If you have a partner, because we you and me we have something special. Why am I so flirty today, hello, everyone, okay, that was actually great welcome back. It always feels kind of special. When I start my video having no makeup on, but I have to mention that I do have eyebrow eyebrow, you can see now they look very natural. I grew them back. Most of you already know that when I start my video bare faced then were gon na get into some products in the video. This is my Series where I this is Art. This is my Series where I test new and hyped and trending products on Tick Tock, and you can always rely on my reviews for this video. I got some very interesting things again. Not all of them are necessarily super new, but theyre new to me and thats. All that matters foreign first thing were gon na. Try is this very popular White Foundation, stick which should supposedly change the color as soon as it hits your skin Ive seen this a lot on Tick, Tock and it just looks very interesting. Oh, it says concealer actually its supposed to be a foundation, but you know Foundation concealers. This is what it looks like El either. It does look quite fancy, though, so this was 29.95, which is definitely not cheap. Its also not super expensive, but I dont know this brand. So to me this is expensive. It actually is white.

I dont know what Im surprised about that. How much is in there okay and lets just go in wait. I think its actually slightly changing color lets. See on the other side, there is like some stuff in here. Do you see that theres like some little colors in there, so its not white? I feel like it definitely worked better on this side, because when I applied the first one here, there was still a lot of white there, and this brush is kind of trash. I mean I can see how it would be good for, like concealer, maybe as its like, very small, but for foundation its a no for me. Oh my face, looks really white in this game. I have to say it gives you a great finish its like very glowy. I do like the finish right now, but I feel like this would be a kind of foundation that will get oily very fast. Let me just see what it does on my hand. Okay, my hand is very bad. This whole color changing thing is just not true. I think this is just one certain color, because you can see it right here, like its not white and then changes colors its just this color. It just happened to be kind of the right shade for my face color right now. What happens if I just apply the white on the outside? Like look thats white, this whole thing is a scam.

You can really see the colors on paper. Do you see this? A piece of paper: do you see the black marks after I filmed this? I was kind of curious how this will perform on dark skin. So I found this Tick Tock by Miss Darcy and honestly. She kind of sums it up perfectly. It doesnt adjust to your skin tone, youre just white all through the night. I make love to you want me too, but I guess its just the woman in you brings out the man in me. The next thing were gon na try are these. These are the frownies facial patches, non invasive wrinkle smoothers for forehead and between the eyes, often seeing them on Tick. Tock and the owner actually claims that its a great alternative to getting Botox – and I know its actually really hard testing this out because its more of a trying it out over a period of days kind of thing. But actually it claims that you do get a result after using it once, but it is obviously recommended to use it over the span of 30 days. I mean not obviously 30 days. What is the voice crack, but just obviously over a span of a couple of days, so I just wanted to test it out for one night and see what it does, because I do have quite an expressive. Face Im not saying that I have like many wrinkles, but I do have many expression lines in my forehead, and I always just talk like this and like that before I test this, I do want to say that theres, nothing wrong with aging, but also nothing wrong With just trying out things and taking care of your skin, you actually get quite a lot.

These are 144 patches and I think it says that its supposed to suffice for 8 to 16 weeks and apparently it also has a vegetable based adhesive on unbleached paper. So this should be fine to use on the skin. Obviously I ordered this one off of Amazon for 33 75 Euros, which is quite a lot, but regarding the fact that you can use it for about 8 to 16 weeks, depending on how much of these you apply, I think okay, but then again its just stickers, But then again its natural paper and natural glue very hard to judge this price, so youre supposed to wear these overnight. So obviously I cant test them right now, but I will do it tonight and heres how that went. Okay, so, first of all heres some chili purring youre welcome here you can see the before. This is my forehead. You can really see those fine lines. You can also see some pimples but were going to ignore the pimples for now and just look at the lines. Okay, what youre gon na do now is you take the tapes that you want to stick to your face and you have to wet them, because the water activates the glue and thats how you stick them on? I do have to say, though, that the glue really smells bad. I cant even describe it its just absolutely horrendous, but its natural, so its fine. You can see that I create kind of a construct on my forehead.

