They have a new Contour wand. They have some new lip products that look very similar to the tarte maracuja juicy lips, a new mascara and more so lets, go ahead and jump right in and get started. So first up lets start out with the new mascara. So this is called the dream: Warrior. Mascara and Ill show you guys the packaging really quickly. It says its a volumizing mascara for weightless volume and lift and that 94 percent of people saw lifted lashes. It says that lashes go dreamy with our cloud like fluffy formula infused with Cloud boost technology, not sure what that is to uplift, your lashes and that their exclusive lash lift brush features, bio based, bristles, that grip and lift every lash. So I actually really like this brush. I love how skinny it is because it really helps to get up to the roots of the lashes without getting mascara all over my eyelids, which I always tend to do with bigger brushes, and I felt that this mascara gave a really good good amount of volume. It didnt give quite as much length as I would like, but overall, as I was applying, I noticed that the formula felt kind of wet, which I was surprised by because when they said that it was a cloud like formula, I was expecting it to be a Little bit more on the moussey drier side, but it actually felt very wet. However, it dries really fast, so it doesnt sit on your lashes, wet and kind of weigh them down, and I actually really like the final result.

I thought that my lashes had volume again not quite as much length as I would like, but they didnt have clumps, they didnt look spidery and I did feel like they were pretty lifted. I always get questions on whether I curl my lashes before I apply mascara, and I never do and the reason for that is because my lashes just have natural curl already so anytime. I ever try to curl my lashes beforehand. I just feel like they look. The same so its just an extra step that I dont feel like I have to do so its always hard for me to say whether a mascara helps curl your lashes up, because for me every mascara does that. But I do feel like my lashes. Look a bit lifted with this, and I dont think its going to weigh your lashes down because of just how quickly it dries and it does make them feel kind of very light and fluffy. So, if thats something youre looking for, I think you will really like this a lot next. I also got two new primers from Flower Beauty, so these are the skin smoothie primers and I got the power matte one and the radiant glow, but theres also a hydrating version as well, so lets check out the power matte one first. This says its a detox for the skin. This primer helps to blur the appearance of pores and smooth imperfections for a soft focus.

Mattifying effect, the advanced blend of thyme, green tea and sunflower seed oil helps reduce shine and control oil and helps makeup to stay put and as Im applying it to my hand, I can definitely see how much smoother my skin looks on that side of my hand Versus the other, so Im really excited to try this. I think actually, what Im going to do is take a photo of my pores really close up with my phone and then when, when I put it on Im, going to take another photo and well compare the two all right. So this has a really creamy feel. Actually, I was a little bit nervous when they said that it was a matte primer, because I was thinking that it might feel dry on my drier skin, but it actually feels really nice. It has a super kind of silky feel and it did say that it had sunflower oil in it. It almost does feel a little bit oily. I dont know how oily skin types are going to feel about that, because it just feels really nourishing very hydrating. So I dont know, and its also making my skin feel really smooth, but I dont know if its going to necessarily make it look smoother so well take another photo and find out all right so Im just going to take another picture. Really quick. All right lets. Take a look at them side by side, so just zooming in on it here um, I feel like it maybe minimized them just slightly.

I dont know why the lighting is off by the way, because I literally took these photos sitting in the same spot, but yeah. I mean I definitely still see my pores quite a bit. I dont think it minimizes them as well. Well as the LOreal Studio Secrets primer that I really love, I mean I definitely see a little bit of a difference, but its not like wow next lets. Try the radiant one so this one says your daily dose our primer, brightens and illuminates, with an infusion of ultra fine pearls to enhance your Natural Glow, the weightless silky formula nourishes skin with an antioxidant Rich vitamin complex, while prepping skin for seamless makeup application. I kind of wonder if this is similar to the elf Halo, glow or the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless filter. I feel like there are a lot of dupes for that going around lately, theres also the LOreal Lumi lotion, which has been out for a really long time, and it kind of seems like a similar product to that as well. So yeah. I definitely noticed the glow on my skin and what I like about this is kind of similar to the elf Halo glow, its not glittery its more of that pearlized effect, and I actually like that. This one is more of a pink tone. The elf ones are more yellow and they do offer some coverage. This one does not offer any coverage whatsoever, but I have a pink undertone so sometimes I feel like that.

