ice cream lab beverly hills

Ice Cream Lab Madison Pickens & Sydney Patton This is Madison hi, Im Sydney and were about to do our ice cream on she doesnt. Let her look fabulous just got my rice in it all right got my roots of nice in one cup got one cats: okay, take the temperature about fair, not […]

Marine collagen peptides review

Research and collagen is a protein found in connective tissues of animals. However, marine collagen, which is what this is a source from the scales of fish that are caught in the wild honestly, i had no idea of what the product was all about and took me a while to wrap my head around […]

How To Keep Your “Flower” Fresh & Smooth At ALL Times 🌸

I wanted to show it, but the camera angle is just not going to work out for it to be in the video, so my hair is so dead im getting a haircut in a few days, hopefully because its just so lifeless on the end excited to show You guys that okay, so today, […]

||Dupe alert: sugar arch arrival brow definer vs blueheaven walk free eye brow stick || in bengali

We shouldnt be shown affordable, uh, sugar, cosmetic stuff price, so for 99, rupees to expensive side a are due to it: productive, be foreign Music, hey, Music, hey, Music, hey, Music, final opinions because attacking the bishop to less pigmented.

The Only Truly Beauty Products You Should Check Out!

So before we get into this, video make sure you subscribe to my channel if you havent already, because i do post new videos here every week, and i also did a full, truly beauty review of all the products that i bought with my money, which ill go Ahead and link that in the […]

Erborian BB vs CC cream – Which is better? | Skin Obsessed Mary

I wanted to put these two head to head to see which one works best for my skin and my lifestyle lets check it out. Hi guys welcome back to my channel for those that are new here: im mary im 50 years old, and i do videos mostly about skincare and skin health, although […]

Ancient Cosmetics Body Oil, Body Scrub & Bath Bomb Review | Black Owned and Vegan Handmade

So if youre interested stay tuned and if youre new come join, this game hit that notification bell do all that good stuff, because what its 2021, its up and its like period lets get into this video. So the first thing that i have is this eyeglass bath bomb. You guys ive never used […]

thing one makeup

Thing One Makeup Tutorial/ Halloween On a Budget It can be done, it can be done. They can do anything. Anything anything under the Sun if your nerves are getting nervous and your house is topsy turvy. They are always at your service thing, two and thing one hi guys and welcome to my channel. […]

DTLEYE Coloured Contact Review On Dark Eyes | Polar Lights Series

So today i have a contact review video for you guys. A company reached out to me wanted to send me some of their contacts to review. They launched like a new line and you guys know i dabble in the contact world um. I have really dark brown eyes, so i decided. Let me […]

BLACK OWNED BUSINESS HAUL | Natural Skin Care & Beauty | AllThingsDejaNicole

I have a few different hauls on my channel, but this is going to be a different haul, in particular, because im going to be starting to highlight and feature some black owned businesses on my channel. So i do have some beauty products here. Three brands in particular that im going to be highlighting […]