Why am I studying Australian? How do you do a British accent? Did you take the jack to London, Lewis call Robbo the pilot okay enough of that James Charles here welcome back to our YouTube channel, no matter how I sit here and try to pretend I am simply not a luxurious bougie person. However, in todays YouTube video, we are going to change that for about two and a half hours while were filming because were gon na be trying out a full face of luxury designer expensive makeup products to come up with a makeup. Look that for once will be Breaking the Bank in todays video. We are trying out a 150 Foundation. We have a 200 moisturizer, this entire makeup, routine cost me almost 1 000. A thousand dollars Ive been able to create some really beautiful makeup, looks that have cost way less money than this. But Im going into this open minded, who knows maybe Ill end up finding a new favorite product that is actually worth the money without further Ado lets get right into it. Shall we yeah get me the Bell? Music Applause. Give me that dont you ring at me. I dont even know your name you over there, Music first and foremost, you guys before I put any of these products on my face today, like I said this entire makeup: routine cost me almost 1 000. So if youre excited for todays video, please go ahead and give it a big thumbs up down below.

I would love to make my money back all right. You guys for product number one we are starting off with a bang. You guys know we always have to Prime the face, get the skin ready to go and were going to start off with a la mer moisturizer. This cost me one hundred dollars, one hundred dollars and Im going to be so real with you guys. Okay, like I said, I definitely believe, Im Im a big Stan of finding dupes finding affordable makeup products, its gon na be minuscule, I just oh, my God. They literally put padding inside of the small box to fit an even smaller product inside Music. This. This is 100, the audacity the gumption this tiny little container – oh, my God, Music, hey 100, for this tiny little container Im going to be very real and really honest with you guys right now. Okay, I personally am somebody who would much rather invest into good skin care than good makeup. Obviously you know being an artist. I am trained to know how to make not the best products look good, but I do believe in investing in skin care. Of course, theres much cheaper, great Alternatives, rather than spending 100 on a moisturizer. But for me personally, I have always wanted to try lemare products or even that brand Augustine is Vader thats, like a billion dollars for a little thing, but I have never pulled the plug because I just I dont want to spend my money on it.

This video today was a great excuse to have to buy these products, so it feels very nice on the skin. It smells really delightful um, but its certainly not giving me any sort of crazy sensation if Im gon na be so real. Okay, it is nice and I will be using this entire jar. Let me tell you, but already off the bat. Am I thinking like? Oh my God, this is groundbreaking worth a hundred dollars. No, maybe itll make my makeup look. The best its ever looked were gon na get there so now for foundation. For today we we picked up the La Mer, the soft fluid foundation, and this cost me one hundred and forty dollars. Now I will let you guys know that originally for this video we did want to use the Loft Prairie Foundation um. However, they were sold out literally everywhere, because apparently theyre having supply chain issues after it went by Roland Tick, Tock that Foundation cost 280, whereas this ones 140, so obviously quite a sea. All over here, a lot of the shades in this Foundation were sold out as well. So we are hopefully going to be able to make this work. The packaging does look gorgeous. I mean its a nice, like very heavy glass component to me, that does not justify 140 Ill, be totally honest, but at least if it is a high price tag. You know you can see that theres. Certain elements of it that are luxurious right were gon na.

Go ahead and squeeze this out onto the back of my hand, oh my God, its really look at how like wet it is. Oh, I will say, though this color match looks like it might actually be phenomenal. Look at, oh, my God, its like blending into my hand. Well, thank God, because the one thing that I really noticed while shopping for these products today, was that the shade range was absolute garbage on all of that. While its not surprising, it is definitely disappointing to see because obviously people of all skin tones want to be able to shop both affordable and luxury products, just a little bit of insight from a business perspective as well. Theres, never an excuse for a bad shade range. Let me make that abundantly clear right now, but when youre developing a makeup brand, the more colors that you add the more expensive it actually gets to produce so thats. Why a lot of times a lot of smaller Indie brands are not able to come out with like a 40 color Foundation line, because it just cost them too much money right, but for Brands like La Mer or even La Prairie, that are charging 140 or 280 Dollars for one one product, you could not tell me that they do not have enough money in their bank account to be able to fund it actually inclusive, shade range, its simply not possible. Foundations are one of the hardest things to develop and its one of the products that takes the longest time.

So, even though my maker brand hasnt even launched. Yet I will let you guys know Im already working on Foundation formulas to launch in a couple of years. From now, but to be clear to be clear, I have no investors no partner, like I said the brain hasnt launched so its made zero dollars, but even Im working on a big shade range because hello, it has to be so the fact that these luxury Brands Still dont care is like actually its really insane and really really sad. First impression so far is that I am kind of like feeling mixed throughout this Foundation right now, its not bad, but its also not great. For 140. I literally expect like makeup by Mario to jump out of this bottle and then apply it onto my face, but it does look. Okay like its not like. It looks bad now that we have the foundation all on. I do want to go in and add some color back to the skin, so Im going to grab this 10 Soleil so lay tan, oh its sole tande, Chanel, okay – and this is their medium bronzer and were gon na go ahead and were gon na apply this To the face, I have tried this before full transparency. This is not a first impression, and I do like this, but this product costs fifty dollars. It is pretty big and the packaging is pretty nice, so out of all the products that were gon na try today, I will say that this is probably going to be one of the least offensive in terms of how much you actually get for your money.

