What were doing today. We want to try rare Beauty, Road, skincare and Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics. Her team needs to do better, like Justin has not said one thing yet: Music, hey guys, Im, Nikki and Im Gabby, and today we are doing a video. We both really wanted to do everywhere. I go Tick, Tock YouTube Instagram. Our sub boxes, like everything, is about the drama to make a cliff notes: version Haley and Kylie posted a screenshot of their FaceTime call, making fun of how Selena Overland allegedly allegedly. No, they did no when she over laminated her eyebrows. They thought it was haha so funny that face time changed the world for a week, thats kind of sad. I really cant. Imagine what its like to be either one of those girls and, like you know, we dont, want to pin girls against each other, but all three of them have product lines: okay, thats. What were doing today. We want to try each product line. We want to try rare Beauty, Road, skincare and Kylie Jenner, Kylie Cosmetics, which, by the way, I have not used this one Kylie, cosmetics and Kylie skin. I stay very true to Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner products, so this is going to be a new experience. For me, with, like rare Beauty And Roads, so were gon na be trying all the new products from all three lines, but personally Im actually interested and excited to try the new Kylie cosmetic products.

I want to see what new products she has. I really didnt get into Kylies skin. Okay. Where did we put the makeup wipes here? I actually forgot about this. I forgot that the Jenners and Selena Gomez had these. I remember that being a thing when we were in college Gabby and like Selena, I like went to like Coachella with them and then all of a sudden they all unfollowed each other. Do you remember that yeah? I remember that no, we were like. Oh yeah. We were in college, it was like 2014., everyone is calling Kylie, Jenner and Haley Bieber the Mean Girls and that theyre nepo babies and its kind of like the nepo babies versus Selena Gomez and Im just curious how Justins feeling through all this, like the girls, are Beefing, like you know like how does he feel like your ex of 10 years and then your wife of five years, like publicly feuding like, and can we talk about how Justin has not said one thing yet I know Haleys getting like like people are digging and Theyre, like finding online of her apparently stalking, allegedly stalking, Justin Bieber, to become his wife. I think the first thing we should try since were about to talk about Haley lets, try road yeah, because we have all of our makeup off lets do skincare. Before we get into the rare Beauty and the Kylie cosmetics, we have Haley Biebers, peptide glazing, fluid to become a glazed donut, the barrier restore cream, and then we also have the peptide lip serums, which these are so popular on, like Tick, Tock, everywhere uh.

This was what I was the most excited about. Youre gon na be obsessed with these. Okay am I you just do like a little pump foreign and then you put on the restore cream. Something to note, though, there is like hardly any product in here and, like you, wait you get on a wait list. If you get it and you wait for it to come and its like, the lid is the whole design of the bottle. You take it off. Theres only this much product in here, oh wait: thats smart marketing, yeah, like also so bad yeah, because, like thats like you, just took off half the bottle, literally okay, so lets put on the restore cream. What are your thoughts so far? Im not gon na lie. I do like this product, I feel like its good, like whats like to go to the beach or something yeah like when your Skins really dry. It needs a drink, Ill, be honest, Im getting the same Vibe as like Kylie skin a little bit, maybe its like. The same, like manufacturer, we know like the girls are like friends theyre connected, maybe theyre connected. These are like so sold out. These are the peptide lip treatment. I got salted caramel and watermelon. Oh, can I have salted caramel, yeah and Ill use. The watermelon oh smell that this ones like our childhood, okay Gabby, since you havent, really used this ever. What do you write it? One out of ten um, the skin stuff.

I feel like. First of all, I dont like how this like what you just said. This would piss me off if I spent what was it like 48. For this thing I dont remember, say this is 48 dollars. It really should be like 24 and its also like really like. I also feel like the formula Ive worn it before Im getting the same Vibe as like Kylies skin. Overall, I give this product line a six. I agree. A six I agree were gon na give Road a six, so we give this a six. I cant believe we agree Music, so the next product line were gon na. Try is Kylies skin because were not wearing any makeup yet and then were gon na get to the makeup product line. This is the clarifying cleansing gel I mean granted. We already have Road on our faces, but the hell with it. So basically I was on the phone with Nikki when I went into Ulta and I was like Nikki help me. I dont know what to buy for the video I was like Nikki help. Everything in the section looks like what I was buying 10 years ago. I dont know whats new. I wanted to buy the new products to review. I personally feel like, like even The Branding its like its not evolving, like youre Kylie Jenner, like do something Innovative, do it bigger, go, bigger and better, like this is 2019. This is 2019.

