Oh perfect, Hello. Everybody welcome back to my Channel today, Im going to be trying some viral iconic makeup products that have been super popular for a while and I, for some reason, have just never tried them. They just never really appealed to me. I guess, but I thought it would make an interesting video If you like this kind of video and just make up videos in general, feel free to give this a thumbs up and subscribe if you wan na its free and if you want to see me elsewhere, My Tick Tock is at Sofias life. My Instagram is out so and thats about it, but I mean I do have Twitter, but nobody really wants to see me on Twitter because I mostly just chat so lets get into it. Product number one. This is by toucher toucher toucher. It sounds weird in a British accent because in America they obviously say torture, but it just sounds weird: the tarture liquid, silk canvas primer. This came out a couple of years ago. I think I have to say they do make really nice skincare products Ive tried some of their moisturizers theyre. Very nice Ive tried some in like a testing, Tick, Tock, ads kind of video, but I have never tried their primer and Ive had it for ages. Just sitting in a drawer, I dont know why Ive not thought to put it on honestly, I think its partly down to the fact that sometimes, when I get sent like products from bougie makeup brands, I dont want to like it, because I dont want to recommend Something thats like ridiculously expensive and I get it like.

Sometimes I do fall in love with products that are really expensive and then I go on to repurchase them. However, when its a primer, thats 50 Quid Im like how can you be this good? So this is what it looks like. The packaging is very nice Im gon na give it a shake, and it says its a featherweight protective primer protective. I dont see any SPF listed on here and it says, apply one pump to skin after SPF liquid layers of silk Prime help makeup last longer, while minimizing excess shine. Oh, my God, it actually does have silk powder and hydrolyzed okay, fair enough hydrolyzed, silk listed in the ingredients. This is my skin before Im, using mostly natural light. Today, Ive got my curtains open, but I do have one soft box over this side. This is my skin before its doing pretty good at the moment. Okay, that is one pump that doesnt feel like its gon na be enough, but well try it and see it smells kind of fruity actually not fruity. It smells like some of the other moisturizers like a tiny bit of citrusy, but a little bit Spa like, but nothing too overpowering, which is good, so lets start blending in do I have a bit of fluff up my nose? Oh okay, wait. Let me try blending the other side. It feels quite smooth feels like a moisturizer with a slight sort of siliconey feeling to it. It definitely has mattified my skin a little bit.

However, its obviously like around my jaw, it seems to be sort of like peeling off. I had this problem. The last time I tried toucher toucher products. I think it doesnt, like my SPF, that Ive got on underneath yes see. It seems to be all right like on the rest of my face, like my forehead, its just like round the sides of my jaw, but it seems absolutely fine on the rest of my face, which is good its given this sort of like soft focus, matte. Look to my skin, it does look nice, it does feel nice. Actually, you know what it does actually feel. Really nice, my skin looks nice its not taking away all of the shine, but its just taking away enough. I dont often really see a difference with a lot of primers, but I feel like its kind of smoothed over everything, like my skin, looks really smooth. It doesnt feel sticky at all. My face just feels very soft, its not particularly moisturizing, though so I wouldnt just use that by itself. I would use another moisturizer underneath it, but feels good. It looks nice, but lets see how my Foundation applies over the top and speaking of foundation. I have never tried the Giorgio Armani luminous silk Foundation. This has been around for years. It has won awards its the Luminous silk, perfect glow Foundation, Flawless Foundation. Ive got the shade 4.5 and I think this is like the Mini version, because its 18 mil and mines got a little sticker on it.

That says new to the Villa, because I got sent this in a boots like PR package of Love, Island, favorites and apparently this is a favorite in the love Island Villa I really like how theyve got a travel size one because I dont know – maybe not everybody Wants to spend 44 quid on a full bottle of foundation. This one is 27 pounds, so its still a hell of a lot for a small bottle of foundation, and it does have a little pump, which is good, so lets give it a try and a shake. Oh, its very liquidy come on. Everything is silk. Today: Luna, silk, silk canvas Ive just done another little like half pump Im just gon na blend it in with a sponge. Oh for some reason, I thought this Foundation was full coverage. Why did I think that perfect, glow Flawless Foundation, thats literally all it says its very light yeah, I kind of thought it was going to be really thick and full coverage, but its the exact opposite to what I expected. Why did I think that of this Foundation? Ive got no idea, maybe I just see people put loads of it on, even though, with that small amount, its got pretty light coverage. I can definitely see why people like it. It looks like my skin. It doesnt look like Im wearing foundation and especially with that primer underneath I feel like thats a really good combination, but can you see its not really detectable? On my face, I mean fair enough.

