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The BULLY is BACK, He Came To The PLAYGROUND | FamousTubeFamily Nope not around here. Where are they at come on? Show me show yourselves whos laughing huh, oh youre, on the playground, youre having too much fun. Other side of my eyes is right. Whats up, i want you to get off the swing […]


They do not add any value to your skin and in fact they just increase the amount of time and money of your skincare routine. In this, video were going to talk about the products that you absolutely do not need in your skincare routine, because they are a waste of money, but im always […]

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PERFUMES THAT MAKE ME HAPPY! | some of my current favorites If this is the first video that youre seeing of mine, hi hello, im skylar nice to meet you. I hope that you would stay here and subscribe because i would love to have you here. Welcome welcome welcome, join the family, so um […]


Unfortunately, these long hold super hold hairsprays hair gels. They can definitely put a lot of wear and tear on your edges. If you wear your hair, pulled back really tight and you use a long hold hairspray or hair gel. It can contribute to breakage of the edges, otherwise known as traction alopecia. I […]

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TESLA ARABA ÖDÜLLÜ YENİ NFT PROJESİ! SANATÇILAR TARAFINDAN OLUŞTURULAN ORİCA NEDİR? Milyon dolarlk bir ey varm, hakikat deeri, varm ha krep, bir, buuk, milyon, oray, neredeyse, dolamda, dolamdaki, az, 300, 300 bin dolar da piyasa deeri 15 milyon dolar ise tamamen, seyreltilmi, piyasa, deeri, dir, burda, ise, jetonu, ad oreka, oray, belirli, BSC ondalk, saylarda, […]

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Real Food vs Pop It Food!!! Click that sky button give me a huge thumbs up today. You guys we are doing a real food versus fidget food to be more suspended cake. We are doing puppet food and you guys may have already noticed that i have some metal good tape on my forehead, […]

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SUB) 일주일 옷입기, 코로나 백신 후기 💉, 양산 추천, 주말엔 요리하는 브이로그, 헤롯백화점 직구 Matching this with blue clothes brings out the color. Well Flip flops I bought recently. It has these heels, so its very comfy Im gon na go out like this. On the way to have lunch. I bought an umbrella because […]

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🇧🇴 🇪🇨SER MITAD COREANA MITAD BOLIVIANA / COREANA ECUATORIANA Se saben cmo va a ser este vdeo vamos, a entrevistar, a estas dos hermosas as que aqu ya empezar con el vdeo el nombre es bora estoy con jana me cri en ecuador, esto es ecuador, por unos 18 aos despus me mud, a mxico […]

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What's Up Nails Floral Stamping Compilation || Nail Art || caramellogram Try to leave a list of all the products that im going to use in the description box below in case youre, wondering and ill also try to include some timestamps in the description as well. In case you want to skip to a […]

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NEW RALPH LAUREN ROMANCE LE PARFUM REVIEW | Soki London This is a new one from their romance range, which has been out since 1998. They have their original eau de parfum, but this is a new interpretation. Thats just come out now in 2021, so im going to be giving you my first impressions […]