I cant get day off to save my life. I cant get a viewer like on this video saved my life, honey, Jeffree stars and the drama again, and so here we are now Im in a different location. Uh. This video is very special because you know I was not gon na post today. In fact I worked on, we worked very hard on my new little reality show and I just posted it. Music Richs new spot is freaking amazing, which is this channel. So my other video was called. I changed my mind hold on um Cody um. Can you tell Moses um husband, would you bring me a water, the PA, to balance at 8.5 or higher? Thank you so much Cody and Moses take a little sip of my drum water before I get started. Lets see here. Ah, thank you so much! Okay! Well speaking of sponsors, this video is sponsored at the house by adamandeve.com. Thank you at on ebay.com for sponsoring this video, and you guys know, is not all about adult toys. They have condoms lubricants at a discount 50 off of yeast code richlux. No not actually response lets use code, Lux l, u x, yeah at adamandeve.com, and so many of you guys always tell me how much you love it and you send me pictures and videos and stuff that you bought. So if you feel so inclined you can send me stuff, you know what are you thinking about getting and uh yeah.

So let me know what you think about that and thank you so much to adamandeve.com for sponsoring this video. It has free shipping for United States and Canada, and a portion of the proceeds goes to help fight and find a cure for HIV and AIDS. So lets get on with this drama, all right, so Jeffree, Star posted a tick tock where hes reviewing the Haley Beaver Road makeup collection, hi guys this came in the mail, so I just got back from Paris. Ive been catching up here at the starjack, and life has been really busy, so we are fully back to reviewing makeup and this came in the mail okay, so the packaging is so boring and then I open it up and girl. She literally looks like she wants to die like Focus. Oh, my God. That face is like. Why did I do this? Why did I create a skincare brand so when youre privileged and you use daddys money and youve never worked a day in your life? I guess this is what were doing okay, you guys, I dont even know what to say. This is so boring Im, not even trying to be funny for once. This is what shes giving in this house. We are team Selena and we are team, not bullying anyone. So were gon na skip todays review, wait, she doesnt even deserve a pig trash can and just like Shawn Mendes said bye, uh hi guys – and I find it very interesting because when he posted the video it got deleted now its there now, but Tick Tock found It um under Review Guys good morning its been a few days since Ive been back from Paris.

Ive been catching up on the ranch, doing endless emails, chores assignments, um so its time to dive into makeup reviews again, so sit tight, buckle up, weve had a few days off to recharge and baby were back also its already mid march. This year is going by so quickly so a few times a year I like to just cleanse all the negativity and anyone that is evil out of my life, so its been nice to trim trim you negative fake, ass hoes um, but I feel amazing life is So great and dont let the demons get you. Okay. I just did a review on Tick Tock of Road skin by Miss Haley, if you dont, have tick tock, youre missing out. Oh a lot of you just alerted me that my review is gone. I just logged on The Tick Tock and it says under review. Ive never had this happen to a video, so I dont know what that means. I mean I do but like what whats whats offensive, my honesty did Haleys PR team already attack it. Whats happening. Okay, baby, we have an update. The Haley Bieber review is back on Tick, Tock click that button were not deleted. Okay, this is tonights plan Jesus. It took a while for The Tick Tock to post it so Jeffree, Star um. I said some some very interesting words where he talks about being positive and getting rid of negative energy. Then he goes and trashes Haley Biebers makeup line, so very contradicting so in one instagram story: hes saying, love and positivity and get away from the demons and just Ill just block out the negative Vibes right.

Then he says oh Haley, beavers makeups trash and throws it away in the trash. Can I need a review Sean Mendes said bye. I I found that to be funny because youre youre preaching about positivity and then youre trashing her makeup. I think that a 100 percent positive version would have been like Im, not even gon na talk about her stuff at all Im, not gon na give it no energy or no attention, I think, thats what he should have done, but thats that anyways so like. I was saying earlier: this was not the video I was gon na make today. The video I was gon na make today is called. I changed my mind, which is up now on my channel. It was a documentary or like a video like a fun. Little reality show that I made and we posted it on this channel. So you after you watch this go check it out. We worked so hard on. It drop a heart in the comments. Leave a comment leave a share whatever you want, and I was like all right: Im gon na leave that video up and Ill come back tomorrow with a drama video, because I always try to switch it up. You know give yall drama drama drama. Give you all something fun to watch, whether it be a music video, a little reality show Batman or something, and then we go back to our drama. So I was trying to create a little tent Paul moment.

