dubai vs new york

Here's why Dubai is BETTER than London, New York and Paris! This is straight from the camels mouth. My name is Tim Skinner and today, Im being joined by hi Im, Emily Evans and Im Scott Campbell on todays showed by smashes London, New York and Paris in a global quality of life index. We […]

Hello Glow Advance Rejuvenating Set 1 month review | Only Rejuv in Watsons

If you are new here, dont forget to subscribe and hit the notification bell down below for like updates and subscribe. So this time guys im going to share another video another brand nanaman – and this is really good for our skin because one month ago and now, Music quality products. So yes, guys, […]


I havent made a video in about three weeks. Almost a month. I decided to take a little time for myself and also just spend time with my kids and just enjoy the summer. Ive been up to a bunch of things, i also dyed my hair, as you guys can see, but anyway, in […]

TRYING Cheap vs. Expensive Beauty Products!

I got a little cash, a little sour match to meet the girl of my attorneys. Like a beauty queen from a magazine, i got ta take my chance that door swung open wide here: shes, crazy, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music, shes, crazy, shes, crazy Applause, beautiful Applause. You know what i mean: she […]


I freaking went to nordstroms wreck okay because i heard one of you guys, one of the sneaky snakes. The drama queens told me that the shane dawson jeffree star makeup collaboration, was at that location, so i went down there. I have all the receipts and deleted tweets im freaking shook girl and i […]


Okay, first, let me introduce myself. My name is erasticity maryam, and here i will be. I will be bringing a presentation about profile, paragon technology and innovation. About paragon paragon is an indonesian buick company, with the purpose of creating a greater good for society. Through innovation, the company was founded under the name […]

VLOG #24 ISSY & CO. Makeup Review | Jayvie Bumatay

Nato plus dermatology is tested, so absorption and dermatologist. So ion and um products is Music: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, um, Music, foreign Music, my Music Music, Music, foreign Music, oh Music them Music, mmm, Music, Music, Music, Music, mom, Music. Music is Music Laughter, huh, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music. My […]

Chemist Reviews BEST MINERAL SUNSCREENS for DARK SKIN | No White Cast | part 2 ♡ April Basi

So, if youre interested in that definitely hit that, like button for me down below subscribe to the channel gently family because im here every week every week, talking about skincare all right yall, as you guys can tell this, video will be all about sunscreens physical sunscreen. Since i made my last video here […]

How to Easily Start a Skincare Business From Home

You should concentrate on the types of products you want to create. The requirements for starting a skincare business are similar to those starting any other small businesses. The most significant distinction is that cosmetics are governed by the fda under the federal food, drug and cosmetic act. This means that your cosmetic must be […]

M.Q. Cosmetics Matte me up liptint Review

I bien no s: para dnde vamos, a terminar Msica vice casi igual Msica expandir la escarcha, Msica, los mayas y Msica s, s Msica, Msica de nuevo. S que es el nico as es 7. Margarita ivn canta mejor hola, ah y es, como una ya, sabemos que tiene como un destino porque no […]