I heard that youre also supposed to overlap them for better results and yeah. I know youre just going to sleep and then you can take them off the next morning. 10 hours later I took them off. Apparently, you can wear them as long as you want to, but I did have some some struggle taking them off. They were really really sticking to my forehead, which in itself is a good thing that they dont fall off overnight, but damn I really had to fight with them and hes the result. Also, the side by side comparison to the day before I honestly dont know. If I really see a difference, do you see a difference? All I know is that I wont be doing this again, just because I cannot get the smell out of my nose now lets get to another Foundation product. This one is very interesting because its this electrical Foundation – applier sorry, the actual term, is auto, padding makeup applicator. It seems so unnecessary and thats. Why I love it. This was 73 45 Euros so incredibly expensive. I mean it is an electrical kind of thing that you have to charge, so I get why its a bit more on the pricey side, innovative Next Generation makeup applicator that mimics the expert airbrushing techniques of celebrity makeup artists. If it gives me the feeling of airbrushing Foundation, that will be pretty cool because theres nothing more even and beautiful than an airbrushed Foundation, we actually have three different interchangeable heads delivering 4 800 pets per minute, thats five pads per second so lets get to Patton our Bad boy, I didnt charge it all the way because I didnt have the time for it its so much like white stuff on there from the packaging.

I dont know if you can see it its very dusty. How do I get this off? Oh, oh, I think I just broke it. I ripped it open, Dont, Panic, guys Ill, just glue it together with some tape. I just want to mention. Yes, of course, youre, obviously not supposed to rub it on your leg because its just for padding, but I also didnt rub that hard. I can fix this see its as good as new, just gon na spread it a little bit with my finger. Oh, that feels awesome that feels kind of good. Oh, oh, it kind of tickles, my brain, oh, let me see what it does if I just leave it like this, oh its irritating on the nose, I have to say. Oh, this looks really good to me. I think you need some breaks in between my face feels so weird now I feel like its still vibrating. It really is good if you have a headache, I think its just like this applicator that you have in a lot of like Asian foundations that you just like Pat on your skin thats. Like the exact same that you have here – and I love these for applying foundation anyway, Im quite impressed, but is it necessary? I think this is interesting. It definitely gives you a great Foundation. The only thing is, I dont necessarily think it is faster than if you would just apply it with a brush or the tool you would normally use, because you still have to go kind of slow.

I feel like because if you will go too fast, then it would just slide too fast and then the thing might happen that just happened with my leg: youre, obviously not supposed to like drag it over your face fast, like swipe it just like slowly like move It around and I dont think its actually like I dont – think it claims to be super fast. Oh actually, it claims to be fast, seamlessly apply, foundation powder and facial creams in less than 30 seconds. You know what let me just see. What happens if I apply the rest of my face with it, I mean it does have a pointy tip, so we should be fine. I cannot get in there. Do you see this little spot there? I cannot get in there. I hit it on the eyeball. Dont. Do it on the eyeball, it actually hurts it just still takes kind of a long time and again I cannot get there. I think I have to charge it a bit more Music. Imagine youre like in such a hurry to get ready and then you forget to charge your starskin applicator and I also feel like I really needed that break that I just did because, oh I think my applicator is a goner. I dusted it in some powder, dont mean that works. My forehead looks so good wow. You know its just not going to be my new makeup applicator, but I feel like its a fun thing to play around with.

So next were gon na try, color changing blush oil. As you can see, this is also a product which will react to your skin. It will apply see through and then you will get the color the perfect blush shade for your skin. I love liquid blush. I love color changing things. I had a little bit of a disappointment in this video already, so I hope this blush will do me better. It looks like the lip gloss. This blush was 36 dollars, so definitely not cheap, its literally green. It already does something Music crazy. I do have to say, though, that this is the color Ive seen on everyone. Basically, that is kind of cool, though wow. This will definitely give you the glow. I dont know if I even think thats a bit too glowy. I would prefer a little bit more color and a little bit less oiliness. I need more color. So for me I would put two coats, two layers: oh yeah. Obviously, as its oil, you really feel the oil on your skin Applause. I can move it. This is my face powdered. You can obviously still see that glow that highlight happening here, its cute. That way, Im just really scared that Im not gon na stay like this for long, but if you just focus it on the highest parts of your cheeks and dont, get too close to the inner parts of your face, maybe its fine. I really want to love it Im, just scared that it is too oily, but I love the innovation of this product.