It doesnt have great coverage. It looks really nice. Its got really nice smooth finish and it looks like my skin but better its sort of like a filtered finish to my skin, but Im gon na try another pump and just see if I can build it. A little bit lets see if I can build it on this side over these blemishes. Okay, wait! I really like it. I think this Foundation has used quite a lot for weddings, and I can definitely see why I like it. It just looks very smooth kind of like a soft glow finish, but nothing too like intensely glowy, but it doesnt look heavy at all, especially around my nose. It just looks so natural. I didnt really want to like that. It is actually really nice. Let me just do my bronzer and I will be back for my Cream Blush wait. I forgot to do concealer for my bronzer Im actually using this uh Chanel, one which funnily enough is an iconic product that I bought and I barely ever use it. So I may as well make the most of it today you know. Maybe I should do a video of products that I bought, that I never use anymore um and try and revive them or tell you the reasons why I dont really use them. I feel like maybe that could make an interesting video. Let me know because this Chanel thing is definitely one of them.

For my blush Ive got these, which are the drunk elephant. Oh blues, Rosy drops oh blues, oh blues. Oh the o stands for omegas whats. The blues bit mean Ive got no idea, so these are blush drops that are supposed to also have skincare benefits. I guess similar to the torture primer. It has a nourishing mix of barrier, replenishing, Omega oils and essential fatty acids, which keeps your skin soft and soothed. But then, if its just going on your cheeks, then its like, why does it need to have skincare benefits for just being here? I know that their bronzer drops are really really popular at the moment, and people are like losing their for them on Tick Tock, but the bronzer drops are out of stock everywhere, so lets give these blush ones a try. This is what looks like shake before you stab a tiny bit onto cheeks or add a drop or two into your serum cream or oil for an all over Rosy wash of color. I dont really want to look like Ive got a rash, so Im not going to put this all over my face Im going to put it on the back of my hand. First, shall I or shall I just do this very, very light? I cant imagine that this would work for that many skin tones. Maybe I didnt shake it enough. Um Music. It feels really cold. On my face. Dont know if thats supposed to happen, someones got like a cooling effect, um its definitely given a glow, but its not really giving a lot of color at all.

So that was with my fingers. Let me just try my brush on the other side and just dab that in I really like the glow that it gives. But where is the pigment and surprisingly its not lifting my Foundation, which I thought that it might oh its got such a nice glow, but theres just pretty much little to no color? Do they do these in other Shades? I think there is just one shade. Let me just try adding a little bit more from my brush, because I think I prefer it on this side its easier to control. Okay, you can definitely see it like its given me, a Rosy flush which I guess thats what it says that it does, but for a product, thats 33 quid you get 30 ml, so its probably gon na last a while, but the amount of color that it Has – and I gave it a real good shake, it almost seems like theres, just not enough pigment in it. My skin definitely looks healthy. It looks glowing. I really like the glow that its given its quite like a natural but like glowy glow does not make sense, but I think if you had deeper skin, it would just look like a wet looking glow. You wouldnt see any of that blush color at all, because it is so subtle. Dont get me wrong, like it looks pretty, but for the price I need more pigment than that, its just not over me uh.

I would definitely not repurchase that unless they come out with more shades like imagine this, but just in deeper Shades, it would be stunning, like rivaling, Charlotte Tilbury, drunk elephant. You know what to do Im just gon na set my face and do my eyebrows and then Ill be back for my eyeshadow. I remember when this Hooda Beauty palette came out because it had a squishy, weird, looking eyeshadow in it that everyone was doing Instagram. Videos of this show shade right here, thats like a jelly eyeshadow that has like chunks of Shimmer in it and honestly, I was never gon na buy this eyeshadow palette, mostly because that freaks me out for some reason. However, I recently got sent this in a PR package in that, like boots love Island box, and I thought you know what, since I now have this in my hands, Im gon na see if it was worth the hype, because everyone was like. Oh, my God, look at this horrible, looking eyeshadow it just didnt, look appealing to me and like same with the shades. Quite a few of them. Look the same to me. It just doesnt look like a particularly inspiring palette, however, Im gon na see, if I can make the most of it, I think the swirly kind of Shades look pretty cool like the ones that have got different colors in them, but like what is this, it feels Like Vaseline, it feels horrible like how are you supposed to use that, for a soft pearlescent glow apply a pearl gloss hybrid to Bare Lids, using your finger or a flat brush to Bear Lids? You know what Im just going to try putting it on one eye mix it all up in there trying to get some of the pigment which I mean is such a mess, but not a whole lot is really coming off it.

