If I had all the time in the world youre about to see what I would do over the years as Ive grown up. Obviously I went through a lot of breakouts through work through being on planes all the time wearing makeup a lot and taking it off every day and so its important to to keep clean hydrated and go through a routine. And as I head into my 30s Im trying to keep the baby face for as long as possible, firstly always set the tone, have a candle of some sort with me. I love scented candles, theyre everywhere, all over the house, all over every Hotel Im in because you spend a lot of time in hotels and if I can make it feel like home in any way possible thats what Ill do first step is Moose. This one is by Lenore, Grail and Ive, used this for probably three or four years now. This is where I get the big hair, so I get about that much. Is it a root with the tips of my fingers, just a tiny bit more and I just get it all in there get in the quiffs so make sure it stands up and then were ready to blow dry? Oh, I dont know if Ill ever dye the hair blonde again um. I went through that phase. I started dyeing my hair when I was like 12. to keep it. You have to do it every three four weeks sitting in a chair for hours and hours, and I was like nah Im done, Im going back to natural nail, hair blow dried and big now its time for skin dont know if its a myth, dont know if It works but Ive been doing a cold water splash.

I heard Lewis Hamilton saying it one time and Sam Smith, so Im gon na do that too cleansing. This is the Sarah Chapman ultimate cleanse Ive been using this for a while and lets wash it off. This is my exfoliator. Can you use this maybe twice three times a week, Music Id say in the last few years, Ive gotten into the skincare routine. When I was younger, I didnt really care. I was a real boy about it and were just like inconsistently used for cleanser and potentially maybe a moisturizer. If I had one but heading into my late 20s, I kind of decided that I was gon na look after this thing. I need this. This is what I use for my job next up, steamer really important. I try and do this as often as I can. It opens up down pores and then it also allows the product to actually get in and do its work turn it onto the red for hot and obviously the blue for cold. Its fabulous Im gon na be glowing after this, and I never wear a robe. While I do this, but I just thought itd be weird if I stood here naked Next Step, eye masks first thing that we we always do just to give the eyes a little plump see look at all these faceless words Im using. I wear them in the car, sometimes on flights. I always wear these well theyre Plumping lets use the biggest and best thing that Ive just recently found the big silver balls.

I always have mine in the freezer. When Im in a hotel, I get a bucket of ice and roll them around a little bit once they get working, they can just take some of that swelling out your face. Out of all the things that I use, I see the most effector of these. These are um incredible, I think, with men were always were getting better at it, but everyones, like always kind of against the Skin Care thing. For some reason, I dont really know why its like do. We give up some of our masculinity if we admit to using moisturizer, we need our skin too Lads. We only get one skin so look after it thats that then eye masks, removed next step. Toner were back with the steamer this time, its a cold steam and that closes up the pores Next Step, serum lava serum. If I dont have moisturizer, I still feel really good putting some of this intense hydrating booster from Sarah Chapman Im a big believer in Steam. I think its really good for my voice as well. I usually have long roasting hot showers and then, while Im doing my skin routine Ill, have the steamer next to me, and the team is really good for warming up the vocal cords working the amount we do. I think its important that we have little routines and I love like in the morning going to the gym and then setting up with all of this skincare stuff, its like a good 20 minutes of your day, to really look out for your skin and look after Yourself next one face oil.

Next step is moisturizer. There was a period where I used the same product all the time I mean youve nearly become immune to it. It works for a while, and then you like, you need to move on as well. So I found this newer um Moisturizer in hyaluronic acid, just put like two little pumps, dark circles run in my family, so Im trying to do a bit more of preventing and because Im just constantly tired and I need a bit of Rejuvenation in the morning. So this is the eye cream that Ive been using and uh. Basically, this has a roller on the back, so you just need to dab a little bit on underneath, like that Music, if youre, Irish or you have fair skin. This is really important. Spf. I didnt wear SPF for the longest time like on a daily basis. Id obviously wear it when it was sunny, but what we dont realize is that its the UV rays are coming through all the time and I would see myself getting like red skin constantly. So I dab a little bit in when Im getting ready in the morning. I listen to a lot of like my previous years, uh Roundup, of all my favorite songs. There was a lot of like Tame Impala in there. The less I know the better is always a good vibe song to get going in the morning time. I play a lot of golf, so its always windy out there and I always tend to no matter what the suns doing.

I always get like wind burn. So, Im a big lip balm guy using this one at the moment, skin done glowing fabulous now back to hair Ive been using this paste by um statement. People say like pea size, but when youve got as much hair as I do, you need more than pizza. So I I start with like that amount, its Bean size chipotle bean size. So I rub that in in between the fingers too, I like to square it off a little bit, have some bits sticking all over the place. I dont like it to look too perfect. I find about a lot of products. I end up looking like Johnny. Bravo, where its like all one big lump, so I try and like separate it out a little bit, give it some thats. All the hairstyle. Just keep saying give it some texture. Hairspray hairspray is big for me, because my hair is so heavy that, over a course of a long working day can like get dragged down. Ive been doing the voice recently and well do like 12 hour days in the studio. So hairspray is a vital component. Blake Sheltons got gray hair for a man of his age hes holding on strong on the hairline front. His hair looks the same every day, hes looking hes looking good Gwen Stefani hes a lucky lady. Everybody tells me that I smell good. I dont know everyone that I seemed to me.

He was a bit deodorant and then cologne is a really important. One Ive been using the labo uh santal Im, not an oversprayer either. I can only do two and then just rub it in or whatever Im wearing and Ill just give it a little Pat and apparently thats how I smell so good. I get really dry hands. I use a lot of like hand lotion for my um for my hands. I did a tick tock a few weeks ago, I put my did my basic skin routine and it got a lot of likes and Views. I had no idea that doing a simple video on Tick Tock would lead to this thanks.