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EsCapE The Police Officer DriVing Pink Remote Control Car! It looks awesome. What does it do? Thats. A good question i dont know well lets find out just start pushing buttons. I wonder what the forward button does it didnt do anything here. Let me try im going right. Oh man, it didnt work for […]

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NEW Pond's Jelly Moisturizer (Watermelon, Orange, & Aloe Vera) REVIEW | PHILIPPINES So it has a hundred percent natural origin extract, a hundred percent alcohol, free, paraben, free and dermatologically tested, so its an oil free, gel moisturizer enriched with 100 natural origin, watermelon extract for smooth and glowing skin for a day, freshen and […]

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Wack 100 DOUBLES DOWN & Gives Proof that Jim Jones is a "Federal Informant" *Game Over* Now this is the worst week for jim jones. Man. Im not gon na lie now, just this week he had the versus battle in which dipset lost, and then he fell off the stage during that versus battle. […]

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SCHNELL UND LANGFRISTIG ABNEHMEN – VERMEIDE DIESE FEHLER | Coach Seyit Ich das hier auf meinem youtube kanal und du profitierst, davon viel, spa, bei, dem, video der sommer, steht vor der tr oder du willst in den urlaub fliegen in den kommenden wochen vielleicht willst du auch einfach nur schnell abnehmen jeder von uns, […]

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MY NATURAL HAIR MUST HAVES…RIGHT NOW! | MUST WATCH! | Amazon, Ulta, & More! Now the whole intro im about over it. These are gon na, be my intros. Now, whatever i come on here and say, i wanted to quickly its gon na be a quick video. Every time i said its gon na […]

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SHIBA INU: Coin Bereau FASCINATED With Shiba Inu & How it Can Boost Shib Price to $0.05 4 woo suk was open. The 5 ows c venu object into towers, poi francisco to other towers, cooler, n1 rolex, not one to rotate it to water or crown xti 5 or to die. I know inside […]

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CUTE MOMENTS 2 with my THIRSTY GIRLFRIEND (FORTNITE) Today i have some funny cute and sus moments with my girlfriend. I hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure to smash the like button and subscribe. If you want more, i dont know what else to say: im just stalling time. Bye baby. Can you […]

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Climate change IPCC report is 'code red for humanity', UN scientists say – BBC News Environmental experts have called it a massive wake up call to governments to cut emissions. 234 authors from 66 countries have worked on the landmark assessment. The report says global average temperature rise could reach or exceed 1.5 degrees celsius […]

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Things Goes Left Visiting 55th Street Featuring "Crip Mac". Okay, ill, tell you what it says right here there. This is the trenches right here when it all goes down right. This is it its the alley from around here you get put on. You come in the back, okay, this is going back towards […]

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The Best Skincare Products You've Never Heard Of! 😱 , Because perfection doesnt exist., Listen Ive been around in the skincare world for a while now and Ive tried so many different brands. Products brands send me their stuff and sometimes a product lands on my doorstep and Im like what is this. Who is […]