Obviously I cant go back and like change myself in that video, and it just rested with me that I need to do a video about blush solely about blush, so I kept thinking about it like I went about my day and I was like more blush. More blush more blush, I just couldnt. Let go of the idea, so I specifically want to talk about what I would call fun blushes like the bright colored blushes that maybe you might think. Oh, I cant even wear that, like I cant get away with that like these are fun and they work and theyre beautiful and theyre, maybe a little bit unique looking, but on the cheeks by the time they sheer out theyre completely wearable. I think also. I have a flameless candle going back here. I got a little light so far and on the rest of my face I thought Id, let you know I chose to do the perfector foreign one again, but this time I paired it with CoverGirl Outlast. So a little more coverage than the LOreal, but I still love that LOreal and Maybelline pairing. I have no blush on yet so well, get there Im wearing this Dior palette. I just fished this out of my drawer and the Dior backstage in cool neutrals felt, like I hadnt worn that really enough and just went for a very light eye. Look there and Ive been wearing a lot of my Estee Lauder little black primer and just trying different mascaras on top, so today, its the one size Fanta size.

On top of that on my lips Im wearing one of my Too Faced heart core lipsticks. This is in the shade, never grow up, and then I just lined it with a little bit of Estee Lauder mauve lip liner and lets see. I cant like put on each and every one of these, but the first one Ill talk about this. One is so fun these little blushes from M cosmetics and, yes, the shade called little lilac. This is so pretty um. It really kind of translates to looking like a cool pink on the cheeks and this formula, if youve ever gotten, like a rare Beauty, blush and youve been a little put off or a little frustrated by how they go from like zero to a hundred on your Cheeks, like the tiniest dab, can sometimes feel like too much, and you got ta police yourself so much. These are a little different formula. They dont set up so fast theyre, not quite as intense and theyve got a little more like moisture in them when they say theyre a serum blush. They really do feel that way in terms of their texture. So I they have a little dropper theyre, so cute, but Im gon na put like just a little bit of this on my cheeks here just a little and you could blend it with your finger. I love using with cream blushes. I love using my Sephora 56 and you can just blend this in and it sort of turns into something you might not expect.

Look at this fresh, cool, pink, its fun. Its satisfying, like a blush in general, is always going to be fun for me, but these just really satisfy you know, look at that and the little bit of Radiance that that leaves now. I have zero highlighter on my face, its just the blush and the fact that, like I said its a serum blush, it has just a little more moisture in it. It didnt totally change the texture of my face. You know it doesnt feel sticky, but Ive got a little glow on my cheeks from this its so great you can build it up. You can get even more of a profound pinkiness going on there, but I love that just absolutely adore the freshness of that, and there are a lot of Shades in this line that I might gravitate toward a little bit faster. Like the dusty rose. Looking colors and all that, but this color, I tell you if you like, a soft cool pink the Lilac one is so great for that another Cream Blush that Im loving – and I applied this in my last video, but the tower 28 theyve got a couple that I really like Im. The one called Power Hour is really good if you like a richer um kind of brownish shade, but this one called happy hour is so bright and so much fun. And I really like um going to some of these cream textures with a stipple brush as full as this.

Is it really diffuses the color nicely this ones from Eco tools? I need to come up with something thats still available like that people can actually get their hands on because I think this ones discontinued. But I just go into that and start stippling on the cheeks and its such a pretty fresh Awakening kind of blush shade and on that same thought, if were talking these cream blushes that I love this palette from danessa myricks is really fun as well. Its dewy cheek and lip so you can create some great monochromatic looks, but they have a bright pink in here. A couple of coral tones. This one has some Shimmer right here, a Dusty roses in there as well. You can mix you can layer, but I also like using that with this brush. I remember talking about this months back but Im just kind of trying to get into and enjoy some of my brighter blushes, not just those that are like oh thats, a pretty comfortable Dusty Rosy, mauve shade you know, but yeah you could use this with the Sephora 56 as well, but some of these bold cream shades, I think they really benefit from a little brush like this. A more dense brush handles some of the liquids really well, but I mean do whatever you want. Do whatever feels comfortable, you can also blend with your fingers, just fine another Cream Blush to talk about and Ive worn this a lot in recent days, its my makeup by Mario stick in the shade raspberry and it was kind of funny.

The reason I got this a lot of people were going Gaga over these blush sticks initially, like months back, and I went to get one and all of the sensible Shades were sold out, and they only had this one. I thought. Well, you know what Ill go for it Ill Ill, do it and its super pretty. It takes a very little amount, but it just livens up the face in comparison to these its probably a little brighter. Looking pink than the rest of these creams. That Ive shown you just now, but with blush blushes, tend to have a range okay. So if you want it to show up more, you apply a little more. You build it up a little little more. If you want it to look more sheer, you can do that, like you, can grab a dark blush and you can just apply it with a lot of control and you can still make that look work for you as well. Now Im not huge on this brush. I feel like its very stiff and dense, and it almost makes me apply more pressure to the face than I want to get the whole look Blended. So I would say you know either one of these could be good. You could very easily just get a little bit of this off on your stipple brush and just go to town like that, but its a great color and I dont think people should be overlooking that super fun shade out of the Mario collection.

