Jeffree Star is now jumping in on the teams: Selena, train and hes. Taking it one step further Jeffrey, absolutely dragged Haleys skincare brand Road, and we have to talk about it, its a mess so lets get into it. Ever since all this drama with Haley blew up, more and more people have been paying attention to her skincare brand Road. Haley has a lot of eyes watching her social media accounts right now and shes, taking the opportunity to constantly push her brand and try to turn a negative situation into a positive for her. Although Im sure all the hate and backlash hasnt been the best thing for her, you can bet people have found Roe throughout this whole situation and Im sure its garnered her at least a few sales. Well, the attention roads been getting might not actually be the best thing. People have been coming across quite a few negative reviews for Road, and some of them are kind of concerning in my video. For a few days ago, we talked about people having issues mainly with the peptide lip treatments, so many customers were complaining about dry lips and burns from it, and some people were even getting grainy pieces in their lip treatment. My lips are currently dying thanks to the rode, peptide lip treatment, and all of these reviews were long before the Haley and Selena drama broke out. These reviews were starting to be dug up because of the drama and people wanted to know the truth were people having a bad reaction because of an allergy were they using the product wrong theres, so many mixed reviews with some people, loving it and swearing by it And then we have the people claiming it literally destroyed their lips and the same goes for the rest of her line.

We didnt talk about this in my last video, but theres also been people claiming that the glazing fluid broke them out and gave them a horrible reaction. I got my Road in the mail, I got the peptide serum and the barrier restore cream, and at first I was like oh. This is so nice, like in the three weeks that I was using it two and a half three weeks. Whatever I had more pimples than Id gotten in like the past three months, Im kidding like I have one here, and I had a few over here that finally cleared up my skin care routine did not change aside from the row. I wanted to love it. So bad, but I just do not think its doing anything for my skin. I think its just making my skin angry. It rubbed me out in a rash and one of the first people to come out about their negative experience with road was actually Morgan Adams. She had a horrible experience with the glazing, fluid and it completely broke her skin out, and then this is the one that everyone Graves about: the glazed donut the peptide glazing thing. So I got these in the mail. I was so excited to try them because everyone was raving about Miss Haley, Biebers, skin care line. Okay, now that I have emotionally recovered from this, I will show you pictures of what Haley Biebers skincare line did to my skin. It did not make me a glowy ooey, gooey, glazed donut.

It gave me skin rashes that bled for days and days and days and days, and it took an entire month for my face to feel normal again. I would have been better off rubbing straight bleach on my face, so if youre wondering, if you should go through the hassle of buying Road Beauty, dont but everyones skin is different. This isnt a makeup product, its skin care and everyones skin, has different needs and its going to react differently, but people still wanted a true and honest review. Most reviews of rode are all people whove been sent PR. They try it out for like one second and theyre, like oh, my God, its the best thing ever. I want to see someone try it out for a good period of time and tell us everything The Good, the Bad and the Ugly well Jeffree Star announced on his Instagram that he was doing a review for Road and I thought maybe Jeffrey was gon na. Do just that youre missing out, but Jeffrey ended up, dragging Road dragging Haley and tossing her bran in the trash uh hi guys. This came in the mail, so I just got back from Paris. Ive been catching up here at the star. Yak Ranch and life has been really busy, so we are fully back to reviewing makeup and this came in the mail okay, so the packaging is so boring and then I open it up and girl. She literally looks like she wants to die like Focus.

Oh, my God, that face is like. Why did I do this? Why did I create a skincare brand so when youre privileged and you use daddys money and youve never worked a day in your life? I guess this is what were doing. Okay, you guys, I dont. Even know what to say, this is so boring Im, not even trying to be funny for once. This is what shes giving in this house. We are team Selena and we are team and not bullying. Anyone so were gon na skip todays review. Wait. She doesnt even deserve a pig trash can and just like Shawn Mendes said bye and Jeffrey actually got in a bit of trouble from Tick Tock over this video. It was taken down and held for review based on community guidelines and he went over on Instagram to rant about it. Oh a lot of you just alerted me that my review is gone. I just logged on The Tick Tock and it says under review. Ive never had this happen to a video, so I dont know what that means. I mean I do but like what whats whats offensive, my honesty did Haleys PR team already attack. It whats happening. The review is now back up and Jeffrey captioned, the video trying out hashtag Road skin by the bully and mean girl at Haley Bieber, and this isnt. The first time Jeffrey has dragged products from that friend group when Kylie first came out with her liquid lipsticks Jeffrey called Kylie out on her wands and tossed her products in the trash.

