Everyone welcome back so today, Im going to be doing a full in depth. First, Impressions testing wear test of the new makeup by Mario Foundation. We have been blessed with some decent natural lighting today, so Im going to show you the application and everything in natural lighting and an artificial lighting to see what the differences are. Its called The Surreal skin foundation – and I have seen so much hype about this online. I think, because Mario is such a well known makeup artist, he obviously does makeup for Kim Kardashian, and his makeup looks that he does on other people always look great. I will give it to him lets get into it. So the slightly frustrating thing is is that we now have Sephora in the UK online. I think there are some stores actually coming soon. Hopefully, makeup by Mara is stocked on Sephora, but we dont have the foundation yet, and so I ordered it off of the makeup by Mario website. It is 45 British pounds which is a hell of a lot for a foundation that is more than Nars foundations. That has more than Charlotte Tilbury foundations. That is an expensive Foundation. I paid 17 pounds for the shipping, which I know is ridiculous, but you know what this is my job to test products for you so that you dont have to, or even if you do want to test products. Hopefully my opinion can help you out Im currently trying to match this to my neck, and I did actually try this Foundation yesterday, just so that I could have like a full day of wearing it and then another day today, where I actually film it, and so I can gather my thoughts.

There are 30 different shades, but there does seem to be a pretty good range. The shade matching was the thing that confused me the most, because I watched so many reviews on tiktok to try and figure out my shade loads of people had said online that the cool shades, so like 1C 4C people were saying that the cool shades were not That cool and they were more yellow. I went for the shade 4C because Id seen a girl test this and it looked pretty yellow on her, and I thought you know what that looks like a good shade for me and this watch is online. It also looked pretty yellow and not a lot of the cool shades. Look that cool. To be honest, the shade finder also matched me to 4C. So I thought you know what Im just gon na go for it and you can try all of the shades on, but Im not gon na lie like its not real, they all, whichever one I click on, they seem to just adjust it to my face and My main concern with this is that people had showed online that it has glitter in it like when you look up close at the bottom, its got little Glitters in it. I dont think you can see it as much in natural lighting. I dont know how well thats gon na come across, so Ive moisturized, my skin Im, just going to go on top of my moisturizer today lets put some on.

While we talk about it so Im going to take one pump, which one pump is quite a good amount of product, you know its not like a Nars pump, its like a full pump. It has a bit of an odd smell to it. Im not gon na lie. It smells kind of like chemically by the way to give this a good old shake before putting it on and, as you can see, from putting it on its, not super liquidy. I was kind of expect it to be a little bit. Thinner in consistency, kind of maybe similar to the Nars light reflecting, but I would say its a medium thickness Im going to do this side with a brush on the other side, with my sponge just to show you the differences, but already you can see it has Pretty good coverage it has covered covered that scar that I had just there for me personally, I would not need more than one pump like that is more than enough product and it claims to be a complexion Masterpiece. He said I put my heart into this groundbreaking formula, with the hope of not creating a barrier of foundation, but rather Awakening the true infinite beauty that lies within, but I do have to say it definitely feels thicker than I thought it would like. It. Doesnt quite feel as weightless as I was expecting because he said that you know he wants it to be skin like and just enhancing the skin.

It feels a little bit heavier than I thought it would, but, as you can see from just that side, it goes on really nicely with the brush, so Im gon na take a sponge on the other side and with a sponge. I found that because I did this yesterday, like I put on a bit with a sponge, but with my brush with the sponge. You get less coverage for sure because it absorbs orbs a little bit more of the product and you get a more natural looking finish. So you can see, like I have a couple spot scars down here, that havent been fully covered, so I dont know how well you can see. Oh my gosh, a good little demonstration is. I did have some fake freckles on here, which um Ive been using the utahn freckle pen to do some like semi permanent tan Freckles, but on this side you can still see them poking through on this side and not as much because the brush has given a Slightly heavier coverage. Both sides definitely do look very pretty in my opinion, but I do think that I slightly prefer it with the brush just to make it equal on this side. Im going to take. This was about half a pump and Im just going to put it were just doing the shade Factory yeah, it is buildable, Ive got to say straight away the foundation that it reminds me the most of is the Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin foundation.

