Welcome back to my channel. Welcome if youre new and lets get started with a new product from Milani that I have been loving. This is their new, conceal and perfect blur out powder. This is a very finely milled talc free translucent powder. It has a flip top lid to contain the powder thats beneath the mesh insert. Now, when I say this is finely milled, I mean its so finely milled, you almost cant, even see what I just picked up on my finger and its completely invisible. When I try to show you what it looks like on the back of my hand, its one of those powders where you can see a cloud when you tap into it with your brush or whatever tool youre using, you only need a tiny bit of product, and You can just dust it over your face and it just does this beautiful job of blurring and getting rid of shine, but it looks like skin and it also doesnt take away from any Sheen that you have from products under underneath now, if Im setting Foundation or Cream products, or, if Im, just using it by itself, I also like to take a brush and dust it over my face lightly, because you really only need a little bit of product and after Ive dusted it on. I then press it into my skin very gently. Just to make sure that Im set a little bit longer, but I feel like if I go in initially with a sponge like I do other powders, I just dont need that much powder.

I think this is a powder that worked really well across all skin types, because its so finely milled and because it looks natural and like skin. I have combination skin, and this has worked really nicely on the Outer Perimeter, where Im more normal and can show some dryness in the cooler months. It looks beautiful on that area of my face and, at the same time, it softly mattifies my shine prone areas in the center of my face. Ive used this to set my makeup. Ive used it as a finishing powder to touch up with, and its just really beautiful. It gives a blurred to kind of soft Focus, filter finish and feels really lightweight and silky. Every time Ive used this its felt like a high end experience, because its so silky and it just applied so beautifully, because this is newer. As of my filming, this video there arent many reviews, but I predict more. People are going to be talking about this very soon. Ive not had much success with balm foundations. They just dont mesh well with my skin type in my humid climate thats hot. Most of the year they just break down, or they make me too shiny too quickly or they just look bad in general, so LOreal, age, perfect, four in one balm Foundation, was a complete surprise. For me. I was not expecting to like this. I wasnt expecting it to work and it has become a rotated foundation in my everyday makeup drawer.

I use this quite often I was actually going to film this video yesterday, so I had it on during a another video that I filmed and even though its sheer to medium coverage, it still looks good on camera. I think so anyway, which is a little odd. You typically need Fuller coverage foundation on camera, but I think because it just makes your skin look like good natural skin, your skin, but better. It somehow works. It evens out my skin tone and Imperfections and feels lightweight yet hydrating at the same time during the day, and it doesnt make me greasy. It just gives me really nice natural, looking skin, plus there are skin benefits, in addition to the coverage that it gives its supposed to firm and smooth Fine Lines over time, which I love. I love the packaging. I love everything about this. The way it applies the way it wears the way it looks, you could put this in a high end jar, and you would not be able to tell that this was a drugstore product before I share the rest of the drugstore makeup products, some of which I Have on my face, I want to take a brief moment to thank todays video sponsor ritual. The new year is the perfect time to commit to some daily Wellness like taking a multivitamin daily ritual has multivitamins specifically designed for various life stages. Ive been taking Essentials for women theyre delayed release, transparent capsules, contain nine high quality nutrients, including D3, and omega 3 that are difficult to get enough of in our everyday diets.

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Both of these products were products that I just loved last year, which is why they were in that video and theyre in this video, because I think theyre every bit as good or better than many high end products. Ive said several times that this Catrice true skin concealer, is the closest drugstore dupe that I found to my beloved Dior forever skin correct concealer, which has been reformulated. I just did a video on that. If you havent seen it Ill, also have it linked down below and up in a card, you can catch it after this video. This is a very creamy concealer. It Blends out beautifully and easily its great for under the eyes, as well as the face and gives medium to medium full coverage, but almost seems like. It covers a little bit more because of how it blurs and Smooths its very hydrating lightweight. Comfortable kind of moves. With your under eye area, if youre not someone thats prone to creasing, this probably would not crease on you. I do have to set my under eye with powder, because I am someone that creases no matter what concealer I use just right under my lash line, its a very natural skin like concealer, that covers well brightens and is flattering its great. If you have dry skin texture or fine lines, I love it. I think its every bit as good and better than a lot of the high end, concealers Ive ever tried the older I get the more that lip liner becomes a must have for me.