Unless you like, really dig in there at the moment, Ive just got the concealer lets. Try it Im really curious to see if it dries down, but if it just stays, I mean firstly, its just theres, nothing. There Im really trying to pick up some pigment on my finger and then putting it on you blend it out and it just kind of disappears its just like a slight wash of pinkiness to your eye. Is it just me or does it just look like? I have an eye infection and Ive put like some kind of cream to try and help the redness. I dont think it looks flattering and it says for a glossy finish, put it on a bare eyelid, so thats what Ive done and its not even been a minute and its already creased like crazy. I really, I think the shade is horrible, like that, is really horrible, its crease loads, it doesnt. Even look nice like you, can barely get any pigment out of it. I am so sorry for the beauty with that shade would just put me off the whole eyeshadow palette, no Im just gon na wipe that off with my beauty, blender Im so curious. What these marble ones sort of Swatch, like especially this one its like a Bluey purple, oh its, like a duochrome Bluey purpley Brown lets, do flower power, the other Shimmer provocative other sort of marbly one, and then this one, I think, is a matte marbled one, which Is interesting, they seem fine theyre, not blowing me away.

These two shades look particularly nice. They look super foily. Okay, those ones are definitely nicer. They are a tiny bit flaky. Actually, Im gon na take a bit of the shade naughty, which is this one doesnt it. What the hell are these shade names? Oh I got, the palette is literally called Naughty got it. I was like why have they called one of them? Hard aroused provocative slippery, filthy, okay, now its like chill its just an eyeshadow palette and Im. Just taking that on my outer Corners, I will tidy this all up by the way Im, not just gon na leave it all messy like this, but Im gon na try and wing it out and then the same on the inner part of my crease Im gon Na take that same shade and Im just blending that about halfway in well, that shade is definitely pigmented trust. The process then Im going to take the shade juicy, which is this one down here and Im, just going to use that actually maybe lets go with hypnotic, which is slightly lighter this one and Im just going to use that to sort of blend and buff out. Those edges – oh wow, okay, that ones more pigmented than I thought it was going to be well. Its darker lets say than I thought it was going to be. Oh man, I didnt really want that to cover my whole eyelid, but well figure. Something out. Did I dip into the wrong shade on this side? Why is that so much darker, maybe because I still had excess product on my brush Im, just taking a clean brush to just go over the edges Im just going to keep dipping back into those and build up the colors again, the shades are pigmented, but I Wish there was a couple of lighter transition Shades because everything got quite dark quite quickly.

Um and theres. Not really Ive just used a tiny bit of this one to try and blend out the edges a little bit, but I dont know its just a little bit more tricky Im gon na take a tiny bit of this shade called spicy, which is the darker shade. Its like a really dark purple and just deepen those inner and outer Corner sort of areas. This look definitely needs a saving with a bit of Shimmer. I think Im going to take that like Bluey shade, just in the middle hmm. Actually, I dont know if that really works with it, um yeah I dont like that shade with it. Let me just do it on the other eye and then Ill put something else over. The top of it shade in general is a little bit like lacking. If Im honest didnt, I I dont like that. I think it needs something a bit lighter, so Im gon na go for Less. Take. Please me, which is this one and Im just gon na put that all over the top of this. This definitely hasnt gone the way that I wanted, but Im gon na try and fix it. So let me just put that all the way over the top, because I want this whole look to have a shimmery finish. Maybe I should try the provocative shade lets. Take this one, the really light gold and try and put some of this in the middle.

I was trying to do this really cool sort of like diagonal Halo eye with like a smoky Wing. I had this vision of, like the whole thing being shimmery, and I thought that I could just overlay some of the shimmers and it would just make it work, but its just not gone to plan Im still trying. But, to be honest, like these shimmers are a bit hit and miss this one is a bit more like flaky, almost its got quite a lot of Fallout and then the others, just I dont know not the best. This one is looking quite like bitty and Flaky, which is not ideal. Normally Shimmer can kind of fix anything but Im not sure about this. One Im gon na take this shade flower power on my very inner corner, also quite flaky Im just going back over the top of that dark purple. Spicy shade just running a bit of that purple on my lower lash line, and I think we will call it a day. I dont think I will be using this palette again. I mean nothing against the palette. Actually, there is something against the palette. I dont like this shade. The shimmers are quite like flaky theyre, a bit like bitty and its just, not Music, its just, not Shades. I would really reach for Im gon na stick on a couple of gems, because I feel like that will just help things. I dont know why I just like gems and Ive not put them on in a while.

