for skin of color, […]