Now lets talk about this m cosmetic stick. This is my last Cream Blush that Im going to mention today. These So Soft sticks are absolutely beautiful, a great texture both with their Contours and their blushes, and they have some fun Shades that Ive been kind of rediscovering. One of them is called bitten and its a rich kind of reddish looking shade here and its super pretty its a great in from the cold old blush type color. If you like a truly Rosy cheek and you could go straight to it with a brush – sometimes thats a nice approach to take with these more intense ones, Im going to add a little bit of this to my look on each cheek and you can see just How beautifully it Blends, you know its an intense shade but Im not working hard, but look and they dont really Market. These sticks this way, but I think this is a really pretty shade on the lips as well, but Im just pressing over it see how Im not even buffing Im, not disrupting any of the makeup underneath and this just Blends easily. I dont have to work hard at it. This cheat needed a little more. That is some fresh blush right there gang. I love it so much, and this line is loaded with great options, but dont overlook bitten because you think well thats, just too dark or thats. Not for my skin tone like look.

The thing about blush is that I cant just keep applying all of them, or else it will really distort the look, but a powder blush that I think is so pretty and I think its pretty similar to the look people are getting from that. Dior blush. The really cool pink one Im, pretty sure I applied this in a recent video, but this blush in the shade over the moon, a really beautiful, cool, pink blush, a concentrated Swatch of a blush – tells you very little. Youd have to see it kind of sheared out on the cheeks, but its a very fresh pop, its kind of like this gone to a powder form if youre ever shopping the Sephora line and youre just curious about trying something. I was very impressed by this blush. I also gotten another blush that I like too. The first word that comes to my mind when I think of a cool pink blush is fresh awakened. This bitten stick while I love it, it really does say like blush these tones more just give off that Vibe of energy Health life. Another blush that I rediscovered fairly recently. It is so good so good if you like, a coral Peach blush this one from Milani its Coral Cove. Now I would normally gravitate toward romantic Rose in this line. You know the mauvy dusty color, but this is beautiful, absolutely beautiful and it would pair great with like a nude lip, a warmer lip.

The intensity is so so there and you dont, need a lot just go into it lightly. I would never brush across this blush to try to pick up a lot of it, but just dab into it with, like my elf blush brush, which is My Chosen brush for powder blush and youll get all you need out of this puppy. And lastly, I found one that I can also add to this: look this from Mac its sweets for my sweet and its an extra Dimension blush, and this is kind of glowy a lot of what Ive shown you so far its just been Pure Color. You know pure 100 pigment in these Shades, not so much a shimmery idea. This is really interesting, like you go to put this on and it does have a sheerness to it and a Sheen and Im trying to describe the color sheer Rosy, almost with a little bit of copper, just a hint mixed in theres, some warmth, theres some heat In this look and Im going to apply it over top of what I have going on here, so you can see that little dewiness weve achieved from the M Cosmetics, serum blush, and we also put on bitten but Im going to get a little bit of this. On my elf blush brush and just take it across here think blush topper. It gives you just a little more color and some glow. You see the added intensity from this cheek to this cheek.

I love that this is hard to put your finger on and Ive realized. I like it most when I put it over the top of existing blush, its not so intense but its fun, and it gives that little added glow, not Flex of Shimmer. Not anything that even really looks like highlight Im not going to wear highlight today, because Im just loving the glow that the cheeks seem to have right now, so guys those are my picks fun. Blushes, Im answering the comment more blush. These are my thoughts. I would love to know if there are any blushes that might seem even a little scary to you like a little unapproachable. Perhaps you know that bright shade or that rich shade that you went ahead and tried, and it just knocked your socks off. I would love to hear some stories like that in the comments section, so we can kind of add to this list but yeah. I think the creams especially really have a way of having that range where you can apply them in so many different ways. You know you can experiment yourself with different formulas and say: okay Im going to try just patting this on with my fingers and see how that goes and get like a bare minimum kind of thing or Im going to use that soft stipple brush. Okay, maybe I can take a little more Ill use a more dense brush. Should you swipe it on the cheeks first, should you go right off the stick? You can definitely experiment and what you will notice is with every different application method and every different little amount that you try putting on.

You can achieve a different look out of those cream and liquid blushes, so to me, thats really fun. That gives you a lot of range. I think some of these powder blushes, especially these two – are more like. What you see is what you get. You know you go into that shade. It goes on the cheeks. Yes, you can be more subtle or more intense with the amount you choose to put on, but overall you know youre getting those Shades and this one our little kind of wild card topper just gives this glaze of color and Luminous Finish. On top of your blush. I love that, for as into blushes, people seem to be these days. I feel like this is a step that a lot of people would enjoy man. I thought this was an to be a super short video. Like a really quick video. It was not thank you. So much for your time, everybody – and I will see you again very soon.