So if anybodys tried that one, they both have this very glowy radiant finish, which, if you have very oily skin, I dont think youre gon na, like this Im gon na, say that straight away, just because it is so glowy just to make it a little bit More natural Im going to go over everything with my sponge, but I have to say when I first put it on, I was like oh yeah, the shade looks fine, but then actually you want to blend it out compared to my neck. I do look a bit more pink in my face than I do on my neck. I was really worried that as soon as I put this on, you were going to see the Glitters in it, but in natural light Im not gon na lie. You cant really see the glitter at all. Actually, I cant see any in the natural light and I think thats, probably picking up on camera and Ive, got to say in a few areas of dryness that I had sort of down here. From where I had blemishes – and I did have a little patch of dryness here – its disguised those areas of dryness pretty well actually. So at this point I think its looking pretty good Ive got to say even with my phone torch on my face, you cant really see glitter like it. Doesnt look like Ive put highlighter all over my face. It just looks very glowy.

Maybe that will change once Ive set it so that its not as reflective Im just using a tiny bit of these Charlotte Tilbury, beautiful skin concealer. So Im just going to put on a little bit of concealer under my eyes, Im not actually going to put any on my nose because I feel like I dont really need it. To be honest, I have the concealer in the shade 4.5 fair by the way. Im actually going to take my makeup and Mario Contour stick in the shade light medium. Just because why not am testing is foundation? Ive got to say his Contour product Blends out beautifully over the top of this Im. Just using some of the made by Mitchell blush in pink links, then, Im going to set everything in place with the colourpop loose powder in wait. What the colourpop no filter setting this is no filter setting loose setting translucent. Do you know what I mean and just in case anybody is new here my skin type is oily, but with dry patches, so I do tend to go for more glowy foundations these days and then I just control it usually with like a lot of powder and Setting spray and primers and stuff, however, today Im not gon na, do all of the above Im not going to use my usual setting sprays, because I want to see how the foundation holds up without it. The difference that a bit of powder can make – and I know that some people will say: oh but its a glowy foundation – dont put powder all over the top of it.

But honestly, if I dont powder my foundations and set them into place, they would not be there a few hours later, like they just transfer on everything. I dont know how people do that and and yeah then, when they mix with my natural oils, its just not great so you can probably see like the foundation is definitely slightly Pink. So if youve seen other peoples, reviews and theyre saying, oh, the cool shades are really warm dont trust it like yes, its not the coolest tone Foundation that Ive ever seen, but it is definitely slightly more on the pink side. Okay, let me just finish off the rest of my makeup and I will come back in two seconds, looking like an entirely different person. Okay, so I finished off the rest of my makeup by the way, if youre wondering my lip combo is the rare Beauty lip liner in the shade, talented and the V lip due in Rosa beautiful combination, mascara started off as Sky High, but then I was like Ive not got enough left in this, so then I started using the YSL lash Clash on my brows. I use the rare Beauty, brow Harmony in cool Brown, the gel and the pencil and then for my powder, bronzer blush and highlight I actually used the benefit, Earth Angel, forescope palette and I used hula. I used this blush, which is called a honeymoon and then the cookie highlighter. This is what the foundation looks like fully powdered and fully finished in natural lighting.

I will show you in a sec what it looks like under my softbox lights, but at the moment I almost feel like. I can see a tiny bit of glitter on my forehead. Let me just okay yeah when I shine my torch on it. Now that its powdered, I can definitely see in my forehead, okay, wait. I really hope its gon na pick up. I dont know if thats picking up on camera, I can actually see a little bit of glitter her. Let me just go. Take a flash picture and a dark room and Ill be right back. Okay from what I can tell because, Im still, blinded by my camera, flash it doesnt seem to have flashback. It looks pretty nice on camera, so just some close ups in the natural light. This is how were looking and lets switch to artificial light in three two one did, I know my transition, so this is what the foundation looks like in solely artificial lighting. Ive got two lights on either side of me here it looks pretty nice. In my opinion, if you do have any sort of like texture on your skin, the foundation doesnt like emphasize it as such, but you can definitely tell that. I am wearing foundation and obviously because I did powder and everything that is gon na happen like adding more products onto my face, but its not as Skin like as I was expecting it to be, but I would say in the artificial lighting, it still looks really.

Nice so now, Im gon na go about my day and Im going to check back in with you guys in a few hours, when I notice any difference, I guess but well see how it holds up and well do a full inspection. So I will see you guys in a little bit or in a few hours. It is currently pretty much dead on three hours later and Im just about to head to my best mates house. So I thought Id do a little chicken chicken a little chicken. I thought Id do a little check in just before I go Im now having to use artificial lighting and, having a little look at my face, I definitely am starting to get a little bit oily hang on. Let me just turn down my cameras, ISO and zoom. You all the way in so, as you can see a little bit more. My forehead a little bit sort of like around here, a bit on my nose Im starting to get a little bit oily and usually, if I was going to be going to somebodys house and my makeup had started to look like this, I would just want to Add a little bit of powder to my T Zone Im not going to do that, because I want to see how well it holds up. I mean so far its not started to separate and its not sort of sunk into my small lines too badly.