I know some people skip it, they think its a non essential. But when I was younger, my lip pigmentation was pretty solid and my lips were pretty full. The older I get. I lose fullness, I lose pigmentation, it becomes a little more uneven, so lining very lightly. With a natural lip liner and filling in can make all the difference in the world with how good my lips look and when I first tried these koki retractable lip liners. I was blown away at the Quality. I just think that they are so great and so much better than many of the high end lip liners that Ive tried. You can see how easily the shade warm nude is gliding on my lips right here and because these have such nice pigmentation theyre really nice to slightly over line your lips with yet not make it. Look too obvious that you over lined your lips and another important feature of these lip liners. Is that theyre not drying they dont start to make my lips feel shriveled and dry and emphasize vertical lip lines, theyre just really nice. They keep lip products on longer and do exactly what a lip liner should, but at a more affordable price. I think the first video I showed these in was an Amazon video. I know thats, where you can get these Im, not sure where to find them locally. I just know theyre available on Amazon Ill, have them linked there.

So I just pulled three random nude neutral Shades that I reach for pretty often we have warm nude Dusty Rose and nude going from top to bottom and thats, just one swipe of the pencil for each of them. So you can see the pigmentation right there, its really nice. There are some high end lip liners that dont glide on this easily or look this flattering, and these have just been really impressive. Now, if you are one wondering what I have on over the koki warm nude lip liner, it is the Wet and Wild Mega slicks lip gloss in bronzed Berry. I am a broken record with these. I think these are amazing, theyre around three dollars or less each and they are, without a doubt, high end quality. They have hydrating nourishing ingredients, really nice, opacity and theyre flattering. It does not matter what shade you get. They have so many shades to choose from. I have several Shades, I enjoy them all for various reasons. I just wanted to show you what was on my lips right now and mention it very very briefly, and only briefly since I talk about these all the time. I think if you put this on and didnt know that it was less than three dollars, you would think it was luxury. That is how good these are so thats. Just my my quick mention of a product that I talk about all the time it needs to be in this video because it is as good as or better than high end.

One of my favorite throw on and go cheek stick Cream Blush products is from the drugstore it had to go in this video. Its just was so good. This is the pixie on the glow blush tinted. Moisture. Stick now dont be thrown off by that name. If you are on the oilier side, Ill show you what this looks like on me here in a second now. At first glance this looks like it is a pricier drugstore product at 18. But you get point six ounces in here, which is a lot for a stick blush, so you get a lot for that 18. So the shade that youre seeing on my face is this one its floor. This is from yesterday when I filmed another video. I was going to film this one right after, which is why I had it on, but it just didnt happen. It looks so natural and applies so beautifully, whether its directly over your skin over Foundation or even over powder, and it doesnt stay tacky or wet looking. But it doesnt look dry. So, although its called a tinted, what is it called tinted moisture? Stick I dont find that I feel sticky tacky thats very, very important to me. This is such a nice product to wear on its own to layer under powder blush. It wears well throughout the day and it just looks lit from within beautiful, and I actually dont think that these are talked about enough.

I said that this was on my face yesterday, its not on my face today. Whats on my face today was kind of a last minute decision. Do you remember this viral Mega viral Physicians Formula strawberry jam? There were little strawberries and printed on here and it does smell like strawberries. It went out of stock. You couldnt get your hands on it. Well, I lived on their website the other day for something – and this is back so I just wanted to let you know that, because the quality of this is really nice, the color is really pretty its a soft pink Im, hoping my lights, arent, washing it out Too much I actually should have layered these, but this is just this color on its own just lightly applied, and it does wear well so this wasnt an original inclusion in this video, but because it does seem to be be back. I kind of wanted to put this public service announcement in here and just mention that it is really good, even though the packaging, a Physicians Formula products has always been an issue for me. I still do love the quality and the shade of the strawberry jam. Blush LOreal infallible fresh, wear bronzer in the shade medium thats. The shade that I wear is a bronzer that I reach for regularly often times over other high end bronzers, because its so effortless and it just looks very natural and sun kissed. When I apply it, where the sun naturally hits, which is how I personally apply bronzer, I almost feel like in this clip.

You cant even really tell that Im applying bronzer because it is such a subtle effect, but that most the time is what I like to do with bronzer. So I just swirled the shade medium around a little bit very unevenly, so you could see on my light medium skin anyway, its not going to give you bronzer overload. Sometimes when you Swatch bronzers, they can look so dark. The tone is not nice. It looks like your skin after you apply it, it doesnt look like you have powdery bronzer on which is very important to me, and it has longevity. It lasts all day, which is extremely important with color products that you put on your face. I love this. I think the quality is great, its every bit as good as many of my high end bronzers, which is why I reach for it so regularly if youre curious as to how the newly reformulated Dior forever concealer compares to the original. That was my Holy Grail check. This video out, I hope you found this video helpful and enjoyable if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe if youre not already.