nyx vault soft matte

NYX Soft matte lip cream vault II | SWATCHES + CONCOURS !!! Juste huawei, je suis juste trop tonn, je suis trop contente de cette belle volution, je suis trop heureuse davoir pu vraiment, tendre, ma communaut quon soit, plus nombreux quon partage plein de choses ensemble a me fait: tellement tellement plaisir de vous, […]

TOPICALS FADED REVIEW – The Best Hyperpigmentation Treatment

This has got to be the most frequently requested review that you guys send me possibly the last six months, but maybe even further back than that, and i think it all comes down to the fact that this product has been hyped online loads of people are calling It the very best treatment and […]

Self care routine | Hygiene, skin care + more

I always detangle my hair before i deep condition it and then im just going to go and apply a generous amount of this hydrating plus repair protein treatment by shea moisture and just massage it into my hair. I love this hair mask because it really moisturizes my hair. It leaves it feeling so […]


Pixelsearch of the woman that the phone will, the fear of Everything About apologized to warm up and down by time. Time time is it love show All My Taking care of My Hair paid Apps is make up with low, but the pentagon in todays. My way of learning to speak advantage of the […]

The BEST Undereye CONCEALER for MATURE Skin!

I am so excited about todays video because in it im going to be reviewing what is hopefully, the replacement concealer for our holy grail discontinued concealer, which was lancome mackie complete. So since that was discontinued a few months ago, i have been frantically trying all kinds of other concealers to find a replacement […]

If I Could Only Keep 10 Products… Top 10 Skincare Favorites! AM + PM Skincare Routines

Sometimes i have very sensitive skin im acne prone, so i feel like i have a million things going on at once, and i never really know how my skin is going to be behaving when i wake up in the morning. So i very much flex and choose different products based on that, so […]

Tata Tiago NRG Detailed Walk around Review – Autoportal

Well, my name is ashish masi youre, of course, watching an auto portal, and this here is the 2021 tata tiago nrg. Now, basically, when you look at this car, youll think that tata motors send the thiago to the gym and it came back all hulked up and youre right, because this car looks […]

silk finish lipstick

TESTING £2 LIPSTICKS…ARE THEY GOOD ENOUGH?! WET'N'WILD SILK FINISH LIPSTICKS REVIEW – ALL COLOURS Oh my god, hi guys welcome back to my channel. I hope everyone is doing good so for todays video, its so funny, because i actually forgot that i purchased these. I purchased these two pound lipsticks last year and um […]

Makeup Products I Have Hit Pan On #5 | SHINY BOTTOMS

I think its part four, i cant remember youll, see it on the title of uh, some pan. In my collection, as you guys know, i have been sharing with you guys. Some pan that i have been sharing or have been hitting, i should say throughout my project pans, are just naturally using up […]


You know why do i not talk about certain products on my channel that are here theyre my makeup, theyre things that i love sometimes things that maybe im trying to do and for one reason or another i just havent talked about them. So i wanted to show you those, but i wanted to […]