The performance and the packaging combined, I think, theres a lot of other great cream bronzers out there for a lot less money. The face is looking okay so far, but its certainly not looking like. We spend 290 dollars worth of a base, routine um, maybe thatll change. When we go in with our next product, which is the YSL concealer, we got the shade 2.5 Peach Im, hoping that this is a good color match for me. Lets go ahead and try it out this color, looking, oh its bright or its literally orange on my skin. Oh my God, not the Brands fault. This is my fault for picking a bad shade. So this is on me. I I will own that 100. Let me blend this out and see what the formula is actually giving me because thats, what were really here for and then Im gon na, have to let you end up with another concealer in terms of the actual coverage and formula that its not bad, it Blends It out nicely it did, do I wouldnt say its full coverage by any means, I would say its more light to medium coverage, but it does blend nicely on the skin. Damn that sucks I die. I mess up that time on that one. Now that the base is all Blended together, it is time to set it in place and for todays video. We are going to use one of the most viral products on social media.

Recently, the Givenchy powder and Im gon na be so real with you guys. I dont like this. I dont I do not like it one bit. Ive tried this before for an old YouTube, video or a tick tock or something, and I hated it for 59, when the Maybelline femi powder for eight dollars is sitting right there. I dont think so: uh uh were gon na dip right in in our lovely little Powder Puff fly in the air, hello bring me my stand, please I stand behind what I said with this powder. This powder is not good its not giving Im not liking it. So far, our next product that were going to be using is a product that has gone so viral. I genuinely cannot believe that I have never actually tried this out for myself and that is the Dior baby pink blush. You guys Im really excited to be trying. This today, Im gon na, be so real. You guys know that I love blush. This is oh, the camera does not do it. Just ass heres, the actual color right there, its a beautiful like vibrant, baby pink. I am so excited to be trying this out today. The color is definitely pretty Im really really liking. The finish of this formula as well its not a full matte like a lot of blushes, are, it does have a little bit of I wouldnt, say a glow because its certainly not like a highlighter, but a little bit of a natural rage against.

If you will yeah, this is really pretty next out. Trucking right, along sticking with the Dr family, were gon na grab the Dior shell brow Styler. This is one of the only luxury brow products that I could find. So this is really our only option and this one only cost 31, which is obviously a little bit more expensive than the typical brow pencil. I think anastasiers are like 21, not offensive, wait. This brown pencil is actually kind of good. If Im being honest, that color looks really good on me, its not too dark its, not too warm cool its like a perfect, neutral, medium brown. All right, oh, were country. Now we are ready to move on to my favorite part of the makeup routine. As always – and I shout out luck now for today – were gon na be using some Natasha denona eye shadow palettes. Now these babies cost more than a hundred dollars each. I actually did not buy these towels today. I want to give a lovely shout out to my friend Laura Lee. She, let me borrow these for the day to film with which is amazing, when these palettes first became a massive thing in the beauty Community. They shook the nation because I vividly remember the price tags of these palettes being 128 dollars, but when we looked online today these are retailing for 69, so I dont know if they were on sale or if Miss Natasha denona dropped the prices a little bit, because Nobody was actually buying them for 128 dollars.

Something in my gut is telling me that this is a Mandela effect. I remember these being priced well over a hundred dollars. Let me know in the comments down below, but were gon na, go ahead and create a beautiful look with these colors today and see if these 100 eyeshadow formulas are actually worth. The price lets go in first with a big fluffy brush and Im going to start by dipping into this nice like cool tone, Brown transition, shade right up in here, and next Im gon na grab a little bit of this, like warmer tone, ready Brown from the Other palette – oh my God, you guys actually one thing that I really wanted to talk about while were filming this video today and on the topic of luxurious makeup and spending money. I was just in Miami for the weekend to go to my friend, Lele ponzas wedding. It was a beautiful, lovely time. Congratulations to her and Guana. I posted on my story when I was on the way there on a plane, and I was really really shocked by the amount of people that were in my D. I was being like why arent you flying private – oh my God, queen of flying commercial youre, not flying private, like you cant, afford that I dont think people actually understand how expensive it is. First of all private planes, if you like, want to buy a private plane. Like Kylie air skyly, whatever the name of the jet, is kkw air, those Jets costing 150 million dollars.

My team, Charles Murphy palette, made me a lot of money. Okay, but can I afford a private jet, absolutely not not even close? Could I afford a private flight which in case you guys dont know, can cost anywhere between like 20 and 50 Grand sure I could afford to pay for that? But would it be a Smart Financial investment? No absolutely not so. Could I afford that on like a one or two time occasion yeah I could, but would it be a Smart Financial investment, no theres, even oh, my God, I dont know people will actually be interested to hear this, but theres even like a a whole separate airport. At LAX called the private suite and I have done it: whoa whoa thats, pretty, oh, my God, okay slay. Basically, the private Suite is like a LAX for rich people. So you book your flight to the regular Airline and the flight will take off from LAX. But you dont pull up two LAX. You pull up to a whole separate like little mini building, okay, its nearby, and they greet you. They take your bags. They check you in. They have like a gorgeous like full meal, ready for you to go theres a bar where you can get drinks at when its time for your flight to actually take off. They put you in a limousine, then literally the limousine drives you from this building thats a couple of miles away directly onto the airport tarmacs, and then they pull up next to your plane, you get out of the car and then you go right up the plane.