So okay, maybe I got that card away, but I feel like it helped Im just gon na put on some mascara. So these are the finished eyes for my lips. I have got Mac myth. This was such a popular shade years ago. I know that MAC lipsticks arent really as popular as they used to be, but myth is a shade that I have never tried its one of their satin lipsticks. It looks like this. Its a very light sort of peachy color – oh my God, the smell of a Mac. Lipstick is one of my favorite things in the world. I used to see so many of my favorite, like makeup influences use this lipstick Im. Definitely gon na need a lip liner. Let me just grab one Im: gon na go with Revlon ColorStay long, wear lip liner in the shade nude, which I think matches the eyes quite nicely. Im gon na go over the top with myth – oh my God, oh my God, its so much more pink on my lips than I thought it was gon na be. The funny thing is right: this is the kind of color that I used to just wear all over my lips. Yeah. It comes out a lot more pink than I thought it would it matches the eyes perfectly also its supposed to be one of their satin finishes, but it feels really matte to me. My other satin finish lipsticks from Mac arent.

This, like dry, I mean with that lip liner. It looks nice, but I just dont think I dont know its not. I see people using this now to just put in the center of their lips, but back in the day, people used to put this all over their lips and I probably would have been one of those people, but I never had it. I had creme de nude. Instead, I kind of like it, I feel like a Bratz doll. This is one of the Lancome juicy tubes. These have been around since I was a kid Im, pretty sure, like in the early 2000s. This is the shade zero two Spring Fling. Oh, this lip combo is a real like throwback. I have never tried the iconic Lancome juicy tubes. These have been around for years, and I mean its just a basic, the most basic packaging. You could probably ever get for a lip gloss and the most basic. Looking lip gloss Ive ever seen: oh, it smells nice. It looks like the kind of gloss that I would buy in Claires accessories. Oh no, hang on! Oh, my God, its like dissolved the lipstick. The gloss itself feels nice, but normally, when Im wearing a lip gloss, I wear it over the top of a lipstick and its kind of just completely dissolved the lipstick. It feels nice, you know like it feels hydrating its. I mean its not sticky, but its doing that like stringy thing, maybe because I have lipstick on underneath and the two of them are kind of reacting, but look at this, oh God, I hate that feeling hang on hang on.

I think theres just too much going on, but honestly guys. It just feels like a basic gloss like its probably the kind of thing I would keep in my handbag. If my lips are feeling dry Id whack a little bit on, because it feels like quite a hydrating one, its not super sticky, but I wouldnt pay. I think its 22 pounds. I wont, pay 22 pounds for it. Finally, these lashes are the kiss lash Couture naked drama Lashes in ruffle. Okay, we dont have these in the UK. I actually got these from my lovely friend Jazz who went to America and she asked if I would like any makeup – and I was like you know what Ive always wanted to try these lashes, because apparently these are the lashes that have been used on the Kardashians. For years, loads of celebrities use these lashes. I dont know why we dont have them in the UK, because we have kiss lashes. We just dont, have the ruffle style. Jazz very kindly got these for me and Im gon na wax some of these on and hope that I turn into a Kardashian. Actually, I dont want to turn into a Kardashian. Well I mean being a billionaire. Does sound quite nice. I can already tell just by looking at them. These are gon na be way too big for my eyes, so I will cut them down. Oh theyre, very flexible, which is great, oh perfect, uh yeah.

Let me just trim them down a little bit. The only thing else I found is so hard to put on like a full lash band without any eyeliner on so wish me luck. I think its the way Ive stuck them on they just do not look the same. I find it so difficult to stick on lashes when I dont have eyeliner on they always just end up looking so wonky. They are quite dramatic. I definitely wouldnt wear this kind of lash every day I like them, but they definitely dont know the same on me as they do on Kim. Okay, am I being crazy, or do they look different on both of my eyes? It could be the angle that Ive stuck them on at, but I dont know this side looks like longer at the outer Corners tada, okay, everyone that has me done this video went off way longer than I thought I would well, maybe not for you Ill, probably Cut it down, but Ive been sat here for like three hours. I hope you guys enjoyed this. If you did, please give it a thumbs up. That really helps me out. If you want to see more videos like this or just more makeup, videos in general feel free to subscribe uh. I would love that its free. I also am posting loads of shorts at the moment. So if youre into YouTube shorts, then um – I dont know you can subscribe for those too.

Let me know down below what is something that you havent tried yet thats a viral product, because maybe I also havent tried it.