, were you know in 2023, now like that was like four years ago like we need to be, we need to rinse this off. I think our skin looks great right now, but we did just use road before this like were actually I dont know which one is doing the trick, which one is it it up. This is Kylie clarifying gel cream. Oh, this is like water based. Oh, can you share the mirror, please I like this better than the glazed donut? Oh, my God, this is a glazed donut. Her team needs to do better, like this is a great product it its different from all the other stuff from 2019, but as like a consumer, we think oh its just another Kylie skin product, but no, this shits good, the glazed donut. Maybe maybe she has had new promos, maybe were just not keeping up if were not kept up to date like who is were glued to our phones. We follow these girls. Like you, know, Music. This is so vintage. We need to change this. I dont even remember the last time someone was talking about buying it. I havent seen one of these in like five years. If this is how it be now, why on Earth was she the most followed girl on Instagram like its confusing and its almost a little sus? I do want to just say, though, to start a business to start a product line. You need money, money makes money, and these girls like Haley and Kylie, have money and they came from money and like were about to review Selenas next, but, like she didnt come from anything.

If you watch the documentary, like all her, success, is from herself and she put that all into a product line and thats really thats. Oh wow, admirable thats, impressive thats inspiring for girls that have so much money. I dont know Kylie needs to fix the marketing and Haley needs to give more product Music. I hate this Im, not even gon na pound anymore. I hate it. Do I put on this one. Do you want me to do this howd? I do no. It smells like house paint like from Sherman Wilson. I miss when they smell, like cake, batter its like paint. The way that this is drying is really bringing me back. I havent worn this since I was in college going to a bar. It was so dry that if you went like this, it looked like an anus laughs. All right were taking this off. I dont like it. I killed that a two. So what do you give Kylie skin Kylie Cosmetics as one like just Kylie? Oh, I give her a five out of ten. I think I Im giving a five because of this like water based moisturizer, that was so good, but I wasnt impressed by anything else yeah, but this was really different. I give Kylies line a six as well. The only reason I give a six like one more point is because I actually really did like this clarifying cleanser. It was this highly skin, honestly, if it werent for Kylies skin, I think Id be giving like a three yeah if it wasnt.

For that, I would give this one – oh last, but not least, Im so excited to review and see Gabbys reaction to the iconic rare Beauty which Im already gon na say. This is like stupid for me to review it because I its my everyday makeup. I already know its a 10 out of 10 but Im ready to see Gabbys reaction. We would start by putting under your under eye circles. Thank you like so, and then I take the Contour stick and I also Contour underneath foreign. So far I feel like it looks super airbrushed wow, its dewy too. No, I really like it its so soft. I cant believe Ive never tried this like why Music, we havent even put on the foundation yet so were just gon na go on top of all this that we just did yeah oh Im, getting the cake smell. I love my face right now. I want to wear this today, okay, so what do you rate rare Beauty, an eight out of ten? I give a nine out of ten. I only took two points off because I see it is, is kind of oily based and I just did the glazed donut stuff. I didnt expect Selena Gomezs Beauty line to be as popular and mainstream as it is. If Im gon na be honest. So, ultimately, all these girls have their own niches and they know their audience, but if were gon na have to rank everything in first place, we give rare Beauty in second place.

We actually give a road and then third place. We give Kylie cosmetics. I you know Im not one to like try to pin girls against each other. I dont like it. I also dont like cancel culture, but I do think that were all just bystanders watching all of it happen and its like. How do you not talk about it? You know yeah, I just feel sad for whenever people like get happy over someones downfall, but at the same time its a very interesting story like I feel like theres gon na, be a movie theres like a lot going on like it looks like a lifetime movie, You know we we just wanted to just review these three products because theyre all very popular yeah, and we love makeup so comment down below like what you guys want us to do on this channel. We could totally do more reviews and we want to give you guys, honest reviews, no lash gate things here, yeah, let us know and well see you guys in our next video subscribe press. The Bell follow us on our Vlog channels. We Post every week and were gon na get back and the flow on this channel posting. What we want and well see you guys in our next video bye.