Steps and youre the first one on the plane so fun its giving luxury and once again very expensive. I think it was like five thousand dollars. My manager ended up paying for it. For me, when I was traveling internationally one time just because he wanted me to experience it, of course I was grateful for that and it was a great experience. Let me be clear, but once again could I afford that? Yes, would it be a Smart Financial investment? No, absolutely not, and would I do it over and over again? No, maybe this eyeshadow look is coming out really really beautiful. I mean with 128 price tag. I would certainly hope so, but I will give credit where credit is due. Natasha is known for having really great formulas, and I would definitely say that this is living up to the expectations. If you want a Splurge, I dont think that youll be disappointed by any means. Let me go ahead and finish up the other eye off camera quickly and then Ill be right back to finish off the rest of this makeup. Look were back and both eyes are now complete and Im gon na be real with you guys. I keep saying Im. Gon na be real with you guys, shut up James. I used to use this eyeliner for several years in a makeup collection, this Tom Ford, eyeliner retails for 62 for eyeliner pad now. Obviously that is that is awful.

There are so many great eyeliners that you can get from Sephora for 20 bucks or even the drugstore, for you know, 10 or 12.. However, youll be honest, say that this one is really really good. So its dual Undead, you get a tiny little detail brush on this end and then you get a longer brush for winged liner. At this end, although the price is crazy, I wasnt too upset about spending my money on this today, because its a good liner, I feel, like I remember it being like more pigmented – lets – go out easily its not skipping at all, either, which is one of my Biggest pet peeves when it comes to liner but its not like super opaque, all right, Im gon na go ahead and get my lashes, a simple little curl and then for mascaras. Today I picked up the Lancome definitions. High definition, mascara 33 for this mascara definitely overpriced, especially when you can get some great drugstore mascaras for a couple of bucks. Oh the packaging is kind of chic. I do really like the wand of this. I will say personally I love a tiny little mascara wand. So I can do detail work and make sure that I get the lashes. This is doing literally. All this is doing to my lashes is making them bluish gray theyre, not looking to find theyre not looking lifted theyre, not looking curled theyre, not looking voluminized Im, really not impressed next were gon na go ahead and add a little bit of glow the jewel forever.

Couture illuminizer in the shade zero two fifty dollars for one highlighter. This is what its getting inside its like: a beautiful like pinky, reflective color, oh wow, okay, thats! Very pretty! Personally, I you guys know I dont really wear highlighters that much anymore. I feel like that time in my makeup career is over with its beautiful, its radiant. Its definitely adding you know a glow, but its not like crazy, blinding glittery textury. This is really. It is very beautiful for fifty dollars. I dont know theres some great ones on the market for a lot less money, but this isnt bad and last but not least, the only step missing in this makeup routine is obviously our lipstick. Now there are several different luxury lipsticks out there. I figured to play it safe and go for one of the most popular luxury. Lipsticks right now is the Dior lip oil. These have been sold out literally everywhere. You guys we got ta, go to three different Sephoras just to find a color. This one cost me forty dollars, which, for a lip oil I do feel like, is very, very steep, if were being honest, this probably cost them literally like three dollars to actually produce and manufacture, so the profit margin that theyre making on this is absolutely insane. I obviously have nothing else on my lips Im just putting this on over top okay, it tastes like peppermint. The formula feels nice its a good consistency, its definitely like thicker than a typical lip oil, but its not sticky, which I really like it is supposed to have like a pink tint to it.

As you guys can see in the component, I will say tinting my lips: it did not. They look exactly the same as they did before. They just look glossier, but Im really not complaining. I personally dont want my lips to be super bright pink anyway. I think that its good for forty dollars – I dont know, but I can see why this is very popular and very hyped, the way that it is right now across social media and on that note, Music. My outro, please its not like Dobby the house. Of course, I cannot wait to read you guys, thoughts and feedback in the comments Down Below on. If you think this face is worth a thousand dollars, but Im just going to go ahead and let you guys know from my perspective, looking in the mirror, absolutely not if you guys enjoyed todays video, please dont forget to give it a big thumbs up down below Your love and support really helps me in the channel out quite a lot and if you have not already, of course, make sure you hit that big red subscribe Button as follows: the Bell icon next to it. So you guys never miss an upload from me. If you want to follow me on my other social media platforms, my Instagram Tick, Tock, Facebook and Twitter are all just a James, Charles and my makeup. Tick Tock is Jay Charles makeup. Thank you so much for watching todays video.

It has truly been a pleasure to spend more time with you. Thank you for watching. Thank you for your love and I will see you guys in the next one.