Little bit of a pink color kind of looks more flattering. Next up for foundation, I was gon na just try to keep this all Flower Beauty and I was going to use the get real serum Foundation. But looking at the bottle, it seems to have turned a little bit of a funky color, and I noticed that this only has like a six month shelf life and I think Ive had this bottle for almost two years. So I dont want to use this one. Instead, Im actually going to use the rare Beauty, positive light, Tinted Moisturizer, which I think is super similar to The Flower, Beauty, serum foundation, and this is in the shade 20w. One thing I love about this is how lightweight it is, but it also gives pretty decent coverage, and I think the Flower Beauty one is is really similar to that. It also has a really skin, like finish too, which I love, and I just like to apply this with my fingers, because its sheer it kind of feels like a moisturizer, and I feel, like your fingers, just kind of help to melt Foundation into your skin better. I always get questions on that too. In videos. People are always like why dont you use a sponge or a brush. I dont know I just grew up using my fingers back in my day when I was just getting into makeup there, werent Beauty, blenders and makeup brushes, so everybody just kind of used their fingers.

Next up, we have a new concealer from Flower Beauty as well, and this is the get real serum concealer. So it goes along with the foundation. So I was actually expecting this to be a very lightweight serum. Like texture, it says that it has buildable coverage, that its hydrating brightening and smoothing, and I have it in the shade Ivory and I was kind of surprised when I was doing the swatches initially, that this is much thicker than I thought it was going to be Its actually thicker than the foundation – and I guess the concealer sort of – has to be a little bit thicker to be able to add more coverage. But I didnt necessarily feel that this was a serum like texture, so thats. Just something that I wanted to mention, because they do say that on the packaging, so Im just going to go ahead and put a little dot on the outer corner of my eye and just blend that also with my finger, this shade is definitely very light and Brightening, even though this says it has buildable coverage, I think the coverage is actually pretty good. Its at least, I would say its at least medium coverage, if not a little bit more so overall, I just feel like this. Concealer is a lot different than what I was expecting it to be like look at one eye to the other. I just feel like that covered so much its really really brightening Im, just gon na put a little bit on my nose too or around my nose.

I should say I mean I can definitely see a big difference on this side of my face where I put the concealer versus this side, and this concealer doesnt feel super emollient or like really hydrating, but at the same time it doesnt feel or look dry. Under my eyes, at least, not yet, Im gon na have to wait and kind of let it sit a little bit but its the type of formula that dries down really really fast. So it almost kind of feels like its self setting. If you have a more oily skin type, I dont know if itll do that for you, but at least on my dry skin. I dont necessarily feel like I need to set this. So here are just some quick, close ups of my eye area. I just took some more pictures with my phone so that you can see up close and personal so far. I dont feel like its settling into to the fine lines under my eyes, and I also think it looks pretty smooth and not cakey so so far. So good but Ill have to update you down below on how this wears throughout the day. Next up, we have the new low light Contour wand, so these leaked on Trend mood. Some people were finding them at CVS. I tried to get them on the Ulta website and they completely sold out so fast. So I went to my local CVSs. I went to several different ones.

I finally found them, and I wasnt sure what color to get so I got the light and the medium ones. They also had a deep option which I did not buy. So let me just show you these up close, really quick. These are in the same packaging as their Spotlight highlighters. I really hope they make a blush in this packaging next. I think that would be so incredible, but these basically have the exact same packaging as the Charlotte Tilbury Contour wand, the spotlight highlighters, the glowgasm or the pink gasm blushes. It has the little sponge tip applicator and the little section where you can twist it to kind of open and close. Then you just squeeze the tube to let the product up. I think the light shade is definitely going to be the right color. For me, it has a little bit more of a cool undertone while the medium one is a little bit warmer, and for me I, like the cooler color, at least for contouring. I might use the medium one all over as more of a bronzer, but I think the light one is perfect and I dont have the Charlotte Tilbury Contour wand to compare it to, but I do have the new one from tarte. So I just want to show you that really quick. I think that the tarte one has pretty much the exact same packaging really really similar, and I have the tarte one in soft bronze, which is the lightest shade, and I think its kind of in between these two colors its a little bit warmer than the light Shade from Flower Beauty, but its also, not quite as warm as the medium shade from flower, so it really is just very in between and then just quickly.