I love the idea of it. Ive never seen anything like this before for the next one for the next one were gon na. Try another mascara Tick: Tock just loves their hyped mascaras, its just a fact, and I feel like with mascaras. You can kind of catfish the people the best, because literally just let a person with naturally long lashes, try your mascara and then everybody will think Ive seen so many hype mascaras and I have the news type mascara right here: the LOreal telescopic mascara. I cant even tell you anything about this other than people love it. People hype it. It has like a tiny little wand. I dont think Ive ever seen such a tiny wand Ill just apply it on my lashes as they are without a lash curler. Well, I think I like the wand. This is one coat. Not too shabby. You know, Im just never really a mascara type of person, because obviously I wear lashes. You know, but from time to time, Im like too lazy – and I also just put on mascara, but I just hate the look of me with just mascara its just like could have been better. You know so Im not that passionate about mascaras, but I do have to say I really like this one, its okay for the lower lashes Ive, expected more right now, its just not so much product getting off onto my lashes. That is literally just one cold.

I normally dont do second coats for mascara, but you know Im just curious now, heres another look oops its its like world changing, but you know how world changing kind of mascara, be. You know what Im saying I like this just not for lower lashes. Oh, this was actually almost 11 Euros on Amazon. I dont know if its cheaper at the drugstore, but one more makeup product that I want to try and Im talking about this lip gloss, which is apparently the kiko Hydra lip gloss. 3D. It seems to have 3D Glitters in there, which makes your lip look really good, really juicy and I feel like glitter lip glosses on Tick. Tock are also like the mascara thing. Its just people just really want to have glitter lips its important that its in the shade 04 – and this was 9.49 – is Keiko. A drugstore brand, no right, Im gon na apply a little bit of lip liner. First, oh smells like the lip gloss. You steal from your mom to just try out makeup in your room: okay, the glitter in there is so pretty wow. What did you show the glitter specks in there are just so fine and beautiful. I love. Do you like these close ups of my lips? I think I will wear this – oh my God, its so gorgeous. Oh, my gosh! This is my favorite product. So far we have one more product to test the one Im, actually, a little scared of were gon na test.

This so called zombie mask. I think this actually has been going around like years ago on YouTube already, but obviously stuff comes back now. I saw it on Tick Tock again, and I already wanted to try it back when it was popular on YouTube, but I was not able to get it back then, but now got a pack of 10 or something it just really looks like it hurts the out Of my skin, maybe itll just rip my acne off poor, tightening and lifting It also says skin irritation test completed Im glad they tell us that I just washed my face and I have not even applied any moisturizer. My face is super red because it just gets super red when I take my makeup off deal with it. Okay, this set of eight masks apparently costs about 30 Euros and it actually has really good reviews on Amazon, almost 10 000 reviews and four and a half Stars, One activator, and we mix this. I just lost a little bit of powder, but I also lost a little bit of liquid, where even it smells kind of yummy like sweet egg. So far it is not an unpleasant sensation. I think I already applied it a little bit too close to my eyes. Anyway, I think thats it guys. This is the glow that I aspire to have I like it so far. When does the zombie thing kick in its now 10 minutes later, I cannot move a Muslim thing.

That really is some pressure on your skin man. It doesnt even feel like my skin, and actually really hurts. I dont even think youre supposed to talk that much while having it on Im worried. You cant see it on my Expressions but Im really worried Im gon na wash it off now. Weve had enough fun with this. Oh, she bought cheese. I absolutely love ending my videos looking like well, I just washed the mask off and let me tell you that was one of the most painful masks that I have ever tried Im, not quite sure if its supposed to hurt that much. But I also have very sensitive skin, not so sure about this mask. That is all I can say right now, maybe Ill rather just put my frownies on, even though they smell bad fun fact. The next day, I actually had a reaction on my forehead, and I have no idea what was the cause its either the zombie mask or the frownies. We will never know anyway. I think I should end this video here. Let me know if you got any other products that I need to try, preferably products that dont hurt. Me dont forget to follow me on my social media. The way I just swallow the words definitely because Im on my social media, which is Naomi John on Instagram, Naomi John on and the name of John on chew it up, get ready for Valentines Day.