I was trying to do something different, but Jeffree, Star and drama again. So here we are. I dont think that Jeffree Star is just some Dalai Lama sitting up in the mouses Wyoming all about like just peace and Tranquility, because if he truly was, he wont even talk about whats that last name Haley Bieber Selena Gomez has shook so Jeffree Star has Drew The line – and he needs to be careful because hes saying hes team Selena, but there have been many things that have been coming up. Okay, I have proof that Haley Bieber is copying Selena Gomez, so Selena Gomez used to date, Justin Bieber, right, Haley Bieber is married to Justin Bieber. Can you believe this okay and then Selena was wearing this shirt and then Haley was wearing this shirt? Things are getting way out of hand about Selena, Gomez and and her shadiness and her past and things that shes done and people are now seeing that Selena Gomez isnt so innocent as we thought she was so Jeffree Star is going to ride or die for Selena Gomez, he needs to watch out and be prepared whenever the tables turn and people start turning off. Selena Gomez, its gon na happen, girl people are already turning off Selena Gomez and Jeffree. Star has yet to review the Selena Gomez. Rare beauty, makeup, okay and I feel like now that he said Team Selena Gomez and now that he threw Haley Biebers makeup in the trash when Jeffree Star does his Selena Gomez review.

I think it might be a little biased when he does Selena Gomez rare Beauty, because its like okay, well, you know what Im saying I dont know well see because hes he said Jeffree Star said he was going to do a Selena Gomez makeup review because he Bought the makeup and hes yet to show it off so maybe hes uh gon na do it later on or maybe hes gon na skip it not do it at all, because Jeffree Star is very much the one to say one thing and do another because remember He said he was gon na spill, the tea on the beauty community and then he never. He never did it at all. This is very interesting. Take on it, okay, so I do want to say you know I love makeup, removing bomb. I like Jeffree stars makeup. Removing bomb which is sold online only I like the was it take the day off by was it is that Clinique whatever take the day off whatever I found another one, thats really good. This is a drugstore one, the Neutrogena one. It really works its not gon na break the bank and so and I Im a sucker for bougie makeup, bougie makeover moving bombs. I freaking love them. I love how you can just like take them and it just kind of really just gets rid of all the makeup girl and then todays bronzer. I use the brand new Lottie London.

I think it actually has like a center Im, not really a big fan of makeup, that yeah it smells like coconut or something, but the Lottie London. They send this to me in PR. So thank you for sending this to me. You get at Walmart for like six or seven bucks, but have it on right here, but anyways Ill have to say this. I wonder if Jeffree Star is going to review James Charles makeup when it comes out, because you know James Charles hes almost ready and then on top of that Jeffree Star must have some new makeup coming out and Jeffree Star has yet to talk about or celebrate The fact that Jaclyn Hill uh cozy brand is now an Oprahs approved things. So if Oprah Winfrey, which I dont even think Oprah, knows about Jaclyn Hill Im just going to put that out there – and I said this in another video yesterday – I dont think Oprah is in Jaclyn. I dont think that Jaclyn Hills on Oprahs radar and I dont think that Oprah knows who Jaclyn Hill is Im just saying I dont think so so that when I saw that Jaclyn Hills brand was on Oprahs, Favorite Things or Oprahs, whatever she paid to play, she Had to pay some money to get on that list and Im pretty sure now that Jeffree Star has probably seen it, maybe well see Jeffree, Star Cosmetics or Jeffree, Star pets or Jeffree Star something on Oprahs approved things, and you know.

I think that the beauty Community has come to this point where, even if you have a really good item or product its all pay to play, I really do feel that way. I feel like its all pay to play. You want to be on national TV. You know those segments where they talk about the hottest makeup right now. You want to be in a magazine its like pay to play at this point and hes like what happened to just user generated content. What we call ugc, where I can go on Tick, Tock and see a real person review, something thats not being paid thats, not being influenced just buy something and give it an honest review, and this is what separates the people on Tick, Tock and people like Jeffree Stars reviews so the fact that it was such a big deal, the fact that Jeffrey said that about Haley Bieber, because he also said that she was like a you know, Dad using Daddys money or whatever people trust Jeffree stars reviews. They dont trust michaelas as much Carl right, and I think this is such a great move for Jeffree Star, because the fact that Jeffree Star did the Haley Bieber bit and threw that thing in the trash can or whatever you know. I think that Michaela should have done that. I dont understand why Michaela has not reviewed Road Beauty and did it the way Jeffrey did. I think it would have like exploded, Jeffrey thats, a Checkmate that was a good move, that he did that but doesnt matter what I say or think about this drama.