I also want to show you the Milani, conceal and perfect Contour wand in the shade honey. This is also the lightest shade, and this one is also a bit warmer than light from flower, but not quite as warm as the medium one Im going to go ahead and use the light shade today. So, Im just going to put a couple of dots right here under my cheek and then Im taking the profusion, buffing foundation brush and Im just gon na work this in under my cheekbone, its super easy to blend. It actually reminds me a lot of the tarte one, its so similar. I did use that in a recent video as well in case you want to check that out. I really enjoy it a lot, but I think I actually like this color, even better the tarte one I sort of used all over as a bronzer. It didnt really seem to Contour, but I think this one gives that perfect cooler tone that creates a bit of a shadow Im just going to put a little bit under my chin, and I think it definitely makes a big difference. Like heres the contoured side of my face and then heres the other side, which looks a little bit more round, so I think it definitely does help to sculpt and it almost has a very serum like texture, I havent tried the Charlotte Tilbury one, so I dont Really know what that ones like, but this one has a very liquid feel its not overly creamy or difficult to blend it just really melts into your skin very easily.

Just gon na do a little bit on my forehead as well. I might just do a little bit on my nose. I mean really that was effortless to blend that took almost no time at all, so Im actually loving this right now. I think I like it even better than the tarte one, so yay next were just going to add a little bit of blush and Im going to use the shade spiced petal. This is the flower pots blush from Flower Beauty. These are some of my favorite blushes. In my collection, I just think that theyre, so smooth, theyre, so silky and the colors are just so flattering and beautiful. Next up flower also has some new lip products. So these are the plump up gloss, stick and when I first saw these, I immediately thought of the tarte maracuja juicy lips. These have very similar packaging. They have those click up style pens. I got three different shades to try, but they come in six all together and they claim to be an all in one gloss bomb: hybrid, that nourishes hydrates and comfortably plumps the lips while delivering buildable color with a dewy shiny finish. So they do sound a lot like the tarte ones, and I actually took out my tarte Plumping ones to compare, because these are also supposed to be Plumping formulas and packaging. Wise theyre, almost identical vehicle except the Flower Beauty ones, are just a little bit thinner, while the tart ones are a little bit on the thicker side, but the applicator is the same shape and then you click them up from the bottom to dispense the product.

I do feel like, as I was swatching them, that the tarte ones just look a little bit more glossy and a little bit more melty, so I would say thats the biggest difference between them. The flower ones do have a meltier texture also, but I feel like theyre more like a balm, whereas the tarte ones look more like a gloss, they just seem to have a little bit more shine to them. So I figured I would just try on all the colors for you really quickly, so you can see these in action. So the first one is the shade Sizzle, which is a really light pink Im curious to see if these tingle, like the tart ones, do because theyre also supposed to be like a Plumping formula, all right so heres the shade Sizzle. This is really pretty next up. We have the shade spicy and these do tingle by the way they feel pretty much the same as the tart ones. So again, this one is spicy and then the last one is Toasty. I actually like this one, its kind of similar to the blush color that I have on. So what do you guys think of the new products from Flower Beauty Im, definitely going to be wearing this look for the rest of the day, and I will let you know down below how everything wore and what my final thoughts are, but so far Im really Impressed with everything I feel like everything applied, beautifully, Im, really loving this new Contour product, and also these lip products seem really promising.

They remind me a lot of the tarte ones like I said I dont feel like theyre, quite as shiny but theyre very close. They have the same tingly feel on your lips and that same melty, texture, which I really love, theyre super comfortable to wear. I also think that, so far the concealer looks really good. Im just gon na have to wear it a little bit longer to be able to know for sure and the dream Warrior mascara I like it, I dont wouldnt say I love it, because I like more length out of a mascara, but I feel like its pretty Good, I think I, like the glowy primer, a little bit more than the mattifying one, just because this didnt really seem to blur my pores quite as much as I was hoping that it would. But I do like the glow that this one gave my my skin anyway guys. Thank you so much for watching todays video. I really appreciate it so much if youre new here and you love drugstore makeup – be sure to hit the Subscribe button before you go, because I do a lot of drugstore content here on my channel as well as dupes. Thank you guys so much for taking time out of your day to spend it here with me.