गर्दन, घुटने, अंडर आर्म, का कालापन जड़ से खत्म हो जाएगा👁 वीडियो जरूर देखना नहीं तो जीवन भर पछताओगे

How are you all Many of my subscribers ask questions that our underarm and private area is so dark? What should we do So guys if your intimate area is dark, so its totally natural? But if do not properly take care of your skin, then your private area will become more dark day by […]

Amazon Find Must Have: Joligrace Makeup Kaboodle ~ Cosmetic Organizer Review ~

So i have it lifted all tall and nice, as you can see the shelves and then you can see it from a better angle this way and how it looks. So. My lord concealer palette use it on a regular basis, is going in here and i have down in here. Look at my […]

Dark Circles Eye Cream | Magical Snake Dip Eye Cream | Does It Work?

Its a Japanese or Korean product, not sure its not mentioned Its viral on YouTube. They apply is and the dark circles vanish, just like that., Puffiness and wrinkles disappear, and what not, Whenever I tried to play ARY digitals drama, the ad of the dip would pop up. So I clicked and bought it. […]

sophia rosa

Pilates for New Beginnings Today we are going to work through a pilates for new beginnings session, so the routine is just designed to get you moving its something you can pick up and put down whenever you feel like and whenever you feel like. You need to restart or refresh its just something to […]

Natural makeup look for summers and rainny season

If you can see Nyana eyeshadow, Sadikin, happy shopping and one of such skin By the way lah klo andalusi, Kuningan, Majalengka, p, n opmerking, Nesya Euro olip, bhineka.com, tapi weh, so hino.co.id laki, laki, tebel, Polri, enggak, boleh, South America, Aku nyari, udah, oldrich Jono, using a much Higher from pole, endoplasma from.net dan […]

Huge Skincare Empties (feat. SKIN1004, Paula's Choice, Isntree, PURITO, Rovectin…)

It has been months since ive done one. So i have accumulated um quite a number of products. I feel like ive mentioned the products here and there in different videos. Like skincare reviews and etc, so im hoping that todays video is going to be short and sweet despite the number of products that […]

First Impressions and Review: PINK FLASH COSMETICS! | Luraine Resando

This is a brand that ive been wanting to try out for a long time. So here is the video for today, its been a while, since ive last played with makeup two, i had fun with trying out all these products. This is how it looks already and im super impressed with some of […]

Dentitox Pro Supplement Review 2021 : I have been cheated on😠😡😠

My name is robin and i feel shy to speak in camera and mayak, so i used this awesome voice to make this unbiased review, which will helping you to choose a right product. I bought and used dentatox pro for a couple of weeks now and after using it, i thought i should make […]


I also like to get rid of products that are expired as well to get rid of the old and to make room for your new stuff. So i accumulated quite a bit over the weekend and i have a bag here, full of stuff. So, of course, im going to share everything that i […]

My Kylie Skin & Kylie Cosmetics Collection

Ive recently become obsessed. I made up for the fact that its now available in the uk and ive waited so long to try it all. So i want to show you my favorites from the cosmetics collection and the skincare and show you what products i think are really worth trying out what ones. […]