To be honest, this side is pretty fine, this side just a little bit and around my nose, its still looking pretty good, but yeah were definitely starting to get a bit of oil three hours in so will I come back looking like an oil slick, I guess Well find out: this Foundation has now been on for nine hours, and I have to say by this point Im looking very oily, which Im sure you can probably tell looking at my face Im oily now pretty much everywhere. Let me just zoom you all the way in so if I adjust my lights accordingly, let me just turn them away from me slightly just so theres less reflection, but you can still see how my face is looking. You can see like Im oily Chris, pretty much in every area of my face, which I was expecting because it is advertised as a more glowy, dewy looking foundation and maybe Im not quite the target audience with having oily skin. But then, at the same time, I find it really difficult, because I have dry patches but majority oily skin. I tend to go for foundations that are a little bit more glowy. However, usually I would say during the day I would powder about around, like halfway between. I wouldnt just let my Foundation sit for nine hours without touching it up. If I had somewhere to be, you know, I would either blot my face or I would powder my face or do a combination of the two and I would always use setting spray.

I would say if you do have very oily skin. You are not going to get on with this Foundation. Yes, it might look beautiful for a good few hours and unless you do use a mattifying primer than a setting mist and then touch up throughout the day, then you might be fine. And let me know if you do have oily skin and youve tried this and you love it. Let me know, or just let me know how you got on with it in general. I think if you have dry skin, you will like this Foundation. If you did have dry skin all over, you, probably wouldnt set it with powder. All over my face, like I did, I asked for Jamess opinion earlier, just after Id applied it and when we were out on a walk, so it was in the natural lighting and I said to him: how does my Foundation look and he was like yeah? It looks good he was like. It looks fine and I was like okay, it looks fine, which is sort of what I thought as well like. I think it looks nice I wasnt like whoa. I love it, whereas with some of my other more expensive foundations like, for example, the Nars light reflecting foundation and the Nars radiant longer Foundation, those two I both put those on and were like whoa, I love it. I wasnt quite as blown away as I thought. I was going to be like yes, it is a nice Foundation, but I do have others that I definitely prefer and for so it just unfortunately, doesnt quite do it for me and Im sure there are people that love this Foundation.

Let me know if youre one of them – and let me know if youve tried it Id love to know your opinions from this angle – lovely juicy from this angle too, much too much, something that I will say its not sunk into my smile lines. All that much so like here, for example, not a lot of it, is really gathered here for some reason. More on this side, like a little bit more has gathered. Something that is good is even though, Im extremely oily, its not really broken down around the size of my nose. So that gives me hope that, with some powder and with some setting spray, I could probably get a lot longer wear out of this, because I think it would touch up quite nicely and yeah same on my forehead, like its not its, not separated and also as Well, theres some foundations that I find throughout the day. By the end of the day, they have like gathered around my dry patches and emphasized them all almost like the moisture of the foundation has gone away, and it just leaves behind, like the Crusty looking dry bits, but its not actually done that on these areas of Dryness that I had around here, where I had a few blemishes Id literally just take my hands and just blocked the excess oil. Yes, you could use blocking sheet, but who needs a blocking sheet when you have hands so since doing that, I have lost a little bit of the coverage and it has started to look a little bit more patchy around the areas that were a little bit more Oily Im just going to go in with a bit of the Maybelline Fit Me powder, the shade 105 natural Ivory.

Now that Ive done that, actually this spot is really starting to poke through. But I have to say you know it is workable and it is savable. However, I would not recommend leaving it nine hours in between blotting and re powdering your face. Hopefully this helps based on wearing this for the past two days and my judgments, would I repurchase this? No not for the price, even with free shipping like even if it was 45 pounds, thats still a lot for a foundation, and I dont love it more than my other high end foundations. Would I wear it again? Yes, honestly, my move right now is, I feel, like this plant, that plant is so dead. At least this ones still thriving. I hope this was helpful if it was please give this a thumbs up, if youd like me to test out any other new recent viral makeup products. Let me know because Ill tell you my honest thoughts. Also, if you like, this kind of video feel free to subscribe, I do lots of makeup reviews and honest makeup reviews on my channel.