You guys know. I love Kylie, but look at this one Kylie Jenners makeup brand, and this is the quality so no offense to her, but these are garbage, but after Jeffrey posted, this review, a lot of people started to take a closer look and they think this wasnt PR people Think Jeffrey bought the road product himself just so he could have a viral moment and throw it in the trash and the whole reason they think that is because of the pr box. One person said thats, not a PR package. He literally bought it to make that ridiculous video. This is what an actual rode PR package looks like. I think that really fancy box is what the launch PR was sent in, because everyone on Tick Tock showing off their PR this year, is getting the shoebox looking type thing and honestly, I think so many PR packages are just ridiculously wasteful, so Im all for this Minimal packaging box wrote sent me a package, you heard it right and we are about to open this together, but Jeffrey ended up disclosing on his Instagram story that he did actually buy the package himself with his own money and it wasnt sent to him – and I Never said I got PR, I bought that with my own money and its also a tax write off so its basically free um, but I love buying makeup. I buy stuff all the time. Ive been buying stuff to review for 10 years.

So I guess some Twitter account said that it was a PR kit girl. I know I never claimed that stop it now. Theres been a lot of mixed reactions to Jeffreys Road reveal, obviously theres tons of people living for it, but theres also people who think he shouldnt be talking and they think that hate is going way too far. Now one comment under a video talking about Jeffreys review, says so embarrassing how people are doing exactly what they say. They hate it and Jeffrey is responding to the criticism over his review. I said what I had to say what I dont like is anyone trying to flip it on me, Jeffrey youre, bullying the bully? I just did an honest review and I just think its so amusing how hard people ride for these people, like you, think Haley gives us any of yall. She frighten yall, she aint messaging yall and she dont give a me because shes stacked its missing um, but no, I think that she just genuinely looks miserable. The skin care is awful um and it just looked like a shoebox. I was like, I guess, when you have no creativity and a lot of money and youve never worked hard thats, what its giving so its no hate its just the truth. The even announced that he would be reviewing rare Beauty over the weekend and he does say that the timing seems a bit odd, but a pays been behind on reviews in other news.

I am free all weekend in Wyoming and Im going to be reviewing rare Beauty. Finally, I know the timings a little bizarre um, but I was gone for a week in Paris. I tried to get a lot of reviews done and girl it didnt happen. I got a few done, so I have a lot of catching up to do and it doesnt seem, like things are changing yet for Haley. Prior to this all happening, Haley was starting to turn things around for herself. Everyone saw her as an IT girl, and everyone wanted her glazed donut Nails her hair her skin. Now the conversation is very different. Glamzilla recently announced that she was invited to go to a dinner party with Haley. On the very same day, Selena invited her to New York, Haley Bieber, just invited me to dinner. On the same day, Selena Gomez offered to fly me to New York. What do I do? I want to go to both and you guys can probably already guess what the comments are like. We had people saying things like Selena unless youre trying to get canceled as for Haley and Justin according to an inside source, theyre doing just fine and they dont plan on addressing anything anytime soon. Heres, why Justin Bieber wont be saying anything publicly about everything thats been going on between Haley and Selena? They go Haley and Justin are doing fine. They dont want to continually deal with this repetitive ongoing former relationship drama.

They are just taking things day by day and dont want this to be something that impacts them negatively. Justin knows that, speaking publicly about it will only amplify the situation and bring more attention to it, so they have been supporting each other privately and Im. Sure things will blow over for them. Selena has said multiple times that she wants people to consider everyones mental health and to be kind. So I think even Selena is hoping that things calm down a bit anyways guys. Let me know what you think about everything down below. Did you live for Jeffreys review? Did you find it Petty, and what do you think about this whole drama in general? Do you think some fans are taking it way too far and turn turning into the very thing they say they hate, or do you see no problem with it? Let me know and Ill see you next time.