We also have to talk about the decline of Kylie cosmetics and why everyone on Tick Tock is throwing Kylies makeup in the trash its a mess so lets get into it. I think we can all agree that last week the internet was in complete chaos after Haley posted that Gods. Timing is always right: video followed by the laminated eyebrow shade. It became clear to everyone that these girls were Selena and no one was having it tick. Tock has been filled with videos from people calling Hayley out digging up her past, showing she was a huge fan, girl of Justin Bieber and showing examples of Haley copying. Selena Justins comments have since been flooded with people telling him that he married a fan and his ex girlfriend stalker. A lot of people have been wondering if Justin was going to speak up and say anything in defense of his wife, but so far hes been silent. Now listen, I dont really care about the Haley drama, but I do care about the drama to say this. If your husband has not come to your defense in public, not one time over public drama, baby, Bae, baby girl, what are you doing? Leave him leave him and I got ta, say Justin isnt really helping Haley out in this situation. Recently it was Justins 29th birthday and people have been pointing out that he didnt post one main photo of him and Haley from his birthday. The only pictures Haley got were these two and I got ta say they are very interesting choices in both pictures.

Haley is kind of caught off guard a bit and people are picking up on it. Writing he looks happy in every picture except the ones with Haley Haley looking lost in that picture and he even conveniently had his sleeve rolled up showing off his Selena Gomez. Tattoo see if I was Haley, I would be mad too. I get it. I get. Why shes mad? Because one thing about Justin is that he is going to show off that Selena tattoo. If I had to wake up every single day and see his ex girlfriends face tattooed on him and he got all that money and he wont get it covered up, he wont get it removed in my own house. I would be mad too. I just feel like this really could have been a moment for him to show off Haley and not give the internet more fuel for the fire. The one thing people think might have been a bit of a dig towards Selena was his party favor. So apparently these were the party favors handed out at Justin Biebers 29th birthday party. This was posted by Alfredo Flores, who is Justin and Haleys friend. I believe its a bottle opener really not sure, but this is what it says: Im so thankful that I didnt end up with the life. I thought I wanted Im gon na wild guess and say: Haley organized this event, but someone in the comment said that it most likely has to do with his past addictions and not with Selena Selena has since returned to tick tock following all the drama with Haley And Kylie and shes come back with a get ready with me using all rare beauty products Im going in with my eye brightener and I enjoy this product so much.

It is so soothing and very light blends well and right at the end she Mouse. The word. Thank you thats about it. Thank you guys. So much for all of your love for rare Beauty were so grateful. I am the happiest ever oh shes spraying so, and shes gon na do some of this. I dont know, but I love you guys so much. Thank you, bye and fans. Think thats literally all she needed to say writing this is her response. Shes unbothered! She is back with content. Our favorite influencer and other people are pointing out how perfect Selenas comeback. Video was from a marketing point of view. One person said honestly: this video is the best marketing thing ever like I wanted to buy every product in this tutorial after watching rare beauty is getting all the love this week. Everyone is posting videos showing their support, doing full faces with their products, but Im doing makeup today, using as many rare beauty products as I have and celebrities like Pia Mia and so many others are joining in showing off rare beauty products. An article even came out, and it reads: searches for rare Beauty, Skyrocket, a mid, celebrity feud. A source found that Google Trends data shows that searches for rear Beauty, Gomezs brand have shot up 575 worldwide amidst the feud reaching an all time high. Not only that rare Beauty has gained over 645 000 Instagram followers and 500 000 fresh Tick, Tock followers, but we cant say the same for Kylie Cosmetics.

Every single post under the Kylie cosmetics, Instagram page, is calling them out saying they arent buying from them anymore and theyre, putting their money towards rare instead heres. What people had to say, your matte lipsticks are awful. I threw mine out long before you were back on your BS. We are not buying from them. From now on, dont buy Kylie Cosmetics; your products were never it girly, and now the Kylie cosmetics, Instagram page, is starting to drop drastically in followers. This also impacted both brands with rare Beauty, gaining followers and sales, as Kylie Cosmetics begins to decline. There is now a trend going around of people throwing out their Kylie Cosmetics products in the trash, and here is me taking a look at um. You know destroying everything because Im throwing these in garbage and I dont want anyone else, use them either, and I have to dig out the rest of my stuff because Im going to be throwing them all away and then here I am trying the rare Beauty liquid Blush for the very first time throwing out all my Kylie Cosmetics, lipstick, never again foreign personally, I just think thats a little bit too much. You already spent your hard earned money on all that stuff and youre, not hurting Kylie, by throwing out products that she already made the money on the only person youre affecting is yourself. I know people might not want to be seen using Kylies stuff, but like No Ones Gon na be looking at you and know that youre wearing Kylies products, theres really no point in doing all of that, keep your products and just dont repurchase them in the future.

If you dont want to support her jumping back to Selenas return to tick tock a few hours after she posted this video, she left a few comments under the video asking people to be nice to everyone. Shiro, please, please be kinder and consider others mental health. My heart has been heavy and I only want good for everyone. All of my love. Thank you and love. You all so much Im deeply grateful for each and every one of you humans, you make me unbelievably happy. It sounds like Selena is loving all the support that shes been getting lately and she just wants people to focus on that support and love and for everyone to move on anyways guys. Let me know what you think about everything down below. Did you get a weird feeling from Justins birthday post or do you think people are reading way too much into things? Also, how do you feel about people throwing out their Kylie Cosmetics? Do you think its doing way too much in a complete waste of money, or can you understand why theyre doing it? I personally feel, like those people are probably running back and grabbing the makeup out of the trash right after they film their video. No one is throwing out hundreds of dollars worth of makeup so yeah. Let me know what you think and Ill see you next time.